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Hi, I just wanted to know if there was an option for the homepage image to be supersize like how it shows up in the Drupal version here:


Hey there,

This is possible with a little tweak, I’d be happy to show you how through my support forum if you purchase Montreal :)


Hi, I just wanted to know if this theme come with dummy content as shown in the live preview.


Hey there,

Yes it comes with a WP XML import, I can also send you an .sql rip from my local site if you needed it.


Hi just wondering if i am getting this wrong, i put in my email here in sendmail.php

// change this email address to your own email id. define(“MYEMAIL@GMAIL.COM”, $_SESSION[‘email’]);

But the contact form doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

Hey there,

Montreal uses the email address that is set with your WP installation as the email address for the contact scripts, so there’s no need to manually edit these files :)

Grab a fresh copy from your account and put the script back to normal & simply make sure your admin email is set to what you need.


Great looking theme! Is it supported for buddypress? And if not how hard would you say it would be to implement?

Hey there,

No buddypress I’m afraid, and as much as it pains me to say it, I’ve never worked with buddypress before – so I can’t even estimate on that!

How rubbish am I? :)

Glad you like Montreal :)

Neither have I unfortunately! :P I’ll let you know how I get on, might be able to give you some hints on how to make it supported.

Hey TommusRhodus,

First of all, congrats on what seems to be an amazing theme! I am thinking of buying it, though i have one pretty important question before i do; Is there a possibility to use video in the full screen background in stead of pictures? We want to use the theme with a video promo teaser first and this is rather vital for which theme we’ll choose.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there, thanks!

Sorry to disappoint, but I’m afraid not, the background is images only for the time being, but I’ll have a look into including this feature for a future update.


Hi Tommus Rhodus, thx for this great WP theme. Can you send me the .sql rip with the dummy content? Thank you, Elmar

sorry for this question – how can i import the included .xml file?

No problem :) Check your documentation, there’s a section at the end that describes the process for you – it’s nice and easy :)


Thx Tom :)

Hi Tommus,

Could you send me the .sqi rip with dummy content as I am trying to design a portfolio website using your theme.

Many thanks

Kind Regards

Hey there!

I’ve included an .xml file with your download, if you send me an email I’ll happily send you an .sql rip from my local site, but just remember the images will be missing as I can’t send the dummy-photo’s (Licensing) – with this in mind you might get just as good results by importing the .xml file :)

Let me know! Tom


VERY nice theme! Before purchasing I wanna ask a few questions (sorry for my English):

1. can i change the color of a header (where the name and the menu) from black to white and it’s letters from white to black (or grey)?

2. can i remove protective screen from homepage image?

3. also this stripy line under the black title/menu bar at the top and also at the bottom<< can I hide this stripy bar or change it for white? (i wanna see if i can make website as white as possible).

4. do pictures have to be in some specific size to be presented in “ITEM WIDE” portfolio? (sorry, i am a photographer so i am trying to find where can i show my full size images)

5. in portfolio “ITEM WIDE” how many images can i include? (right now they are three). Can i have 10 or more?

thank you very much!!!!

Hey there!

1. There are 2 main colour control in Montreal, currently they are black and white, these can be a combination of any 2 colours you wish.

2. Yes :)

3. You can change the stripes to any image you want, even white :)

4. Any size you want in item-wide.

5. You can include up to 8.



Just purchased the template and there are some layout issues. See attached for images. How can I correct the non-full screen issues with the stripes and block of color as seen in the attachments?

Thanks, Paul

Hey there Paul,

Thanks for your purchase! I’ll be happy to help you :)

Would you like to leave a ticket at;

You can leave your URL there also and I’ll take a look a and advise further.


EDIT: Your work looks really nice! :)


sorry for bothering you annoyingly :)

I posted a few questions earlier today, but (while dying from impatience) I finally decided to purchase the theme since i found the answers on a few of them. BUT I still have a couple of SUPER-IMPORTANT questions:

1. Is there is ANY way to add more than 8 images in one portfolio. How can i do that and where? (sorry, it’s pretty critical for me with my photography!)

2. How to make blog page full screen, I mean without the sidebar at all? Please! With this side bar my posts/images look microscopic, and I really hope there is a way to get rid of that sidebar and use it’s space for the post, full width.

Thank you soooooo much!!

Drop me a ticket at my support site;

I’m sure I can give you some relatively simple instructions, make it a public ticket and then future buyers can see the simple solution :)


alright, thank you very much! I’ll do it right away! By the way I just rated your awesome theme with 5 stars so now you have it! Yay! ;)


I recently bought this theme, but there are some HUGE problems with it in the permalinks and portfolio.

I want to name the porftolio (and link) different. Please help:


What happens when I create a porftolio with the name ‘allmodels’: Good so far, but when I click a model on that page, I get directed to:

Also, when I remove /model/ from the url, I get this: this page works with the default blog page layout (I DIDN’T CREATE THE PORTFOLIO PAGE so why is it created anyways?

Can you help me to solve this problem? It is really important because NOW I have duplicate content because both url’s below display all portfolio items:


Hi, This helped a bit, but not all. I sent you a PM, can you check it and respond to it? Thanks!

No problem, leave me a support ticket at;

I’ll be happy to help as always :)

oke I just did that. Thanks in advance! :)

Hello, does this theme support Arabic language? Thank you.

Will you update it anytime soon? I will use it in an RTL format, should I purchase the theme or not? I really like it! Thank you.

Let me add the support first, the last thing I want is to disappoint! :) I’ll be updating tomorrow evening with a few new features.

Great! Love your credibility! Thanks I’ll be waiting!

Hi, cool theme! Having problems with newsletter & project form. I don’t receive any email when signing up/sending a project request. Can you tell me exactly what I should do. Thanks

Hey there!

Thanks for the purchase, the contact forms use the email address specified in “Settings” => “General” to send emails to.

If you’re still having issues, send me a ticket at;

And I’ll get it sorted :)


I have a few presales questions before I purchase the theme. I spent couple hours trying to understand your very nice theme – i am new to wordpress.

1. On the PARALLAX home page, is it possible to add scroll navigation on the side less top and bottom arrows with tell viewers something like “Scroll down” with an arrow down and scroll up with an arrow up. If not, is their a plugin that can do that or a code that you can provide?

2. Is it possible to make all pages like the home page as we simply love the PARALLAX feature. Also, can we assign specific background images for each page

3. Is it possible to remove the light gray mesh on the images you have the home page. we want to the images to original without any such layers.

4. Is it possible to have the pages full width rather than boxed – something like

5. Is it possible to change the font of the top menu to make it a bit bolder and slightly bigger.

6. The toggle buttons – can the colors be changed to any color when hover in and out of it.

7. Can you make note list out pages rather than posts….

8. Is their a visual page designer that comes with it or any plugin that works well with it other than use short codes.. I current use visual composer.. would that work fine..

Thank you for your guidance.

Hey there,

If you don’t see behaviour you want on the demo site, then it doesn’t exist in the theme I’m afraid. Changes like fonts etc. are easily done with simple CSS modifications or you could use a Google Fonts plugin to give you access to 500+ fonts.

Montreal uses short codes to allow users to spice up content a little, the theme functions perfectly without using any shortcodes, so a visual composer would be a little overkill for Montreal. In that case, no, there isn’t a page designer in Montreal :)

I hope this helps, sorry if I’m disappointing!

Fine job! Very interested in purchasing this theme, provided it will work with video. At the moment, I use the embed code from my Vimeo account to paste my videos on to my current website (Weebly). Am I able to embed video into the Portfolio section from Vimeo with an embed code, or by any other means?

I hope that made sense. =] Thank you for your time.

Yes! :) I’ve built in support for embed codes from Vimeo, Youtube, even sound cloud if you want. You just drop your full embed code into the specific metabox I’ve created in the video post format to create a responsive, iframe based video.

Here’s a post with one;


Excellent! That’s all I needed to know. Thanks for the swift reply, Tommus. God Bless!

TommusRhodus – I am not sure if you missed my question above endfallow. please let me know. eagerly waiting for an update. thanks

Just answered it now! :)

Thanks for the update.

I noticed that the home page background imaged gets cuts off on my 19 inch screen; however, if I resize the window the top part of the background images show ok. e.g. the girls head gets cut off on my screen – tried it on all 3 browsers..

Is their a fix for it as we cannot have part of our background images cut off. it needs to responsive based on any screen size?. pls advise as that is single most factor to get theme or not..

i think you mentioned in one of the posts that the protective screen on the background image can be removed?

thanks again..

Thanks so much. I looked at your css, and noticed the same supersized jquery.. I looked at their demos and the Carousel one is responsive – it does not get squashed..

If I purchase the theme, I believe you can provide support to fix this issue of slider not being squashed? Confirm this and I will go ahead to purchase theme… your presales customer support has been great and prompt so far.

here is the squashed screen shot of MONTREAL when in portrait mode –

vs the non-squash version of the demo – same carousal

thank you in advance.. :)

Of course! :) That’s as simple as a few settings in the Supersized plugin set-up. Rather than being an issue, this is simply how my designer chose for the images to be handled, it’s more than simple to modify this behaviour, again, it’s just part of the Supersized set-up :)

If you do buy Montreal let me know, & I’ll point you in the right direction. (Hint: the supersized set up is in page-home.php and is nicely commented, so you might not even need my help!)


thanks Tom. Just bought it… will come back with questions on support forum. thanks for all your pre-sales answers..

I have a pre-purchase question: I’m wanting to buy this for Wordpress, but when I look at it in IE it looks completely different and even functions differently in your demo than it looks in Chrome/Firefox. Both the HTML and the Wordpress version don’t look the same when viewed in IE. Are you aware of this or is this something that is fixed in the download file? If it doesn’t look good in IE or function the same as it does in Chrome, I may have to look for another theme. Thanks for any information you can provide.


Hey there,

I will double check this with my HTML designer, we obviously take any browser inconsistencies seriously and will double check whether it’s an issue with the design, or, more likely, a limitation of IE.

Thanks :)

Thank you. Please let me know what you have found on this.

Is it possible to have sidebars on internal pages with this theme?

I’m releasing an update on Wednesday that will include a page-with-sidebar template for simple pages. Pages like the about page & the planner do not have sidebars.

Cheers :)

Beautiful theme!

I need a forum included in the site that I want to use Montreal on. Any idea if the theme would support Simple:Press or bbpress? Is Montreal compatible with most other WordPress plugins?

Thanks for your help! I’m very interested in the theme :)

Hey there,

Montreal will be compatible with any well written Wordpress Plugins, with the 10,000+ available I can’t say which plugins it won’t support though! :)

As far as forum support, I’ve not built any support for forums into Montreal, so the plugin would have to do all the work / styling, but if you can find a standalone forum plugin I see no reason it wouldn’t work with Montreal. Likely you’d have to make some CSS tweaks for the forum though.

I hope this helps :)