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Hi this theme looks ideal for my project, just one question, have you added function to have a full screen video on the homepage yet or do you plan to include it in an update soon?

Many thanks Stephen

Hey there,

We have no current update plans for Montreal, but this is on the list to be added at some point in the future.

I’m afraid I can’t currently put a date on that though.


hi there, is it possible to add a shop link to this site? thxs!

Hey there,

There’s no shop support in Montreal, sorry. You can of course add a link to an external shop in the menu.


oh, wonderful!!! that´s all i need!! thxs for yr quick answer


My twitter Feed has unexpectedly stopped refreshing. Please help. I am using wordpress 3.5.2 and version 1.2.9 of your theme. see:

Hey there,

Your twitter API key may be having trouble connecting to Twitter and could be falling back to a cached tweet. Have you updated any plugin recently?


i have added, updated, and deleted plugins recently. Is there a way to trouble shoot?

In “settings” => “twitter feed auth” is any detail mentioned about recent issues, at the bottom of the plugin page, is a “debug info” section.


Hi – This template has been great, thanks for making it.

Two questions, totally unrelated.

1. Is there a way of adding portfolio categories to my permalinks? I’ve been playing around a lot with tags for adding categories, custom taxonomies, etc., and can’t figure it out. This is important in my case because I want to run multiple podcasts with individual RSS feeds on my site and want to use portfolio categories to differentiate between them.

2. If you go to my site <> you’ll notice that I took off the opaque photo background. Now there’s a black horizontal bar crossing the screen above the photo border. Is there a way of removing that, or moving it to the bottom of the photo border?


Hey there,

1. This has been requested recently actually, I’m going to get this going properly in the theme very soon :)

2. Adding the following to “appearance” => “customise” => “custom css”

.slideshow { border-bottom: none !important; }

Will remove that.


Thanks! One other question now: my pulldown menus have stopped showing up. I had this problem once a couple months ago and fixed it by removing all plugins. I tried this again (as well as deleting all cache files on my server) and it didn’t work. Any idea what’s going on?

Hey there,

All showing just fine here, it’s likely a local issue you’re having on your computer, I have this sometimes in Chrome & Safari across various websites, seems to sort itself out, or resetting the computer usually. I think it’s just a weird browser bug, rather than your site.

Either way, I can see your menu perfectly.


Hi TommusRhodus! I’ve bought the “Motreal” theme 4 Drupal and I tried to use it on… I cannot see the main menu on my ipad and the slideshow doesen’t work. Maybe you now why…

Could u help me please? (sorry 4 my bad English)

Thank you!

Hey there,

I am not the author of the Drupal version of the theme, you’re looking for the comments section here:



gorgeous theme! I was wondering if it is WPML ready and als compatible with Wordpress 3.8?


Hey there,

1. Not tested or rated for WPML, but I’ve seen users using it :) Might need a few custom tweaks here and there to get it perfect to your needs though.

2. Yep :)


How might I turn off the mobile menu, so a custom mobile menu I have can be used in it’s place?

specifically the mobile.nav WP plugin. Everything seems to be functioning properly on it’s end, it just appears the theme will not let it override it’s own mobile menu.

Pretty simple, just add the following to “appearance” => “customise” => “custom css”

.selectnav { display: none !important; }


I’m so happy with this theme. A huge thank you for your time and efforts.

On the menu when I add my own link, is there a way to make the link pop open a new tab instead of using the current window with my website?

Thanks, Amanda

You’re amazing. Thanks

No problem :)

Be sure to rate the theme from the downloads section of your themeforest account (if you havn’t already) if you’re happy with the theme, and with my support :)


First, thanks for the great theme! Just started customizing it and have a question related to: changing font size in the sub-navigation.

i’ve added a new web-font and it works well, but now i would like to change the font size in the top navigation and the top-sub-navigation.

can you please give me a hint. i’ve tried to add some css but i can’t change the size of the sub-navigation font.

thanks in advance

Hey there,

You may want to check out this plugin:

See their video about adding custom selectors to give yourself more control.


thanks. the thing is, that i would like to change the font size. when i edit the css, it changed all the sized in the other page templates. but not in the homepage section.

Hey there,

IF you leave a ticket at my support site with your site URL and a screenshot of the exact text you’d like to change then I’m sure we can help :)



The Montreal theme looks perfect for an upcoming project we have. I was wondering;

1. Can the portfolio layouts be ‘customise’ to display ‘x most recent items’ as a separate page i.e. the menu would contain Portfolio and Recent Projects.

2. Is it possible to take one of the portfolio layout templates and customise it, to essentially create our own, 7th portfolio layout?

Hey there,

Both would be possible with the modification of one of the existing portfolio page templates, you’d just need to duplicate and modify the query (posts amount etc.) and markup to your needs.


Perfect, thanks for the quick response.


i purchased your theme…good work. i want to use the portfolio template for some short news. could you tell me how i can change the permalink …/portfolio/portfolio_title to …/news/portfolio_title

thanks a lot!

Just seen your support ticket, we will replying soon.


hi wanted to know if the following is possible . 1 – i can install a slider like the revolution or any other on any page of the theme?


Hey there,

Revolution slider is not tested with the theme, but you should be able to use it without problem. You may need to tweak the theme code to achieve whatever it is you’re looking to do though, so bear this in mind.


The problem:

1. When I make new pages it acts as if it is an “about” template, no matter what I select as the actual template.

2. I cannot enter any text into the main text field (perhaps related to #1). This was working fine and then seemed to suddenly become very strange.

Any advice?

Also now it is saying my purchase code is not valid when I try and submit a new ticket. Seems impossible as I just bought it yesterday.

Hey there,

1. If your page permalink is /about/ then it will use the about template by default.

2. Odd, if you have any plugins / extensions installed, disable them and test again.

Feel free to drop your site URL and a WP Login to me through the contact form on my profile.


hey hiii its very nice theme all i want but i have some pre purchase question i m glad if you can answer them

(1) can i all full screen background images in every page of this theme with the help of plugin or something ???

(2) how much social network i can all like can i add you tube , viemo etc ???

(3) can i increase the with of stripes in stripe portfolio like i want only 4 stripe appear in first screen and for more user have to scroll ??

and ya 1 more question is this theme is seo friendly or i have to use some seo plugins… please do reply thanxxx

Hey there,

1. No.

2. Whatever you want if you get a social icons widget and add it to the footer widget area :)

3. Only if you were to customise the theme’s code.

4. The theme is correctly marked up and ready for the Yoast SEO plugin if you want to use one.


hey this is very nice theme, just want to ask you, are you planning for any update soon and add some new feature in your theme???

What new features are you looking for? Right now the theme is very stable and working in every WP Version since 3.4 right up to 3.8.1 and even 3.9beta, so there’s no current reason for an update, unless you’ve got some awesome suggestions? :)


Thanx for your reply. i want icon for home, portfolio, contact etc in header area , full screen background images for every page, i dont want get stuck in single color background, actually what i like most in your theme is stripe portfolio style so i just greedy and asking for more hope u dont mind :)

Hey there,

I can certainly make a note of those for a future update, but there’s currently no timescale on that.

Cheers! :)

Hello, Love the template! Quick question: what is the best size to crop images to for your template? I used the ‘scale image’ tool in word press to make the client logo images 160×80 (like the ones you have in your template) but they are cropped in half on the live site. Please let me know best size for: client logo and portfolio images.

Thanks so much!

Hey there,

160×80 is ideal for clients, ensure the image you’re uploading is this size (the wordpress crop tools are a little rubbish)

590×300 is a great size for your portfolio images :)


Awesome! Thanks for your quick response!

Thank you so much for all the support and help. your theme is just great and the team is real nice.

full customized theme. great for online portfolios. 5 stars for design and support!

thanks guys!

Wow, thanks so much! :)


My contact form does not clear when you hit submit, so customers keep hitting submit because they think it did not send, but it will send their emails ten times or more. Please help.


Hey there,

There’s an update notification option available on the downloads page of your themeforest account.

Yes, all customisations will be overwritten on theme update, though I’m sure the stylesheets won’t be updated for the next theme update, so you could just selectively overwrite files via FTP.


Sounds good will check for notifications and once that arrives can update only that which pertains to the contact form – hopefully that will be easy to tell :) Thanks and any eta my client is up my butt about it. Thanks

Hey there,

Drop me a message through my profile contact form with your site URL, just realised what you meant about the contact form not clearing, I’d like to take a look at it myself for you :)



I’d like to know if the team member section could be centered up. We only need to display two people.

Thanks :)

Thank you so much for your time! That worked! I edited the theme_functions.php file back to the original. Also, if you would kindly point me in the direction to center up the text for the team member name and title beneath the photo on the About page that would help! And that will be all I need :)

oops. Nevermind, I centered it :)