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Real nice. You just hurt my eyes! JK

Pretty nice!

Thank you xDeeps, actually this theme is conceived to be high impact ;)

I plan to make the next ones less peculiar, if you think you can like them more, stay tuned!

Nice theme. But why you are saying in Browser Compatible table that it’s working in FF2 ? It’s broken and unfortunetly all HTML5 themes are broken in FF2 because of major rendering bug. And only way to show html5 correctly in FF2 – use div instead of header, footer, section, article… elements :(

Just checked and you’re right Kindermix, I’m really really sorry, I made a mistake while selecting the browsers. Actually I never check for firefox 2 compatibility since its share is so low, but I’m working right now on a non-HTML5 version o this theme to include older browsers. I’m really sorry if this caused you any problems, if it’s the case, I will work more on this theme to give you a Firefox 2 compatible version as soon as I can, just let me now.

Thank you for pointing out this mistake.

I have tried copying and pasting the text into the “customize” box many times, following your instructions exactly. Nothing. Any hints?

Sure ! Just, can you be a little more precise please… are you saying you can’t install the theme at all ? Or are you talking about some customization ?

Hey I just purchased the theme but I can’t extract the text to post to Tumblr. Please help!

Hi jeremywill, thank you very much for your purchase! There is a file called monocromo.tumblr inside the archive. Just open that file in a text editor of your choice ( Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for max would be fine ), then copy all the text and paste it in Tumblr. You find the place to paste the theme in Cusomize -> Theme -> ( Use Custom HTML ) .

Hope this help, let me know :)

hello, I have a question, is it possible to display more than 5 or 10 post per page? thank you,


Hi harolddu03, sure, it depends on tumblr settings. Check under Customize -> Advanced -> Post Count . You can chose up to 15 post per page

When I copy and paste the code into the Custom HTML box this is how my page looks:


Any ideas on why that’s happening?

Hi Ryan, I’m not sure, it happens that sometimes the preview page doesn’t work perfectly… How is your actual tumblr page ?

Hi there, love the theme. Three issues I’m having so far…

1) When I upload my profile picture, no matter what, evne when I adjust the photo dimension settings in the HTML , it always takes my original photo and thumbnails it down to a low res 47×47 thumbnail, then enlarges it to the dimensions in the code. Is that anything I can control? I’m new to Tumblr so I don’t know much about it.

2) When adding social network links, every time they’re clicked on it takes me to a wrong page because it duplicates the link. i.e. http://www.facebook.com/user is what I input in the settings and the URL it takes me to is http://www.facebook.com/http://www.facebook.com/user. It does this for Youtube, Vimeo, etc. All of them, it duplicated the url, even when I shorten what I enter to just my username

3) Is it possible to have my Twitter feed on the right side bar display the newest posts on the top instead of the bottom?

Any suggestion on how to fix these, por favor? Otherwise, I love the theme! Thank you!

Oh yeah, I should point out this is on the new Firefox 4, so this could very wel be an issue since it’s so new

Hi, I’m glad you like this theme. About your issues:

1) The theme is actually designed to output the profile picture in a 48px square. This is to fit well in the sidebar. If you want you can look for this string in the source code: {PortraitURL-48} and change it to something else, maybe {PortraitURL-64} if you want it bigger. You can use 16 24 30 40 48 64 96 and 128

2) you said is ok now, right ? :)

3)It should already be like that, I will take a look about what can cause this issue.

I don’t think can be FF4 fault … thank you again for your appreciation about the theme and for your feedback, I will let you know something about the twitter widget issue

Thought I should note that #2 is working properly now. So please disregard. Still curious about the other two, though

I am having the same problem that Ryan Polly is having. My actual tumblr doesn’t display anything either. Please help.

Hi tommydaniel, It looks like you having trouble in copying and pasting the source code. To make it works properly you have to open it in plain text. You can use notepad if you’re in windows for example.

Let me know if you still have this issue

Thank you

I was able to get it to paste correctly. I am now trying to apply google adsense, I can’t seem to find the correct place to put the script for it to show up correctly on the sidebar, can you help me?

Sorry tommydaniel I’ve reported your second comment for mistake! :( We have uploaded a new version of Monocromo and we have fixed many little bugs.

About Google Adsense, you can look for the closing tag ASIDE and enter your code just before.
<aside> ..... Google Adsense </aside>

It should work fine, let us know.

This is all that shows up when I go to my site.


When I post an audio clip the red title bar becomes oversized. Is there a way to stop this from happening?

Here’s a sample: http://pockettacoradio.com/post/4353370831/ep2pt1

Also at the end of the post the white line tpuches the photos sometimes. But other times it doesn’t. Odd.


Hello contactseth, thank you for buying the Monocromo Theme.

The issue you’re talking about is a bug that will be fixed on the next release of the theme, planned for the next week. We will release the fix as soon as we can!

Thank You for this theme. Just downloaded and so far I love it…One issue though, why my post titles are longer than a single line they bleed into the post tags…

Ex: http://hellandheartaches.com/post/5637466348/first-ever-purina-r-cat-chow-r-correspondent-identified

Is there a way to fix this?

Hi patricec , thank you! The issue you having is in fact a bug that will be fixed in the next release, planned for the next week. I’m sorry if this is causing you any problem, but we’ll serve the fix as soon as we can.

Thank you again

Any news on that Update? The issue of text going everywhere is true of attempting to make lists as well. Love the them but hate being limited like this….

Hi Patricec, we have a new Tumblr theme to be pubblished in a couple of hours, after that will be the turn of the new version of Monocromo. I’m really sorry for the delay.

Ah, thank you for your feedback… if you spot something else that can be improved please let us know

having issues with this theme showing properly on safari for the iPad.. the right columns shows on the bottom of the website

Hi, my social links aren’t showing in my theme. Any ideas? http://madamcomicbook.tumblr.com/

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales