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am getting really confused with the widget

what is optional widget groups and how to set them up

and how to display specific widgets on specific pages

thanks you

and one more thing, can you please tell me how to display only the posts in Category Archive view, it shows search and pages and other stuff

thank you


any support?

hi, i am very interested in purchasing this theme for a baby accessory shop. however, i am quite concerned it looks more like a blog. can i create an area in the homepage that looks more like the ‘recent products’ in your child care theme? i like the layout of the child care theme, but like the look and design feel of mommyblog. how can i edit mommy blog so that it could display the ‘notes’ and ‘recent products’ and ‘recent blog posts’ as can be seen in the childcare theme? is this possible? thank you for your beautiful themes!!

I’m not able to see any of the headers that are available with the theme. When I go to the header button at the top and select small or large it doesn’t display anything. Can someone help me with this?


I have a few questions regarind it. This cart can have these features:?

1. Easy adding products with many images. One main image and others (5 images) as a mini gallery

2. Produse similare / din aceeasi categorie / cine a cumparat acest produs a mai cumparat si…, top 10 produse vandute (cu posibilitatea de management)

3. Top 10 products sold by the store (this feature to be edited by the webmaster – yes you may say that this is not correct but we want to influience the sales editing the top ten).

4. Similar products. Who puchased the produc X also purchased the produc Y and Z

5. Products tag

6. Product description

7. Other product features. Like: T-shirt with different colours, sizes, cotton or sintetic, etc

8. Changind the product colour with simple click on the palette with other colours

9. SEO firendly

10. A product to be a part of at least two categories

11. NEXT and PREVIOUS product navigation buttons when visualise a product.

12. recent visualised products

13.Side bar filtering products (example: price range, colours, or other feature)

14. First page product listing

15. Discounts on first page


are there any shortcodes for this theme?? i can’t seem to find any! please help!

I would also like to know about the shortcodes…there is a php file but no documentation on actual codes that we could use…

This is very important!

hello…??? shortcodes please! :)

also, is this theme compatible with wordpress 3.4.2 already? can i safely update my wordpress install?


Just wanted to say, very impressed with the documentation you provided, probably the best I have seen on themeforest.

I’m trying to remove Pages, Archives and Categories links from the bottom of category pages but can’t find the sidebar.php where the code should be, any pointers would be most helpful please!?

Am I able to change the colour of the background?

Is there going to be an update for 3.5?

The online demo is currently running WordPress 3.5 and the latest version of Jigoshop, everything seems fine: http://tf.dtbaker.com.au/wordpress/mummy_blog/

Noticed there has been no support replies for months.

Is this theme still supported and is it compatible with 3.5?

Just discovered author has a support site, but it is geared towards you paying for support.

“Position 174th out of 174 other support tickets Priority Support New! Need a fast reply? Priority support will place your ticket at the front of the support queue. Priority Support Cost: $8.00 USD”

So there is supposedly 174 unanswered support tickets, but you get to jump the queue each time for $8. Right.

Never seen this before on ThemeForest. Hopefully not the way forward for authors.

Please ensure the correct “Product” is selected from the drop down. At time of writing there are 2 support tickets in the Mommy Blog support queue, not 174. Yes paid support is an option many people choose in order to help support our very cheap products and ensure a quicker reply is received. However paid support is certainly optional. Best of luck with the project.

Hi!! Very beautiful them!! i will purchase it, but i have some question before: work on wp 3.5? it’s possible change the backround (green stripes) with other image and change it for every page?? (for example home page have green bg, contact page have blue bg, about page have red bg…) Thank you!

Is this compatible with wordpress 3.5.1?

Hi I am currently getting this error on my ‘SHOP’ page of the site im building. any ideas?? please help ASAP

Warning: Missing argument 2 for dtbaker_add_to_cart_before() in /home/countryb/public_html/wp-content/themes/wp_theme/functions.jigoshop.php on line 41 Add to cart

Warning: Missing argument 2 for dtbaker_add_to_cart_after() in /home/countryb/public_html/wp-content/themes/wp_theme/functions.jigoshop.php on line 44


This is the first item in the faq. Please send through a support ticket if you need assistance: https://dtbaker.net/support-ticket.html Thanks, dtbaker

Hi, i have a problem with the theme. No matter what widget i put in the homepage area, nothing loads. I am trying to put the latest posts widget but it won’t show. If i put the latest posts – just to check if it is working – in the header area, they are working just fine. In the homepage area, nothing is working….. Thanks