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Thanks a lot!

Awesome design glorm, glws mate! ;)

Thank you!

Thank you! :)

Could the people that bought this template post there link, I would like to see the outcomes.

Are there installation instructions in the files?

Of course!

Really impressed with this theme! I wondered if I can open a url instead of the image in the project popup box?

Yes, all you have to do is remove class=”cbox” from the link! :)

Example: <a href=”img/projectLarge1.jpg” title=”Project Description” class=”cbox”><img src=”img/project1.jpg” alt=”” /></a>

I would like the link to actually open in the pop-up box. Is this possible somehow? I don’t want a new window to open.

Ah, I see! I believe this is the solution:

<a class=”iframe cbox” href=””>Outside Webpage (Iframe)</a>

The theme uses colorbox jQuery plugin. You can check out even more options here:

I added it as a tab using the woobox instructions. The plus signs don’t expand the content. I tried both my customized site and your original files.

Hi, when using woobox, you don’t need SSL . Try entering the URL without “https://”, instead enter “http://”

It looks like it’s only happening in Chrome which gives “This page has insecure content.”, which means the page is not secure. It looks like JavaScript is not loading.

Your work is perfect! well worked out every detail!

Thank you very much!

links to social media and Read More link not working. Checked the code but can not find out why it’s not working

Hello, I am terribly sorry about the delay in response! I see that social media links are working – could you tell me which version of browser you’re having trouble? For the read more link, please add this line of code to the CSS file for “more” class (you can find “more” class at line 318) :

z-index: 999;

it’s indeed working in IE but not in Safari. The Read More link is working now. Thanks

Hi, put these lines of codes in the CSS file:

.socialMedia li a { position: relative; z-index: 999; }


So I guess I am missing something… I tried to put the code on my page but it just shows up text. Where are all the pretty boxes and stuff?

Could you share the link to your site or page? Also, could you tell me which instructions you are speaking of? Is it for installing the Facebook template?

Yes I am sorry – for installing the facebook template….. i am trying to put it on “kiep marketing” on facebook

Could you be more specific about where you’re having trouble? You do not put any codes into Facebook. The finished template has to be on your own server, and the instructions for installing it on Facebook does not require any codes on your part. You would simply input the URL. Also, a link to your page would help a lot.

I bought today Mondrain…it looks very cool! But I have problems…like others, when i put the url http, I can see only text and images wothout the layout, and I f I use https… I can`t see anything. What´s wrong? The possibility to disable the 810px timeline I did´nt found it, but I follow all the other instructions.

Hello, sorry for the delay. Woobox now defaults to 810px wide by default and you no longer to choose it. I believe the problem is that you have to have SSL certificate on your webserver where you host the web files.

Hi there,

I’m really wanting to pull in an Instagram feed to show instead of flickr in a box using snapwidget.

Here is an example of the code. How could I get this to work?

<!- SnapWidget -> <iframe src=”” title=”Instagram Widget” allowTransparency=”true” frameborder=”0” scrolling=”no” style=”border:none; overflow:hidden; width:390px; height:390px”></iframe>

Hi, I have few pre-sales questions which are as follows-

1. Is the theme a Responsive theme, if not, how can it be made as one?

2. Can the width of the entire template be increased?

3. Can the placements and sizes of the boxes be changed as per requirement?

Please assist with the following. I really like the theme.

Regards, Zana

Greetings all, sorry-kinda late to the game and kinda slow on the uptake :)

Was curious, is there “how to video” from start to finish on how to use this template via the latest Facebook layout. Meaning what you need to do to prepare, host, what files to upload etc. I’m sorta a n00b to all of this and don’t quite get all the apps you need to create in FB and tabs etc to make this work. I got as far as hosting and uploading the files via FTP.