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Thanks, Tom! I was just looking for something very simple like yours and am finding much more complex opt-in widgets… I will try to figure out how to use yours..

Thanks again!


Fair enough Bryan,

It’s in /ebor_framework/widgets.php or inc/framework/widgets.php depending on the version you’re using.

Should be pretty easy to move it along :)


Hello In the client section it’s possible add a link to the image, so far so good, but i need that link open in a new window. It´s possible? How can i do it?


Great idea! I’ll add this in an update which is coming really soon :)


thanks a lot i really appreciate that!! :)

Hello Tom ! Firstly thanks for this great theme. I am curious to know if there’s any way to change the titles portfolio and blog sections on the homepage ? For example, to change “our recent work” by “my recent work”. Cheers, Cindy

Yep, just use footer.php in the list :)

Hello Tom ! I use footer.php to integrate the Linkedin et Instagram links, however it doesn’t work. Thanks for any help

Hey ! I found the solution. Just use footer.php and theme_options.php “social section” ;)

Hi again I solved the problem of the links :) , but now I have a new problem in homepage with the fonts. The first and second words disappear on firefox, and when i can see the first word “CRIAMOS” it looks different (style) from the original. Can you help me? This is the website that I’m working


Hey there,

There is an issue with google fonts whereby if you have the font installed on your computer (Oswald) it can load a bit weird on the site.

But if you want me to take a further look at it, please leave me a ticket at my support site with a screenshot of what you’re seeing:



Would it be easy to have the main menu scroll down to other content on the page when a menu item is selected? i.e. If I want “About” on the home page to scroll down rather than open a new page, would that be easy?


Responded to your email, cheers.

On the gallery-portfolio-post page, the image gallery transition slides the next picture from right to left, and I was looking to change this to a fade effect.

I see that you have answered this question before, but i am having trouble locating the main.js file. I am running 1.2.9 as I have made numerous custom modifications and I’m afraid of losing all of that work when I update. Am I looking in the wrong place, or is there no js/main.js file in 1.2.9?

Check out line 69 of the file /js/main.js – you can see the slide animation being called in there.

Hey there,

In version 1.2.9 the file main.js is definitely in the /js/ folder in the montreal theme files :)

The animation is on line 71 and says “slide” just change this to “fade”.

Cheers :)

Thanks. took care of it with WP editor plugin.

Hi Is this theme work with plugin: gravityforms and WPML?

Hey there,

Sorry, I’m afraid it doesn’t.


I am considering buying this theme. I have a couple of questions. On the homepage, can you have different text with each slide? And is there a way to add social media icons on the top bar next to the navigation.

Hey there,

I’m afraid the answer to both is no, sorry :)



I’m trying to change the text colour on the testimonials to white. For some reason after I changed the header text it dropped into a black so I can’t see it.

What’s the css selector for it?

Thank you

Hey there,

For the testimonial headings:

.seven.columns .flexslider h5.blacktext { color: #ffffff !important; }


Thanks for this. I added an extra for the h6.blacktext to get the testimonial author in the correct colour but still struggling with the actual “Testimonials”. Here’s an image:

How about this:

.page-template-page-about-php { color: #fff !important; }


Hello Tom, I am curious to know if there’s any way to create a new option on the homepage (like “services” see ? Cheers, Cindy

Hey there Cindy,

You’d need to customise page-home.php in your theme files, as currently the homepage is a set layout.

Perhaps in the future I can add more features to the homepage :)


Hi there,

Is the theme fully compatible with WP 3.8? I would like to update my WP to the latest version but I’m afraid of doing it because of this possible incompatibility issue.


Hey there,

Yes, go for it :)



I have found a problem with compatibility within wordpress 3.8.

The 0Auth plugin does not work with 3.8 therefore the twitter feed will not load.

My site was down for a while and i hadnt realised and had to go through my plugins and found this one to be the issue.

Anyway around this?


Yes, I just pointed out what the error was and how to fix it, I can see the code I posted right there in the code you posted, delete it now.


I thought the above read ‘add’. Just me being a spanner.

Cheers dude. All sorted.

Awesome, glad to hear it :)

Hi, My contact form seems not workable, unable to send out message, what can i do with it? Another problem would be, the oswald font appearing in Windows is jagged but it’s perfect in MAC..

this is the link :

Hey there,

Please direct all support requests to our support ticket:


Please help. I can’t get a caption to show up for any images posted inside portfolios (basic). I upload the image and fill out the caption box. image appears but no caption. What am I doing wrong?

Hey there,

Please post this as a support ticket here:

And please provide a site URL so we can see the issue with you.


made a ticket. Thanks for the prompt response.

Hi.. I just purchased this theme for a few month ago..and after the last wordpress update,i found the speed for my site is getting slower and when i check my site on’s only 54% in speed scores.. How to fix that? Thanks

yes..i knew about it..but my other sites in the same hosting is still up to 82% in speed after the updates..i just edit the htacces code for my other sites like what i’m doing on my site with your theme..

If you need to post your site URL for us to take a look, please leave a ticket with my support team: Cheers

domne.. a ticket submitted..Thanks

Has this theme been tested/approved for upgrade to WP 3.8?


after clicking on “Mehr erfahren” of each Portfolio Image it links to a 404 Error Page


not really – please click on one Button “mehr erfahren”

Oh sorry, yes, go to “Apperance” => “permalinks” and hit the “save changes” button, this button flushes your link structure and should clean out this 404 for you.



Hi there,

I’m trying to change the duration between transitions on the testimonials block (as it’s currently too fast). Is there an easy way to do that?


Hey there,

Please see this ticket:


All the portfolio category tags link to a 404 error… How can this be fixed?

Upon further inspection I realized that the 404 error shows up because I placed flush_rewrite_rules(); after the cpt is registered. When I removed the code and flushed the permalinks, it goes back the way it originally was but still having an issue that I think you should be aware of.

The portfolio categories all lead to a blank page which uses the “Notes” title that is inputted in the styling section of the theme customizations sidebar.

I tried to determine whether or not it was something I might have done to the theme or if it was already that way and found that the same thing is happening on your theme demo:

I’m sure a lot of people would really like to be able to display their portfolio categories and think it’s something you should look into.

Btw..I don’t have a purchase tag because I actually stumbled across your theme from a client of mine who already had it installed on their server. I liked it so much that I decided to use it for my own site. His URL is and mine is in case you’d like to verify. I hope you don’t mind me using it but I would gladly pay for the theme if you wish. Take care.

Have you had a chance to look into the issue and do you have any suggestions for how to display the portfolio categories correctly?

I’ll be looking at the above for an update to the theme coming shortly.


Hello, great theme wanted to know if you can help me with the following

1 -. Portfolio page in the lightbox when you click on the image and appears, may only images that appear in this portfolio, not all mixed portfolios.

. 2 in the blog section when i entered a post the top menu disappears

thanxs regards

Hey there,

We run all theme support through our ticket service:

Please be sure to include your site URL so we can see your site and get a better idea of what’s happening.