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Hi. I like this layout but can you make some of the pages full-width with a top header like most of the designs on TF. This looks good for the community part but if you need a landing page and for About Us, FAQs, etc. I think a different page design with a top header would be better. Does it have anything like this?


just a note that many of the pages are coming up Not Found so I can’t see what the About Us page should look like as well as others.

Hello esavvides.

Thanks for the feedback.

- Full-width with a top header This template is designed as a template with side navigation. Top navigation is available in the new version (or template) being developed. There is a lot of new, the development was delayed.

- Not Found I just turned off my Child Theme and then turned on: and those pages activated (I hope all pages).

Okay, thanks. I’ll keep an eye out for the new template. :) The full-width with transparent top header is the way to go when using a slider and I need it for my landing page to promote the site.

Hi, login page actually reverts back after username and password is provided. It doesn’t allow to be logged in. Refreshes back to the same page. (I have not installed any other plugins accept contact form 7). Need to go to wp-admin to get logged in. Any solution?

Hello uthorax.

This “Login Page” from the template has the same login form as WordPress itself, its code is:

<?php do_action( ‘login_form’ ); ?>

Do you manage to log on to the site using the standard form?


These are the same forms just on different pages.

And if you disable the plugin Contact form 7? Perhaps this plugin requires some additional settings… Just a guess.

can the menu on the right be put on the left and the info on the left be put on the right?

Hello s3xe.

I tried that, but it looked bad. No such function.

im beginning to like these theme more the more i look at it…. i will have a large community 100,000 plus members and offering referral and affiliate system 1. i currently have ultimate membership pro and ultimate affiliate pro, do you know of any issues that this theme may have using these plugins? 2. is there a landing page/home page without side bars? 3. do you offer the “one click demo install”? 4. can a slider be added between menus or on landing page(if there is one)? 5. can i add date and time so it can be seen on all pages 6. how much modification can be done to the forum… i would like for it to look exactly like this forum https://socialize.ghostpool.com/forums/ 7. if you offer any mod work to this theme let me know

Hello s3xe.

1. This is the BuddyPress template, it also works with other plugins like WooCommerce. Full list here – http://themekitten.com/demo/monarch/plugins/. The remaining plugins are not tested in detail. In case of any differences in the design, the user will need to modify the CSS of the plugin himself for the overall style of the site.

2. This option is possible: http://themekitten.com/demo/monarch/home-shop/

3. Yes.

4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=on1tPanxSQ8

In WPBakery Page Builder -> Slider

5. I think this can be added to the widget using the plugin.

6,7. You can modify the template to suit your needs. But you need to spend time and have some knowledge.

Here is a lot of information about the template that can clarify a lot: https://themeforest.net/item/monarch-innovative-wordpress-community-theme/ http://themekitten.com/demo/monarch/documentation/ http://themekitten.com/demo/monarch/plugins/

Google Adsense supported?

and can i check on your backend manage office?

Hello johntsc.
- Google Adsense supported?
The template has a native Widget Banner.
Can be watch here: http://themekitten.com/demo/monarch/widgets/
Google Ads can be inserted into any HTML widget in any template.

- and can i check on your backend manage office?
Description of the template features is available on these pages:

Br, TK.

please add the google maps option to add the maps api. because the theme is making my maps not work thank you. i looked everywhere nowhere to add google maps api. ive already added it to the plugin

Hello followeuphoria.
(I hope that I understood correctly.)
Try this method:
- Edit page/post via “WP Page Builder”.
- Add – > Google Maps – > Customize (select location, etc.))

1.Can a custom homepage be made using visual composer(wpbakery) 2. is visual composer included with the theme? 3. is this theme limited to the widgets you listed 4. how much modification can be done to the bbpress forums… title background color, title font color, spacing, border px and color 5. do you know of css hero will work with this theme 6. are you willing to do any custom work? PLEASE reply…. I understand my questions probably seem dumb but im trying to figure all this out lol!

Hello s3xe.

1, 2. Yes.
3. Everything is standard as in other themes. You can install any other widgets from plug-ins. Modify anything, but you need to spend time and have some skills.
4. No idea. Everything is done perfectly under the current design.
5. Did not install such a plugin. I read about it on the Internet. He paid. Perhaps the template needs to be somehow specifically developed for it? In the settings of the template there is a default similar settings for changing the style, fonts, colors, and so on.
6. Try to download and try. I’ll confirm the refund (The refund goes to you account on Envato website. But this does not work for all purchases, check in advance and in case of unpredictable problems) .

Creating a website and especially modifying any template (if you decide) takes time and a certain skill. In the template settings there are different variations of design parameters.


ceric77 Purchased

bonjour j’aimerais apporter des modifications sur la barre de menu latéral. je souhaite faire passé la vignette de profile en haute de menu juste sous l’accueil. sur la version mobile , le menu de profil est statique . comment puis je faire pour le mettre en menu déroulant? merci de votre réponse

Hello ceric77.

I received your message. I need to think, I will answer.

I came up with this way: add widget “(BuddyPress) Log In” to the area of Panel Widgets.

And on the panel you can hide: .user-panel .buddy-avatar { display: none!important; }