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Same applies to contact page, no widgets are working. Only the widgets in left/right column are working…...Am i doing something wrong? Thanks

This is what happens if you don’t properly read the help file. I fixed the homepage problem that i had. Sorry for this..

Hi, configuring theme for the first time. I’ve installed Widget Area Manager plugin, and followed the documentation “At the top in the admin bar you will see “Left/Right Column” option.” but I don’t see this option. I’ve going to the admin screen for the “About Us” page, and there is no option to change sidebar options. Any ideas? Running latest versions of the theme/wordpress/jigoshop – and have deactivated other plugins just in case.

Please navigate to the “live” view of the page. Here is an animation showing how this menu works in another theme, hope this helps:

Also please check here for the latest version: http://widget-area-manager-wordpress-plugin.dtbaker.net/

Please let me know if the menu still does not show.


Is there any way to change the Shop page in order to show only the categories from Jigoshop instead of products ?


Live preview doesn’t work :/

Hi there, I would like to purchase this theme, however, the link to the live preview is not found. Is this theme still available?

Thank you,

Live preview has been fixed. Sorry for the delay while we were moving servers.

Widgets page stopped working. The right column is not displayed. Apparently you need to install “Widget Area Manager” – but spelled error during installation:

PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature


Hello, the plugin can be downloaded from here if it is not installing automatically: http://widget-area-manager-wordpress-plugin.dtbaker.net/

Hi I set this up but are not using the shop portion of it (yet). The contact form throws an error: Notice: Undefined index: taxonomy in /home/seasonal/public_html/wp-content/plugins/widget_area_manager/widget_area_manager.php on line 402

Are you able to check what version of widget area manager plugin is installed? If it’s less than 1.52 grab it here: http://widget-area-manager-wordpress-plugin.dtbaker.net/

That is what it was! Thanks

To: fiestaseshalyn@hotmail.com Subject: [TICKET:004965] Re: Remove Posted In & Tagged In, How to make text area and side bar wider, Change the “Leave Reply” Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 00:44:51 +1000 From: support@dtbaker.net

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Hello Glenda, This is an automatic message to confirm receipt of your message. When will we answer your question? Hopefully soon! However please be aware that our email support can take between 5 and 10 days to recieve an answer as I’m currently travelling and can only get an internet connection

I think it has been more than 10 days… I see you replied to a comment 2 days ago… Should I ignore instructions and post my rant here? I would really appreciate it if you would answer my support ticket. By the way I figured out the Leave A Reply portion… Still need direction with the other two inquiries. Thanks!

Another relief to both of us. One question less you have to answer and one issue I resolved guessing, but got it done, I figured out how to remove the tagged in on the blog. So that leaves the third question still lingering which is how to change the site width. I see nothing in the css referring to the site width. If I change the content or sidebar width it goes out of proportion and aligns the sidebar below the content. If I change the wrapper width, there is still the background behind it and nothing aligns. So, would it be too much to ask what I have to edit to make the site width larger? THanks!

Please reply to this ticket it is very important Ticket Number 004968

Thank you

Hello, how can I set up a captcha with your contact form? Is there any recommended plugin that would be easy to install? Thank you.

Purchased. Set up was quick and easy…not a big fan of the widget manager and the contact form set-up though. Any theme (and this is my third) from dtbaker is fine with me.

This theme is fantastic for what I’m using it for and so very nicely done.

However I’d to know if its possible to change the “Price Not Available” to another wording instead? Many of my links are affiliate links with changing prices and I’d rather but another modifier there that fits the tag. I tried including words but that just causes the theme to stall out.


Hi! thanks for you theme! an issue… i need to create a 3leve sul menu, for example World->Europe->italy baut when make the submenu it’s end at europe and not display the page italy :( how to fix it’?

Never buy anything from this author. Although I have purchased by paying USD55, I got no answers to my questions. Whenever I opened a new ticked, it then returns an automatic reply saying that “However please be aware that our email support can take between 2 and 7 days to recieve an answer.” but get no answer. Be careful while purchasing Here is mu purchase code:da02e09a611e39f2a842b2b692(I did not write the first and last 3 characters of my purchase code)

And the one of my ticket status

Is this ticket solved? Please click here to close this ticket. Ticket Number: 005061 Ticket Status: In Progress

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I am looking for a new template

I did not write first 3 and last 3 characters of my purchase code

Now I am looking for a new template

Well sorry for the delay. The instructions for setting up the home page are located here: http://tf.dtbaker.com.au/wordpress/mummy_blog/wp_help/index.html#toc

Please follow these instructions step-by-step to resolve any issues.


Hi, seems to be a cool theme, just before I decide to buy it, is there any way to have the pic in the home page as a slider instead of just a static image?

Thanks and appreciate if you reply and I’m not buyer yet.



I’m having problems with the theme its telling me ’’The active theme is broken’’ how can fix this and or find the direct issue with the theme?

I already put in a ticket for this issue but this cannot wait days to be fixed thanks for the assistance.

Please ensure the correct theme file has been uploaded into WordPress. From the downloads page select installable WordPress file.

Is it possible to get Joomla version?

I would buy it.


Sorry it is not available in Joomla.

LOVE this Theme and the support is excellent. There was a glitch that unless you had the Posts showing on the Home page, the More…tag didn’t work. But dtbaker himself gave me the code to fix this. Many thanks!