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Images are Resembled while viewing inside Facebook App Browser ( ok with other browsers) Screenshots:

1. Menu icon replaced by a Post Image. http://i.imgur.com/HepSzuj.png

2. Post Image missing (moved to menu icon) http://i.imgur.com/CmgaEIe.png

3. GotoTop icon replaced with a post image. http://i.imgur.com/WWXOdrz.png

My website is: http://bestofhyperlapses.com/ Please help.

Majority of the Visitors to my site coming from Facebook only. Disabling for Facebook in-app browser will make huge loss.

I tried with two domains (fresh install). what I noticed that, once I try uploading custom logo via Wordpress customize panel, the problem starts. even after removing custom logo, error continues.

Well, I don’t know what to tell you except that the in-app browser is at fault here. There’s simply nothing in the theme’s code that would get these things confused. If there were, you’d see the same thing in actual browsers as well.

You could try bypassing the logo uploader in your speficic case though and inserting the logo into the header manually. That should take care of whatever the FB in-app browser is misunderstanding. If you don’t know how to do that, send me an email and I’ll gladly guide you through it. It’ll have to wait for tomorrow though as I’m literally in bed right now, typing my last messages and getting ready for sleep :)


Hi! After looking trough ALL of the Wordpress Mobile Theme, this is the one :)

Pre-purchase-question though; I Have seen a couple of people asking for Infinity-scroll and 5 month ago you said you where looking in too it, got any result from it?


Hi there. Haven’t added infinite scroll I’m afraid.

Prepurchase question,

Will this app work well with woocommerce and buddypress?

Hi there. Haven’t tested with them. And Monolith isn’t an app, it’s a WordPress theme. Cheers.

Hi, Pre-Purchase question.

I would like the gallery to be videos? i.e. so you have the gallery of thumbnails and when it pops up it is a video and you can swipe through them. Is this possible?

Cheers, Sarah

Hi there. That’s not possible with the PhotoSwipe gallery, however there are pobably plugins out there that can do it for you.


Hi, please explain to me how I can display the featured post on the home page. I created a post and added to the featured category. What else should be done?

Hi there. That’s all there is to it. Can I see the site? Logins would be very helpful in this case, so I can see exactly how you got things set up. Use the contact form on my profile if you can send them over.


Does the theme support buddypress?

Hi there. Haven’t tested with BuddyPress.


Hi, can you send me a DEMO-content?

Sure, just get in touch with me through the contact form on my profile.

How do I get a img-slider on a Page?

Hello there.

Monolith doesn’t have a slider. But you can use a slider plugin and follow the plugin’s usage instructions.


Whoops, my apologies. I thought you commented on another theme. My bad :)

Have a look at the documentation, under “How to: set up slider plugin”. You’ll find the info there.


I don’t see a search form in the demo. Is there any? Thank you.

Hi there. Monolith doesn’t have a search form. If that’s crucial for you though then check my other mobile themes, I have a wide range in my portfolio.


I have question If I Install this theme it will only work on mobile devices? also this will grab all the information I already have on my website? or I need to create everything from the beginning?

Hi there. You can use the Any Mobile Theme Switcher plugin to use it as a secondary theme on your existing installation. It’s a free plugin so you can try it out with one of the default WP themes for example.


Startup images not appearing on a home screen web app

Hi there.

Send me your site address through the form on my profile so I could have a quick look. And please explain further what you mean by “startup images”.




1) Can it be set to be fixed?

2) Can it be set to bottom of screen?


I assume you’re referring to the menu. The answer is no in both cases.


Hi, please explain to me how i can use it to my website http://dichvulyhon.com/dich-vu/giai-quyet-tranh-chap-tai-san-ly-hon.html on mobile? thank you.

Hi. You can’t I’m afraid. Monolith is a WordPress theme while your site is straight-up HTML. You need to run your site on WordPress in order to make use of WordPress themes.


Hi there,

For this theme, can we not have featured images display for when you click into a post? We’d just like the post to appear with title and no featured image when you click into the post.

So to be more clear, on the front page we want the featured image to appear still, but when you click into a post no featured image, just title and post.



Yeah, but you’d still have to edit the “includes/loop-single.php” file and remove the featured image code after the <!-- BEGIN FEATURED IMAGE --> marker.

Perfect, thanks so much!

Sure thing.

I can’t seem to get rid of that pop up. I followed the instructions but no luck.

Hi there. If you mean the ‘install as webapp’ one that shows up on iOS, then removing it as outlined in the documentation must work. Make sure you’ve cleared your caches so you’re not loading the old code still.


Nice theme i have some Question 1- are the them support Arabic language ? 2- are support direction right to left 3- are support po and mo files ?


There aren’t language packs included but the theme is ready for translation via mo/po files. No RTL though.


Hi Thanks for the template and excited to use it! I’m trying to customize the header, menu, text styles. I can only edit menu and post some contents. What’s the easiest way to edit the styles?


You can check the style.css file. All the classes are named logically so anyone with even the most basic understanding of styling will be able to grasp it. If you’re totally new to this stuff, feel free to get in touch via the contact form on our profile, lay out everything you want done, and we can talk about getting it done for you as custom work.



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