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Hi There! Nice Theme ! I’m a noob in all this and im just wondering why it doesnt look like the preview when installed and activated? Where did all the images and the structure go ? Thanks a lot,


Hey there,

Please see the documentation included in your download for setup instructions, there’s also support details in there if you need any further help.


Is the views-view-portfolio-drag.tpl.php broken or am I just too goddamn stupid? (havnt worked with drupal in a long time). When I tried to put the views: portfolio-drag in any of the blocks on the front page it didn`t work and was not correctly formatted and didn’t have any functionality. Upon comparing the views-view—portfolio-drag.tpl.php with the page-portfolio-drag.tpl.php I noticed it didn’t have the div class “drag” and id “scroll” but before diving deeper into that and fishing around in dem arrays to understand the formatting I just wanted to ask since the more likely answer is that I am a dork as I am drupal illiterate and havn`t touched it in years. Very pretty theme btw, like it alot. cheers!

Hi there

This is actually the WordPress version you have commented on – I suspect its the Drupal version your aiming for :)

Hope the Drupal devs can help

Cheers, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

*Please see the site in mobile size browser.

Hi! I just realized that the spacing in the footer is strange. (doesn’t look like that in demo) I didn’t change css or anything for the footer but when I look at my website in a mobile screen, each widget block doesn’t seem to have space between each other, the texts from the previous block and title for the next block are so close. I don’t know how to fix that. Any thoughts?

Also, on the mobile screen, project images are not in the center but all in the left side while hover texts are centered. Can I do anything about this?

Thank you so much for your help! :)

Hey there,

For all support, please use a ticket:


Does this theme have a filtered portfolio option? So you can view the portfolio in a grid and select a category and it filters it?

No, see some of our later themes like foundry for this.


Hi there. Two quick questions about the heading and fonts in general. 1st: How can I make the heading (h1) on the Homepage regular instead of bold? Much like you did in the demo: We Create (regular) Brands people love (bold). Everything I tried to do it always turns out bold. 2nd: On your sample page you show 3 different fonts for the headings a bold one, a regular one and an italic one with serifs. How can I toggle between thees three? Thanks… :)

Hey there,

1. Add this in the “text” view of the content editor:


2. Add your headings in the content editor as normal, highlight and use the bold button, italic button, or both.


This theme has worked well on a website for a while now…and, the website owner rarely makes updates…but, we just noticed that if you go to edit a page, you cannot see any text (because the css is for the text to be white) unless you click the text tab and then the VIsual tab. It does not seem to be a plugin conflict…we can live it but wondered if you had this occurrence before?

Hey there,

We’re testing the most recent version of Montreal with WP 4.5.2 locally and everything is running fine. Please ensure you disable all plugins and clear all caches and re-test, the white text issue is always caused by a Javascript error stopping the WYSIWYG booting properly, if you check your browser console you’ll be able to see what that error is.


ok, thanks for the quick reply!

Do you have the html version of Montreal ?

No, sorry.


How can I change the background color of the testimonial section on the About page on my site? Right now, it’s dark. I need it to be white. I seems like the CSS is related to “container white”, but I can’t figure out what to change.

hey there, for all support please leave a ticket at and provide a site url. Cheers!

Never mind. I just discovered that if I add the Clients section on the About page, the background turns to white, which is what I wanted to happen.


first of all i would like to say a few words for this theme. I ‘ve doing this web design thingy with various themes here. Yours is a wonderful surprise! for me the best point is that you implanted your options in the core of wordpress. Also thumps up for such a clean code !

Anyway i have a question as everyone here i guess! well iam trying to insert an image instead of google maps in the contact page but the picture is not responsive!

i understand the use of cropping the image but in this specific page i just need it to be always on center of the screen (its a microsoft studio pc so i need to be able to have it always on center)

so what can we do here ? thank you in advance

Hmm can’t seem to edit the previous post to add one more thing. I really need to change the size of the logos in the client because i have some with another ratio unfortunately. Please point me in where to find the dimensions! thank you

Hi there

To target certain pages, you would need to use the page ID – like this

.page-id-118 .six.columns.midtoppadding .whitetext {
    color: pink !important;

Which gives you

To increase client logos you can use this

.clients_section .two.columns {
    width: 20%;
    margin: 0;

.clients_section .two.columns img {
    width: 100%;
    height: auto;

For further assistance, please head to our dedicated support area and create a ticket and ill be happy to take a closer look

Thanks, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)

Thank you for giving me tips that require coding!

just a heads up in case someone else tries to do, when i used some html code on the "subtitles for default page template" in the about page (i used the span command) it came out broken after saving but still giving the final result.