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Nice first file. Congrats (cestitamo) ;)

Thanks ( Hvala ) :)

Nice one, simple and clean (Svaka cast!)

Thank you!

hello! is it easy enough to connect the newsletter subscribe email to a DB?

If you know what it needs to be done then yes. There are 2 ways. One is to use the MailChimp or you could just change the action attribute in the subscribe form to your custom form action ( If you don’t have one you will need to implement it ), and save the e-mails to the DB. For more information contact us from ThemeForest Contact Form Contact.

Best Regards, Leafcode

this doesnt really work? The countdown is doing nothing and the twitter status is not picking up :-(

I mean the Wordpress version by the way.

After you activate the theme go to Theme Options page in Appearance menu. And save options! It should work just fine. If the problem is still there, contact us on theme forest contact form so we can discuss more about that. Best regards, Leafcode

Thank you for this theme! Easy to use and easy to set up. Very clean! Everything is working and flowing the way it should be. Plus, thank you for making this theme integrate with MailChimp! Makes life soooo easy! Thanks again!

Thanks for your reply! We hope that you will be in future satisfied with our works. Best Regards, Leafcode

Decent file – forms don’t seem to be working though. I have tried the contact form about ten times – there is also an error that keeps popping up with the phone number. Is there a way to remove that pop up for the phone number? I am in US so it should be programmable for US phone number. Also – please advise on forms not working.

Hello! If you are using HTML version you need to change to your e-mail address in “mail.php” file or if it is Wordpress version just change the option in “Appearances -> Monomoon Options”. Subscribe form is only implemented to work with MailChimp or implement another system for it. For more information please use contact form on Themeforest profile. As for Phone numbers update was planned some time soon to make full support for phone numbers for almost all countries. Best regards, Leafcode.

I am using the wordpress option – however there is nothing under the contact tab under monomoon options except for what to put for the title. No email address entry and its not defaulting to the wordpress admin email. Please advise>??

Thanks for noticing the error. Update will be ready tonight to fix that issue!

Update was uploaded! It should be approved tonight! Best Regards, Leafcode!

How do I change the countdown timer in the HTML Version?


Find the file in ‘js/custom.js’ and you look for comment “Set coutdown”. There you will find jQuery call for countdown timer. Best Regards Leafcode


I’d like to know (in the Wordpress version) if one can remove the “Last Tweets” section.

No there is no such an option. But contact us from themeforest profile and we will see what can be done. Did you want to place something else in place of that tweets?

I am trying to setup a link from within the tab-content to another tab in the list, is it possible?

In custom.js at the start of the file there is jQuery code for tabs, if you know jQuery you can setup that part easily. Just make effect for click on that link to show the tab you want.

Best Regards, Leafcode

My logo is not centered like in the live demo for wordpress. You can see it at www.nolandlabs.com

Contact Us from our profile page. Will send you fix there will be faster. Best Regards, Leafcode


I’ve just bought your theme, it doesn’t work !!!!!!!! Wordpress is properly installed and work with other themes but when i add the monomoonwp (i also tried to rename it monomoon) to the theme folder, it’s the entire wordpress that is out of order.

Is there something else to do ? Is it compatible with wordpress 3.5.1 ? You don’t say nothing about it ! If it doesn’t work thanks to give my money back.

Hello! Sorry for the late response. Send us the email from our profile http://themeforest.net/user/leafcode we will send you the fix for theme.

To make it short in options.php file on line 161 there is a code like this ‘version9’ => $imagepath . ‘version9.png’ just replace this line with ‘version9’ => $imagepath . ‘version9.png’,

Best Regards, Leafcode.

Thanks ;-)

I noticed that the countdown script is pretty involved. Is it possible to get it to restart automatically every 24 hours based on server time?

If I understood you correctly, you can. There is a script call, in places of year, month, date output the values for your time you would like to have. jQuery(function() { jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('div.timer').countdownNow({ 'year' : year, 'month' : month, 'day' : date}); }); });

The best way is to use PHP, so rename the “index.html” to “index.php” and output the server time value using custom for your expire date you want to have.

Best Regards, Leafcode.

Thanks for the quick reply. I changed it to this and the countdown stopped working.

jQuery(function() { jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery(‘div.timer’).countdownNow({ ‘hours’ : hh, ‘minutes’ : mm, ‘seconds’ : ss}); });});

Also how would this reset every 24 hours? After 24 hours (server time) I need the countdown to restart for another 24 hours.

You need to write custom PHP and change values for that. It can’t be done with just that.

Wow! Beautiful;

Thanks :D

Hello! Tell me what address to insert mailchip? And just how to get the latest tweets? I Use wordpress.

Hello, send us an email, probably again. item is in preparation will be ready within few hours so I can email it to you, that way you don’t need to wait for approval when we set it to upload.

Regards, Leafcode.

Hi, It’s funny, I got a letter on September 26 “Will send you files, within few hours. They are in preparation and testing.” But the 27 of October. It’s very funny

Sorry for delay, we had a problem that we have resolve yesterday yet, we are working on update and will upload update for some hours at latest i think you will tomorrow have to download because need themeforest team to approve update. One time more sorry for time you have waited for update.

Regards, Leafcode.

Hi there,

I’ve just bought your theme but I cannot upload it in WordPress. I find this message when I try to upload it: “Are you sure to do this? ...Please, try again” ..Please, let me know how to solve these asap.

Thank you

Thanks. I will be looking forward to your update

Hi, any news about the update? I need to work on my web today. Please help. Otherwise I would have to buy a new theme.

Read your email. Regards, Leafcode.