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Thanks so much! :D

Hi there

Beautiful theme TommusRhodus. Before I purchase I want to know a couple of things.

a> I want to make 3 basic portfolios. I understand by using categories I can achieve 3 basic portfolios with 3 categories and 1 main portfolio that shows all the projects. Is it possible to show 1 image of each on homepage recent projects. As in first image from portfolio category A, second image from portfolio category B and third from category C?

b> Is it possible to remove the view project link from each of the 3 projects on home-page and instead link to their respective categories? so clicking on the link for the first project will go to portfolio category A instead of opening item-basic

c> how easy would it be to remove the blog posts on front page and instead show a vimeo/youtube videos vertically.


I’m afraid not, theme customisation falls outside of my usual support policy, especially when this will require a bit of custom WordPress development rather than a few CSS changes.

Sorry about that :)

No problem

If you have any theme set-up questions or usage questions, then please, by all means contact me through my ticket system;

Cheers! :)

I will pay you for your time, if not should I be looking at page-home.php ?

edit. I just saw your above comment, will get in touch, though I think I will manage setting it up.

Hey mate,

Hasan just emailed me regarding moving this forward :)

Many thanks Tom

Thank you Tom :) just wrote to you.

Hi, i allready bought this theme, but i have a question? Is it possible to change the font size in the top-menu?

Thank you!

Yes you can do this with simple CSS changes, use a tool like FireBug to find the CSS rules you want to change (font-size) and once you’re happy then write the changes into styles.php in your theme files.



Is there anyway to add an external link to the “View Story/Project” text in the attached screenshot? This is the portfolio basic template page.

Thanks, Paul


Hey there,

No, not currently, but this is definitely something I’ll consider for the next update.

I’ve written it in my wishlist :)


Thanks Man!

Tom, When I change the ‘our blog’ blog title , my blog-list layout changes to normal blog layout.

I have the post page set properly, I have the post page template set for blog-list. It was showing fine till I changed the blog title.


Ok I found a fix, if I change the post page to something else, my actual post page goes back to blog-list layout. Not sure if thats how its meant to be, but it works this way.

Yeah, the ‘posts page’ creates the usual blog layout no matter what page you have selected, the blog-list page is just there as an optional extra for users that want it :)


Thank you for your job.

I’m having issues getting a map on the contact page (like in your sample). right now It just shows the empty cell where is belongs. how do I get a map there?

thanks. done

Any chance someone could respond to my ticket (44811) posted yesterday morning? Thanks.

Responded :)

Hi TommusRhodus, I really like the theme and am considering using it for a project for a theatre production company as I think it will translate pretty good to their kind of business…

I love the Portfolio-Stripe, and this will be great for their past productions to show the front of their production programmes and catalogs…However, I am wondering a little how the Portfolio-Stripe will work on mobile/tablet media as I see no way to move from l>r or r<l …

Am I missing on something here? I havent yet purchased the theme because I don’t want to set this up to discover it wont work on such devices…

Any thoughts and input is most welcome…



Hi Tommus I have purchased this theme now and am just testing out, but I am having issues with the portfolio-stripe, the last block doesn’t show up properly, the scrolling is all crazy fast, and it doesn’t seem to be centred, I have tried it on 2 different servers and same test from Chrome/FF/IE8/9/10 and clean set-up on both just to make sure I didn’t set anything wrong…

Can you advise pls…

Hey there,

Just seen your support ticket, the stripe-portfolio needs lots of content to work properly. I’ll respond on your ticket also.


Thanks Tom…I did wonder if this was the case but just plain ran out of time yesterday to do any more, I will fill a few slots up today and Im sure things be fine and dandy…

Hello, i would like to ask if this theme is compatible with WooCommerce. I am interested in buying this theme.

I’m afraid that it isn’t, this is a consideration for the future, but not for a while.


I really like your theme. I do have a question before I make any transaction.

I am wondering if I can move the header (logo and nav) from the top to the bottom as a fixed position? I wanted to know if there would be a few or many changes to stick it to the bottom.

Thanks in Advance, Rich

Hey Rich,

This isn’t something I’ve tried yet, I think that there will likely be quite a few CSS modifications to tweak if you were to do this, so I’d make sure that you’re comfortable debugging and editing CSS by yourself to accomplish this. You could try using FireBug to test it out a little in real time on my demo site first?


Hello, great theme, thanks!!! I have one question, I want to change the portfolio basic template to show a grid of 4 columns on the homepage (instead of 3). But I cannot find where to change this in de code. Hope you can help! Cheers, Moniek

Hey there, thanks!

You’ll want to edit page-portfolio-basic.php and modify the content of the main loop on there, you may also need to modify the CSS of the theme a little also.


Hi there, Your theme semmed really awesome. Just one question : Can videos be embed in the portfolio section ? Thank you for your answer. Cheers


Hey there,

Videos can be used in the single-portfolio pages, but not on the portfolio index pages which only use images.

On the single pages you can have embedded iFrame video (Youtube, Vimeo) or self hosted video if you want :)

It seems my web host was down for a little while but everything is back up and running now :)


Thank you. That should be fine.

Hey mate, I am having trouble editing the page links. For example, the Team Member’s pages are stocked with the names of those used in the theme demo, but I cannot change them simply by editing that given link. Do I need to change all permalinks? If so, what kind of effect will that have on the connectivity of all the pages?

Thanks in advance.

I tried to directly edit the permalink for the given Team Member page; it brings up the box where you’d normally be able to make your edit but allows me to do nothing more than highlight what is already there. Which is, umm, not something I’ve experienced until upgrading to WP 3.5.1

Strange, again, leave a ticket at my support site, if you can leave a WP login then even better, I’m happy to take a quick look for you.


I am just going to try and make new team member pages via ‘add new’ to save us both unwarranted headaches. From there, I’ll just delete the old ones and I think that should efficiently remedy the given issue.

I will be making another comment for an additional (and admittedly anal) question. I feel like people should read through these comments first before submitting any questions they may have. It is a great way to familiarize yourself with problems you may not expect having and of course, to see just how stellar your support is.


I am having problems with the project planner on submit:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in wp-content/themes/montreal/projectplanner.php on line 7 ?

Anyone else have this problem? This is the original file and unedited so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Hey there,

Please leave a ticket with a URL so we can investigate this further :)


Hi there ! I’d love to buy this theme but I have some questions before I do. I’m working for a bar and creating a new identity. I really want this theme but does it “match” for a bar website? (of course I will change the design) I would only need a menu like “drinks price / events / About / Gallery / contact”... nothing special :)

So it has nothing to do with a portfolio… can I insert pictures in a gallery? or in a blog (there is a blog page, right?) and remove everything thats is about portfolio / projects ?

Thanks a lot ! Great job by the way ! I always wanted to work on a theme like that ;)


Hey there Jennifer,

take a look at the demo, the demo highlights all the possible functionality of the theme, so make sure everything you need is in there somewhere. The entire theme can be stripped down to your needs, you certainly don’t need all of the pages I’ve included :)

Yes there’s gallery format posts and of course there’s a blog section! (We’ve called it ‘notes’ in the demo.)


Or maybe I can use the section “Project” for the gallery of an event? I see the slideshow contains 3 pictures, but can we add much more than 3?

Thanks for your replies, I appreciate you are fast at replying! I will think about it, but there’s a chance I will purchase this one ;) One last question. The text “WE CREATE BRANDS PEOPLE LOVE MONTREAL DESIGN STUDIO” in the demo, who is some parallax… can I insert a .png instead, for a logo? I have to do a lot of changes in files? Cause I have never worked with parallax unfortunately…

Thanks :)

Hey there, yes that section i just controlled with the WP Editor so you can add whatever you like.


Guys, there’s some bugs on homepage template. I’m trying to add the background images, but this section just dissapear! I need some urgent help.

I’ve tried to re-upload the page-home file, but it doesn’t works. What happened?


Hey there,

The homepage section is fine, it’s likely just some inconsistency with a plugin or similar.

Please leave a ticket with a WordPress login at – I’ll be happy to log in to your site and take a look at this for you :)


I guess was some plugin bug. I disable it and the content apperas. Thanks anyway.

Guys, where I can change the contact page mail? Thx.

Thanks, and where could I change the dropdown menu box height? Cheers.

Hey there,

You can modify any part of the theme in styles.php – use a tool like firebug to find the styles you want to modify and also whereabouts those styles are in styles.php




First, thanks for such a great theme! Just started customizing it and have a question related to changing fonts. Unfortunately google fonts doesn’t have any of the fonts I want to test, so I’m using sites like to generate the font-face css and font files. The problem I have is to identity which is the css rule I have to change.

Using firebug I can see that navigation for example (to change the font used in the top menu) has font-face: inherit. But it’s being tricky to find where does it come from, so I’m not sure what css rule to change (as I see the font-face fontawesome defined, but I also see rules that use google fonts.

Could you point me to what css rules need to be changed in order to change the font face of the main theme texts?: top and bottom menus, section titles, and text areas for pages/posts?

Thanks!! wb

Hey there,

Just add some custom CSS to either the Custom CSS area of your theme options, or to the bottom of styles.css – the goal here is to override the ‘inherit’ rule, it’s really easy to do, and you can already use firebug so you should have no issue at all. E.g adding the following to the bottom of style.css will override the font family for the top nav.

Have Fun!

#navigationmain > ul > li > a {
font-family:'Arial', sans-serif;

great thanks!