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awesome theme. One short Question: Is there a chance to use self-hosted videos? Or do you see a chance to use e.g. a fancy box plugin to integrate self hosted videos?

Please answer as soon as possible. Need to decide very fast ;)

Thanks & Greets


Hey Tone,

I’ve been thinking about adding Self Hosted Video as an option to the video post-format posts, I think this has sealed the idea, I’ll add it as an update over the next few days. It won’t be in a lightbox though, but actually on the Single Portfolio Post page.

Cheers! :)

Good day TommusRhodus

A few Things.

1) I just did the update and noticed my “view project” and “read more” buttons have disappeared.

2) Can i prevent the “supersized” image from being squashed when change the window size? Just point me in the right direction and i can figure the rest out. If possible.

3) Can I turn off the “black & white” in portfolio stripe? I noticed firefox does not apply the black & white effect and it looks good. It would be a nice option to turn this effect on and off.

Thanks for your time. Love the theme

Hey there,

1. Check your theme options, they may just need refreshing or you might need to just quickly type in your ‘View Project’ & ‘Read More’ again, 2 second job :)

2 & 3. Leave a ticket at my support site, I can offer you better support for things like that there;

Cheers! :)

1) your suggestion worked, thanks. Also sent you a ticket.

Does the template have the ability to customize typography? The theme is great, but I would like to have the option to not use the serif italic font that is used periodically because it doesn’t match my client’s branding and would like to make sure it can be customized before purchasing the theme. Thanks for the help. Great looking theme!!

thank you. I downloaded the theme and went to load it into wordpress but it is saying that the theme is missing the style.css sheet. I see it in the “v1.2.0>montreal” folder, should it be in the “v1.2.0>montreal>css” folder?

Hey there,

The installable .zip file is called don’t upload the master .zip from theme forest, you’ll need to unzip that to get to


Appreciate it, thanks!


The theme looks very nice, I’m really wanting to buy it, I just have one question:

It says “you can create infinite portfolios”.. Does that mean I can make one portfolio page for i.e. music, and then one portfolio page for i.e. artists or video’s?

How does this work, and can I assure things won’t get mixed up?

If you can tell me this, I’ll purchase it :-)

Thanks in advance!

Ok then :)

Each portfolio post is given a ‘Portfolio Category’ so lets say we make 3;

Artists, Music & Videos.

I then publish 4 portfolio pages;

1. I leave unfiltered, all 3 portfolio categories are pulled in and we have 1 big master portfolio.

2, 3 and 4. I use the simple filter drop down which shows your potential portfolio category filters, I click ‘music’ in the filter list & publish the page. On this page only portfolio posts with the ‘portfolio category’ -> ‘Music’ are now shown. The same for the other categories also :)

I hope this makes sense! Tom

It makes perfect sense to me, I think you’re getting another purchase soon :-D


Awesome :) Cheers!

I love this theme but my “client” really wants a cursive font in some places. Silly demand, I know, but I have to be sure. Do you offer a long list of fonts or can I otherwise add my own?

Hello there!

I don;t offer a long list of fonts with the theme as that generally adds a long load time & I want Montreal to be as fast as possible for my users! :)

However, you can manually change fonts easily through CSS or through the use of this plugin;

I hope this helps :)

How do you change the gray text within the Project Planner? For example, within the ‘PROJECT REQUIREMENTS’ textbox, there is ‘Website, Branding, Mobile App etc’ in gray text prior to typing in said requirements.

Just seen that you’ve sorted this :) Great!

Disregard my last question. I was tinkering with the wrong .php file. Hahaha.

I do have another question though and if this is possible, it will make cataloging my portfolios a lot easier.

Is there a way to have the most recently submitted piece to a given portfolio be given a greater numerical designation? For example, let’s say I have a portfolio consisting of 5 files. If I upload a new piece to a portfolio, it is given the designation of being “01” in my portfolio rather than taking the next greatest value. In this example, that would be “06.”

Hopefully I come across coherent, but I’d quite curious to know if this doable. It would make cataloging my portfolios infinitely more intuitive. I’d hate to have to arbitrarily back-date each new entry just to yield the cosmetic result I’m looking for.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there,

I can point you in the right direction, you may have a little math to do though :)

In page-portfolio-basic.php you’ll see the loop happen from lines 39-51. $counter is called before the while() loop & then incremented upward within the loop by one, then echoed into place within the same loop.

What you’ll need to do is tell $counter to count downwards, which you’ll see how to do by just reversing my upwards count, the difficult part will be getting it to start with the right number, so you’re process of code will look something like this;

1. Get the number of all items in the portfolio

2. Set $counter to this number, echo it into place, and then count down within the loop.

3. Smile :)

I hope this helps!

Quite the malleable theme we have here! That did the trick.

I only one gripe with the theme and that is Portfolio Stripe is awfully glitchy. The last item to the right immediately vanished upon mouse-over any item in the portfolio. A shame, considering how cosmetically appealing that portfolio template is. Aside from that, the theme is exceptional.

Now this may be a long shot, but I was wondering if you were aware of a WP plugin that allows a mouse-over window (kind of like a dialogue box I guess) that pops up when hovering over a link? I’d love to incorporate this into explaining skills on the skill list area without having to force the viewer to navigate to a new page. Are you familiar with what I’m speaking of? If there is not a WP plugin for it, are you aware of a way to integrate it by another means?

Thanks in advance, mate!


The stripe portfolio can bit a little glitchy until you get enough items in it to reliably fill the screen, I’d recommend a minimum of 10 items for the stripe portfolio so that it’s at it’s best :) It’s due to the infinite left & right scroll feature that the portfolio uses.

This looks like it might do what you need;



I’m running wp version 3.5.1 and when I go to add my address in the “Contact Page Additional Details” the field disappears. This also happens with the “About Page Settings”, “Homepage Options” and “Portfolio Page Options”. I’ve tried in both Chrome and Firefox and the same thing happens. I’m working on a mac too if that helps resolve anything. Thanks in advance.

Just seen you’ve sorted this, great :)

Nevermind. I figured it out. Template: Contact. Great theme!

Hi TommusRhodus,

i would like to have the mobil navigation bar to look the same as the desktop version. Could you let me know where i could change that in the code?

Also i notice that the featured image in ABOUT on the top is not displaying properly on the mobil devises… i just need to have it look it the same as on the desktops if possible, Can you help me with this???

Thank you.

Hey there,

Please feel free to leave a support ticket at our support site;

This allows us to give more efficient, searchable help & advice than the TF comments allow.


Hi Tommus Rhodus,

another question, on my about site, the Client link doesn’t work…. i called the client franchise….

Hey there,

Please feel free to leave a support ticket at our support site;

This allows us to give more efficient, searchable help & advice than the TF comments allow.


Hello, sorry my again, i would like to change the background to black and the text to white, where can i change this in the code

Hey there,

Please feel free to leave a support ticket at our support site;

This allows us to give more efficient, searchable help & advice than the TF comments allow.


Hi, I’ve just purchased and install your esteemed theme. Unfortunately, Codestyling Localization plugin gives an error like below. Would you please advise what can I do to use that useful plugin?

Malfunction at current Theme detected! Name: montreal | Author: Tom Rhodes Below listed scripts has been automatically stripped because of injection: ....wp-content/themes/montreal/inc/framework/admin.js

Hey there,

It sounds like the plugin has removed the script it doesn’t like from the theme anyway?

To completely remove the issue open /inc/framework/metaboxes.php in your theme files & delete this section;

function montreal_custom_metaboxes_jquery() {
if (is_admin()) {
        wp_enqueue_script('custom_script', get_template_directory_uri().'/inc/framework/admin.js', array('jquery'));
add_action('init', 'montreal_custom_metaboxes_jquery'); 

This means that the metaboxes for different post-formats will now show on all post-formats, but apart from that theme functionality will be perfectly fine.

I hope this helps!

Hey is there anyway to get a quote to float with the rotating background image? I tried to photoshop it in, but it came out too blurry when the image was used as the background. Also, is there anyway to add a music player that plays automatically once the site has been opened?

Could you please contact me through the account which purchased the theme, or email me a verification code & I’ll be happy to help :)

I’m interesting in buying this theme but i wanted to ask a few questions before i do…

On the single portfolio pages can you have more than 1 image? so a slide show?

Can you also insert videos into the single portfolio pages?

Thanks In advance!

Hey there!

Here’s a portfolio post with a self-hosted video; Here’s one with a vimeo video (youtube works also); & Here’s one with a responsive slideshow;

I hope this helps! :)

This theme is very cool and I’m considering buying it to use for a client, but have a question related to the one above.

Can there be a responsive slideshow (like you showed with ../project-title-8) in the style of Project 02 in Portfolio Drag? That is, with that page format and image size, rather than the large image in Project 8.


Hey there,

Yes of course, you can mix and match single portfolio types (Wide, Basic & Full) with the post formats.

Here’s an example of what you’re after;


Awesome! Thought it was likely, but wanted to make sure before purchasing. Thanks.

No problem :)

Perhaps this is a dumb question, but how do you get the large-type heading on the homepage (the one on your example page reads: “we create brands people love”)?

I’m assuming it’s done through the shortcodes, but I’m not seeing anything in the list that makes this happen.

Please help!

The answer is even easier than shortcodes, just make the text a ‘Heading 1’ in the styling drop down on the top left of your WP Post Editor. Currently it will say ‘paragraph’, highlight your text & choose ‘heading 1’, that’s all you need :)


I finally found it hiding in the “kitchen sink.”

Thanks so much—you’re the greatest!

Hi TommusRhodus,

I purchase your theme its cool. i have one question please. I am unable to change the large background images.

i am using wordpress 3.5.1.

will you please help me how i can change them. In appearance i m unable to found background tab.


Hey there,

You need to visit your ‘home’ page in the edit screen. Underneath the WP post editor you’ll see a section of homepage options including image inputs, add or change your images there.


Thank you so much :-)

Hello, I’m really considering buying your montreal theme, but have a pre-sales question. Is it possible to easily adjust the header, footer, background lines into a custom color to make it all look more “branded”.

Thanks in advance

Hey there,

Montreal uses a 2 colour system with a highlight colour by default. So currently Colour A is black, Colour B is white & the highlight is a sea-green. This is to ensure maximum simplicity for users, but does limit your colour scheme little. If you’d like a more involved colour scheme then a little CSS editing would be in order.

I hope this clears things up a little for you :) Tom

Is there any precautions one should take prior to updating theme within WordPress? Which method would be wiser? DL then UL or via WP?

Hey there,

That depends on what version you are using, but the usual areas updated are the CSS files mainly, each of the PHP files have had a few tweaks over time but nothing too much.

Sorry that’s a bit vague!

No problem. I am on the version just prior to the 1.20 update. I have made some adjust to some of the .php files (for example reversing the counter), so I am a tad curious as to what I’ll need to replace in order for the theme to be up-to-date. I’ve made quite a few menu changes and I’m not entirely sure what all will be impacted with updating it. My apologies, I am not foreign to code. I am actually just foreign to using a theme someone else has made.

While I have your attention though, is there a way to make the latest portfolio pieces shown on the homepage limited by a filter or tag? That way, only items with that specific tag will appear in on the home page? If so, do let me know how this may be done. I have a pretty fair idea of how it’d be implemented, but I’m just not sure what I should be looking for.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there,

Honestly to date there’s been quite a few updates, but most relate to translation files and very small tweaks here and there. If you’re happy with the functionality of your version then you’ll probably be fine :)

Yeah you can do that quite easily, you’ll just need to find the portfolio section in page-home.php and modify the query_posts string to include or exclude categories as you wish. Check out the Wordpress codex for Query Posts to help you on this, you might also want to check out WP Query as an alternative which might be a little easier for this functionality.

I hope this helps! Cheers :)