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Updating the theme?

Hello, I was wondering what do I need to do to update the theme? Download from themeforest, and what comes after that? I don’t want to build my site all over. So is there a safe way to update the theme without having to redo all the changes I made?

Hey there,

Your data is all safely help in your database, independent of your theme anyway, so you have very safely upgrade.

Here’s a list of all the available methods;


Love the Theme!

But I’m having a problem linking a Youtube video in the portfolio section? The format is Video but when I paste in the URL there’s no video?

Help would be appreciated!

Thanks for responding so quick!

Here’s the Youtube URL I’m pasting –

I have my portfolio set to video and I’m pasting it into the Video Link box?

Hey there,

Click share -> embed when on youtube, here’s your code;

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>



Thank you very much :)


Looking to buy this beautiful theme for an online art gallery. Need to be able to use it with woocommerce or open cart though.

Could you confirm this is possible?


Thanks so much! :)

And you, bought it anyway for personal purposes because it is a very cool template :)


Isit possible to remove the colour glow in chrome and safari browsers from the portfolio stripe?

I just want the image be displayed like in firefox but in chrome and safari the colours get somekind of glow on hover. Possible to remove this?

Thanks in advance

Which version of the theme are you using? If you’re using an older version then you might still find this in styles.php;

-webkit-filter: saturate(300%)


Well I updated the theme this week, but I still found it in the styles.php. That worked, Thanks!

Awesome, and noted, I’ll give it a check :)

Hello TommusRhodus, before I buy the theme I have these questions: will the revolution slider insteed of flexslide and slideshow work? This theme is ok for the SEO? and will the SEO Yoast Plugin work fine?

very nice theme, been searching a lot and finally found it. Regards, Felix

Hey there,

Thanks :)

Revolution slider would work fine to replace flexslider, BUT, you’ll need to modify the theme to include this. So as long as you’re ready to jump into the code, then revslider is fine as a replacement :)

As for SEO, yep, install Yoast SEO and you’re away, the plugin will mention an ‘issue’ in the theme header, but will then give you a button to ‘fix’ the issue and that’s it, done :)



Very cool template :) Great work!

I ran into some problems that I could not solve myself, so I thought I’ll ask:

I have a problem with the main page portfolio. Is there a place where I can modify what it is written in the headline? and if I click on view all porfolio then can I somehow modify in what template the portfolio is shown on the /porfolio page?

Also is there any way to delete the stuff written in the footer, that says portfolio stripe/porfolio block/notes/home

Hope you can help :)

Hey there,

1. You can modify page-home.php in your theme files to easily do this :) If you need further help, leave a ticket at our support site and we’ll do into more detail for you;

2. The stuff in the footer is just another menu, configure the ‘footer’ menu location in “appearance” => “menus”, if you don’t want anything in that space, just add an empty menu to that menu location in “appearance:” => “menus”.


hey guys, could you pls tell me where i add text on homepage?

Hey there,

Just the the regular WP Editor, it will add content to the top part of the page as per my demo.

If you want the same content as my demo, switch to the ‘text’ tab on the WP-Editor and then paste this in;

<h1><span>WE CREATE</span>
We've cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We've learned to rush, but not to wait. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less.


hey guys. is it possible to show the image on full screen ?


Hey there,

No, sorry, perhaps we will add this in a future update :)


Great them! In just bussy with setting everything and its looking great. I have all one problem, i have no idea why it happened – because i didn’t change anything in code… on producut page: where i used grid portfolio.layout suddenly products are not in order. All depends which browser i use, sometimes appear 1 product in the row and then rest good. Other time all products are just appearing wrong. All starts yesterday – installed some plugins, then deactivated them – maybe this have some connection…? Hope you can help me…

Hey there,

You don’t have a buyer badge, please contact me via the account which purchased the theme :)


Yes, my boyfriend bought it from account: pieterbostoen

Excellent, you you please post from that account then or simply send the above question from my theme forest profile whilst logged in as that account. I’m sure you understand I can’t offer support to an unverified purchase :)


I’m back with the same question. Thank you for info above. I understend that you need confirmation.

You are the best! Thank you so much!

I use plugin for facebook and pinteres – not on every browser its working correct. On firefox and Safari is not a problem but on internet explorer you see just this Is it possible to fix it?

Hey there,

Can’t see the screenshot, sorry, but I’m afraid that I can’t offer support for 3rd party plugins.

Cheers! :)

No problem! Thanks for all your help!!

Hello I would make sure to send it to an email other than admin, contact form how can I change this Thank you and congratulations for the tempalte

Hey there,

You’ll need to open sendemail.php and projectplanner.php in your theme files and change this;





Thanks for your help!


Bought your theme and its working great.

The portfolio stripe page isnt working though? The images arent displaying.

When i put in a featured image it shows as a randon image on the page.

Is there something im missing?

Any help would be appreciated.



Awesome, answered :)

Legit. Quick fix. Love it. Cheers fella. 5-stars added :)


I have created a new page, and I set it to be the “About” template because I like the banner across the top but once I set it to “About” and not “Default” my team members lose their “Name” and “Title”.

How can I fix this?

Thank you,

Hey there,

The about page template actually already included a team section for you :) (see my demo)

So you will likely just want to use the team section that’s automatically pulled in.

If you need further help, please use our ticket system;



What’s new in version 2.0 ?


Hey there,

No real new features yet, just much improved code :)

There’s a descriptive change list at the bottom of the item page.


hello, i’m very interested in using this theme. one quick question. is it easy to remove the striped background feature? thanks.

also, do you utilize google fonts? i.e. easy to change fonts?

Hey there,

Yep, the background can be changed :)

Font’s can be changed with this plugin;


Hi, Google maps does not work on my contact page. Version 2.0 of Montreal:

Hey there,

If you’re having issues with the map, go to “appearance” => “editor” and click on page-contact.php in the right hand side.

Delete the contents of the file and replace with this;

Hit the save changes button and your map should be back :)


Thanks, I added the two lines and it works!

Hi. Very nice theme, and I noticed you have super quick support.

One question: I would like on Portfolio page(s) that when a site visitor opens a link to a Post, that on the Post page there is an easy-to-see link back to the Portfolio page that the Post is featured on. What I see are nav arrows for previous and next.

I’m thinking this could be done with a Text widget in the Sidebar with a link to the Portfolio page, or do you have a more elegant solution?

Thanks :)

Hey there :)

I’ll look for a nice elegant solution to this definitely, in the mean time, if you buy Montreal, send me a message through my profile and I’ll show you how to add a quick link to the ‘previous/next’ section so that you can get going with this straight away :)


one more question. Is it easy to incorporate the about page design into the homepage, to make it more of a one page scroll? I love the design, layout and display of the “about page” section.

thanks for all of your help.

Hey there,

You’d need to modify the theme files quite significantly to do this, so make sure you’re able to before hand.

If you’d like our help in doing this, you can contact our customisation partners here;

Either before or after you purchase the theme :)


Hi! i am very interested in purchasing this theme but in fact we need it for a website of a company based in Montreal and it is very important for us to be multilingual. It works well with the WPML plugin? thanks.

Hey there,

Montreal doesn’t officially support WPML so I cannot guarantee it, but I’ve seen people running WPML & qTranslate with Montreal so it’s up to you whether you think you can support yourself with the plugins :)

In a future version I will be adding official WPML support.


Thanks again for an awesome theme!

I am curious to know if there’s any way I could use the simple newsletter opt-in widget on another project. Is this widget for available for sale?

Thanks for any help!

All the best,


Hey Bryan,

You can if you know what you’re doing, but in all honesty there’s thousands of widgets that do this in the WP Plugin repository, most are likely better than mine! :)

Check them out, I know there’s a really good mail chimp one in there.