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Minimal work! Good luck :)

Great Stuff Tommus! No need for luck this will sell like crazy

Cheers mate, you’re always there to put a smile on my face :)

This is cool but noticed a few bugs.

1 – The home background image distorts (gets thinner) when you view it vertically on a tablet (ipad 1) or smart phone (galaxy nexus)

2 – The navigation and home page text run into everything on a smart phone. It flashes several times like its trying to load then never stays at the top of the screen and just mashes into all the text/content below.

3 – The drop down nav (pages, portfolio) doesn’t work at all on the ipad.

Hey again :) The developer of the drupal version has confirmed tabs working correctly on his iPad.

I hope this helps :) Tom

Thanks but that doesn’t really help us. I just refreshed and tabs still don’t work.

I expected that, I guess I just wanted to update that I’m looking into this still. I’ll be back with more solid news when I have it :)

Great Theme, i want to buy this immediately, waiting only for the updated, :-)

Hey there,

The mobile menu now appears on mobile detection to cope with the iPad’s large screen. If you want to remove this function I’m more than happy to help :)

Great thank you, will buy theme today and see how it goes, thank you very much :-)

Great & thanks! :)

Awesome work Tom! wish us many many sales :)

Cheers dude :)

Excellent job on your WordPress version! Best of luck to you and Hasan.

Cheers man! Best of luck to you too mate :)

v1.0.1 has now gone live on the ThemeForest servers, enjoy! :)

Bug in chrome browser (Version 24.0.1312.57) it shows the mobile navigation, it shows/work perfect in IE and FF.

Hey there,

Just checked in Version 24.0.1312.57 m – everything is fine :)

It’s likely you have a touch-screen computer, I’ve added a touch detection script in there for compatible browsers which create a more touch screen friendly menu.


Great theme! Love your work. Hope it sells well :)

Thank you so much :) & thanks for the purchase!


I purchased the HTML version but I have a few questions regarding the wordpress version:

The newsletter function at the bottom, does this actually record data and store it? When on the notes, does the widget ‘popular posts’ and ‘recent’ work automatically? (On the right?)

Thank and great work!

Hey there,

1. The newsletter widget sends and email to your admin email address with the captured email like so; would like to be added to your newsletter list.

2. Yes the popular posts and recent posts have been built in as a custom widget and automatically update based on date / recorded number of views :)

I hope this helps!

Fantastic this helps a lot! I will definitely purchase in the next few days!

Oh fantastic :)


Does the theme have different colour options? i.e. i prefer the header links background to be white.


Hey there,

Montreal operates on a two-colour system, currently set to black and white. You can control each with 1-click in my theme-customizer. If you’d like to add a white background to the header navigation it will just take a few CSS changes. I’d be happy to help :)


Magnificent and stylish design, TommusRhodus! The portfolio options are absolutely impressive. Good Luck on Sells! Bookmarked :)

Thank you so much! :)

Great design, congrats ! :)

Thanks so much! :D

Great theme! I need something as awsome as this but with woocommerce. Nice job anyway ;)

Thank you so much :)

Can you change colors on this theme? Also are you able to easily upload videos?

Hey there;

1. Montreal has a 1-click colour change system using 2 colours (currently black & white) and a highlight colour (Currently Green) for simplicity.

2. You can easily embed Vimeo and Youtube videos using the ‘video’ format; I’m going to add self-hosted video in the next update.

I hope this helps!

Hi TommusRhodus, Is it possible to easily change the language? Thx in advance Tim

Hey there!

I’ve included a .po for you to create a translation with POEDIT, so yes, it should be very easy for you :)


Hello! Great job! I have a question – I’d like to displayed the images in the portfolio ( as at (display without loading web page). Is this possible?

Hey there, If you’re talking about an AJAX loader for this section, then this is something I could consider for a future update :)

If you’re thinking of layout changes etc. then I’m sorry, my designer and HTML developer is very happy with this layout so we’ll leave it as is :)

Thanks for the interest!

Hey Tommus!

I see you’ve mentioned that you currently have only black & white as the available colour options, but we can add different colours by making some CSS changes right? I’m looking at a dark blue. Let me know, as thats the only query that’s holding us from selecting the theme.

Can’t wait. Its a brilliant theme!


Hey there,

I may have put myself accross wrong :)

Here’s how the colours in Montreal Work:

I use the Wordpress Theme Customizer so you can make 1 click colour changes from the full colour spectrum, the colour options you get are this;

  1. Colour A (Currently Black (Can be anything!))
  2. Colour B (Currently White (Can be anything!))
  3. Highlight Colour (Currently Bright Green)

Each of these are modified by a one-click colour changer rather than CSS. If you want to make any advanced colour changes (99%) won’t need to, then you can use CSS, but if you just want dark blue instead of black, you can do that with one click :)


Oh thats fantastic!! All I needed!! Cheers! Can’t wait to install this theme for our firm!

Hi TommusRhodus ….I really like your theme and I want to use it in a project….but I have one question….can I add to the homepage slider an arrow navigation…...thansk for your time

Hey there,

The slider is a background animation, currently there isn’‘t an option to use clickable elements to change slides, you can use your keyboard arrows though!

I’ll think about this for a future update :) Cheers!