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I’m looking for a theme for my freelance writing website, and I really like this one.

Do you think the portfolio page would work for a writing portfolio? I need to be able to do two things:

1) Link to websites where my writing is 2) Upload and display PDFs (for print articles)


No, this template doesn’t have any built-in solutions to do it. Thanks.

Hi there,

I needed a little help with the nav menu. I included an external link to a blog and I can’t match the pointers below….I think is has to do with the monaco.js file.

Can you advise how I should set up the ordering? It seems to work on all the menu options until when I click on “blog”. I was thinking I could just ignore it on the following function. Thank you

this.page= { ‘about’: {menuIndex:0,imageIndex:1},


Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum: http://support.quanticalabs.com/forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

sorry about that. Didn’t realize that you integrated a support forum. Will do!


Ok. No problem.

Hi there, I am new to hosting and websites, but before i purchase this template, please can you give me some basic instructions on how to install this template onto the hosting provider. What version is this…HTML, Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart.




This is HTML version. This template isn’t designed for CMS. After purchasing you have to unzipping downloaded package and copy all files to your server. More information you can find in documentation.

Does this have a working PHP form? I just purchased and I cannot see one?


Yes, it is available in PHP version of this template.

For some reason when I search for my website, my meta tags does not pull up but instead monaco metas pullup. My title tag and meta description is omited and the monaco information is pulled by google instead. http://screencast.com/t/Pets13Md5

Please help!


You have to put your meta tags in head section. At this moment meta tags are located before html tag.


Can I use this template in Blogger/Blogspot plataform?



Unfortunately no. This template isn’t designed for such type platform.

Hey, love the theme. Whenever I try to install it on Wordpress, it says the theme fails because it doesn’t have a style.css sheet. What do I do to correct this and install it to Wordpress?


This is a HTML template, rather than WordPress theme.

Hey guys,

I’m having real trouble with this theme, trying to get the existing contact form to function properly, to allow people to send me emails using it. Can anyone help?

I also tried to use the help centre and they are claiming that my purchase number isn’t a correct number (which it is!), so I’m unable to use the usual channel.

Would REALLY appreciate some advice if you have any,



Also, I have followed the troubleshooter for entry of the purchase number. It really just doesn’t work. Thanks

haha. Ok. It is now working. Many thanks for your reply


We provide support only via Support Forum.

Looks good. Thinking of buying. Can you place more info into the text boxes than the screen real estate allows? For example – the about page or testimonial block – would more info be allowed and then scroll ? Also, how would I edit this?


1) Yes. You can place as many text as you need.

2) This is a HTML template, so you can edit all files via the simplest HTML editor like e.g Notepad++.

Let me know if you will have further questions.