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What a beautiful theme! I have a couple presale questions: 1. Is it possible and easy to use the theme for multilingual websites? 2. Is it possible to change colors on mouse over when using grid template? Let me explain what I mean: I have 3 categories of products. Each category has its own color code. I’d like to use this color code (possibly with transparency – opticity regilation) on mouse over of the product with extra information over this product. Is it possible to do this?

Thank you for your answer and kind regards, Sabina Gazic, Amsterdam

Hello, im trying to make my first page on a brand new wordpress. I have troubles with wpbackery page builder. I cannot see any of text/widgets that i add in backend but i can previsualize it. This is because i need to activate a license? I think it’s added with this theme for free (price included), but in wordpress backend plugin say me to activate license. Sorry about my english.

My customer has created several templates for articles and pages. After a few weeks he wanted to use them and they are all gone. They are still present in the old backup of the page (Dev-Version). The only difference: the productive page runs under https and the Contact 7 plugin is more up-to-date. How can this happen?

1. I would like to know if it is possible to shuffle the position of the items listed in a portfolio grid so that every time when I visit the page I see a different selection displayed. 2. Is there a build-in possibility to customize (color and links) the thumbnalis of listings in a portfolio grid when hovering over them. Many thanks, Marcel

Is there anyway to use a category filter for a portfolio of 1,000 items?

Hello Themeselektor, great theme, thank you. I have only one question: I’d like that boxes in the homepage link and open pages and not articles (obviously because of WPBakery customization opportunities). Is that possible?

Thanks a lot


Hi, I’ve installed Mondrian but am having a few problems with the WPBakery Page Builder.

I’ve followed the documentation in regards to editing pages and posts but the ‘Backend Editor’ and the associated elements are not listed as an option for me (on existing pages/posts – which just show as the code in both Classic and backstage editor – or in new ones).

Can you please tell me what I need to do? I assumed that the WPBakery Page Builder plug-in was included with the theme. I really want to get this site up and running so would appreciate your response.

All the best and thanks a lot.

Okay, I solved this – I had to install the ‘Classic Editor’ plugin which disables the Guttenberg editor which was messing everything up.

Thanks Bropenhauer, I just put Classic Editor in as well.

I am totally lost with this template. I can’t find how to simply create the grid page …. http://demo.themeselektor.com/mondrian/portfolio-2/

Can anyone please help ?

well I finally worked out how to do the grid thing.

However this theme has a problem ! You can not have transparent backgrounds for your shop product pages !!

Theme Options -> Color Options -> General (Background color)

THE CLEAR BUTTON defaults to white and NOT transparent…!! I have had to set it to black.. but it distorts my page.


Hi there,

Great theme, but i have a pre-sale question about theme support. Is support through comments the only way of support? And how long does it take you to respond?


I have updated my support.

I would like to have a transparent background for your shop product pages.

Theme Options -> Color Options -> General (Background color)

THE CLEAR BUTTON defaults to white and NOT transparent. I have had to set it to black.. but it distorts my page.

See it here : http://davidshawnicholls.com/product/chivalry-genome-your-dna-as-your-artwork/

Could you please tell me how I can have a transparent “clear” (no color background) for the shop product pages, so to see my background image ?

As you can see, there is a grey color background behind the product item and I can not make it transparent so to see the background image…


Please help. I have upgraded my service contract with you.

So there is no support for this theme !

Hello. a few weeks ago I bought an extra six month support for the Mondrian Theme and I have not received any support or have any of my questions been answered by you. I would like a refund as I am very upset.


I uploaded the Wordpress Install File to my BlueHost Wordpress account.

It seems to be working correctly, although I don’t have the option to start from one of the layouts that comes with the template. It starts on a blank page with no design.

Thank you!

Hello we are interested in your theme have some questions for you. We are a well-known radio station (http://889fm.net) in Germany and want to restructure our website.

1. Can I resize the grid tiles if so how? 2. Can I only see blog entries in Grid view or can I also export pictures, audio, video, Show surveys, etc.? 3. Is there your theme even with dark background? 4. How variable is the grid X of the optics? 5. Do pictures have to be of a fixed size or does your theme fit the theme?

5. Is there a maximum number of Grid tiles on the Home page? 6th When setting up your theme, it might look a bit like on this website https://www.kissfm.de ?

Thank you for answering our questions


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