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Hi Bvaldes.

Your e-mail is not working. Please contact using Gmail or Monarch ThemeForest Comments.

hello ThemeKitten if i bought your theme then is it possible for me to change logos of theme and other stuff as well according to my requirements….. and once i bought the theme then there is no need to pay further more once sold means sold..! and it has online chat functionality..? so please reply me i want to buy this theme thanks…!!! have great day..!!!

Hi sagar1988.

- What Is Item Support?

- change logos of theme and other stuff

You can change it yourself in the theme settings. Customization of logo: image or Google Font.

- no need to pay further more once sold means sold


- and it has online chat functionality..?

Online chat is not provided in BuddyPress. But you can install one of the WordPress plugins.

Theme plugins:

- have great day..!!!

Thank you! For you too!

Hi. I really like your theme, however when testing your demo on GTMetric I get a Page Speed score of F 49% and a Yslow of C 79% total page load time being a massive 6.5s. Is this a typical score for your theme? It seems that huge images are having the most impact. Most other indicators are A or B.

Is this a typical speed for your theme?

Hi studio5000.

These parameters vary from optimization of the web site but not from the template.

If I activate default template Twenty Fifteen will be 5% more because this template weighs a little less.

+5% and +13% (pc) because “Twenty Fifteen” very lightweight template.


EuroZap Purchased

Hi ThemeKitten, I have some questions: 1. The users can’t upload fields from the activity feed or from their profile activity with rtMedia, through Microsoft Edge browser. Only from their profile/media page. With Google Chrome is OK. Where is the problem? With the Twenty Fifteen rtMedia works good, so is not any problem with the plugins. 2. I would like to remove the RSS button from the activity stream because it’s confusing the users. My site is Thank you

Hi EuroZap. Please wait. Test.

Hi EuroZap.

1. I have everything working correctly in Edge browser. On the demo site and on your website too.

I will hold one more test tomorrow.


Button location: \monarch\buddypress\activity\index.php line 42 [li class=”feed”]

CSS code to WP Dashboard => Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS:

#buddypress .item-list-tabs ul li.feed { display: none; }

Hey there, is there a way to access the atlass demo? Also, has the theme been tested with Paid Memberships pro and are you available to do custom work (for a fee obviously) on the theme? If purchased?

Hi community_volunteer.

- Hey there, is there a way to access the atlass demo?
Atlass demo –
Demo files included in the template.

- Paid Memberships pro
Has not been tested. Works with WooCommerce.
Theme Plugins –

- custom work

I don’t have time for this. I can help with installing the theme and demo content (for free).

How fast is the theme? The live demo is very slow.

Also, are multiple membership levels able to be created?

- How fast is the theme?

Same as all themes. The theme weighs a little more than the default Twenty Fifteen and developed on its basis.

- The live demo is very slow.

These parameters vary from optimization of the web site but not from the template.

- Also, are multiple membership levels able to be created?

The theme supports all features of WordPress/BuddyPress.

“Multiple membership levels” = WordPress User Roles?

Perhaps you need to use some kind of a WordPress plugin for this feature.


TTM7 Purchased

Hi, I cannot enter the atlass demo. I have entered demo/demo for login/pass and I am unable to login.

Hi TTM7.

I played with the settings, disabled the “redirect for Login Page”, now enabled.

Hello how do we set the default page to wide no side bars. We adding LearnPress and it creates it’s own pages but the pages have the double side bars and we don’t want that. Thank you

- or try to change the color scheme: WP Dashboard => Monarch => Theme Customizer => Colors & UI Kits

We tried all three of those and nothing worked. I will give you admin access to check it out.

Hey guys,

Can this theme be set so that only those logged in can access the forums etc. And that only a moderator can create new users?


Hi danok.

- Can this theme be set so that only those logged in can access the forums etc.

The template has the function “Private site” (hide the site for logged out users).

- And that only a moderator can create new users?

Such a function exists in WordPress.

Thank you for the reply,

And when it is set to private, can the landing page still be public?



In private mode any page (one) can be public.

PS: I lost the question, only saw “Thank you for the reply.” Sorry for the delay.

great theme. please i cant access any feature of buddypress. i keep getting 404 error “page not found” while trying to access the inbuild buddypress fucnctions. please do you need my login details ill be happy to provide em.’

Hi TechnicalER.

1. Try to deactivate all plugins, then activate BuddyPress.

2. Check the BuddyPress working ability on the default theme “Twenty Fifteen”.

For emergencies: send me a link to your site, admin username + temporary password on my ThemeForest profile or via email

works fine now thank you.

i need some assistance. as i was about to test a fancy customized product i got an error saying: woocommerce_cart_item_thumbnail filter is missing in the woocommerce templates of your theme. Help me fixing it.

this was the link i was reffered to:

and here was their solution. Missing hook: woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_button The add-to-cart templates does not include the required : do_action( ‘woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_button’ ); Check out the standard templates in “plugins/woocommerce/templates/single-product/add-to-cart/”, to see how it is supposed to look.

i cannot fathom any error at this point. so can you help or guild me so i dont make any critical errors.

Hi TechnicalER.

I’m on the site. Please wait.

ok. Please. to inspect the error, kindly go to any product>fancy Product widget and select a category like t-shirt for the particular product, then preview the product you will see the error.


Hi, is the theme compatible RTL? thanks

Hi owhen.

RTL – no, not planned.

Hello, I’m very intrigued by your theme. I’m curious, on the forum section: – Is it possible to display a list of the forum topics here instead of just most recent forum posts?


The bbPress plugin is responsible for displaying the main forum page.

Settings for the main forum page:

Forum root should show “Forum Index” or “Topics by Freshness”.

Plugin in WP Plugins directory:

i need viral site like this


Your theme really have a nice design. Very interested to buy it. But it seems that there is a bug when clicking on status update and group creation buttons. Please check !

Hello mikastarbiz.


The template works well. I think there’s something with my hosting, I will try to fix.