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Before I purchase I wanted to know for the portfolio page can I embed my vimeo videos to the site.


Hey there,

Your portfolio items can indeed take vimeo/youtube video, or you can use a self-hosted option if you want. The videos are shown on the single portfolio items, each of the collective portfolios uses images to link through to the single post for each item.

I hope this helps.


Hi There, thanks for the great theme! I am trying to set up the portfolio pages but I cannot seem to generate the button links for multiple images below the main image in the portfolio page, like you have here: is there a specific way to set these up?


Hey there Nathan,

Please leave a ticket at my support site and we’ll be happy to help;


P.S If you’ve selected the gallery post format you should get multiple ( 8 ) image inputs for your gallery, using these will auto-generate the gallery buttons, my guess is you’ve not yet chosen the gallery post format and you’re using the featured image with the standard post format, which won’t give you multiple images, nor the navigation buttons :)

Okay great thanks very much, I will try that now.

Just FYI – I got it to work now but selecting gallery post format will not display when only clicking ‘preview changes’. You must first apply the change to the portfolio using ‘update’ and then ‘preview changes’ in order to be able to see the nav buttons. Usually you can preview changes before applying the update… Thanks for help!

Hey guys, I need some help. The header images from “about page” isn’t showing up responsive on mobile devices. Only 30% of image, from left appears. The same thing for iframes inserted into the pages. There’s a solution for it?

Thank you. Cheers.

Hey there,

Please leave a ticket at my support site where you can leave a URL to your site and we can help you further;


Hi Tom, I have noticed yesterday that the Toggledrawer does not expand, thus doesn’t show any content, I have tried this on 2 test installs and on your own live demo and the drawer does not expand.

Thoughts on this please buddy…

Tom Hi, any idea when this is due for release, I really would like to use the toggle drawer for a couple of things, I have used tabs instead for the time being but would prefer not to have to do it over again…

Also with the tabs , I would like to reduce the space between the top of the page and the tab group, its seems an awful lot of white space there…


I’ll be releasing a new update to Montreal early next week most likely.

I’ll be happy to help you quickly modify your CSS, open a ticket with a URL at our support site;


Hi Tom, ticket submitted…

Hi, tried to use your support site, but it will not load. How can you select the style of the actual portfolio page? I want them all to look like this: but whenever I create a new portfolio they are always automatically styled like this:


Hey there,

Use the following control to decide on the display type of your individual portfolio items;


Great, thanks very much!


I was working tweaking the CSS related to the twitter section of the home page, and suddenly got the “loading tweets…” message. I checked your theme live preview and it had the same message, so the problem clearly comes from whatever API / service the theme is using internally to retrieve the tweets. I have seen the jquery call in the home php code, but don’t know where it goes.

Could you provide info on it?

I’m mainly worried about how frequently this happens to know how reliable this tweet feed is… or if it would be possible to switch to another API/system to retrieve the tweets?

Thanks! wb

Hey there,

Twitter only provide one API / JSON feed for pulling in tweets, it certainly can have some downtime here and there but I’m afraid as their API becomes more and more restrictive there’s only one way to pull in tweets, and the theme is using it :)

Looks like everything is back to normal now! Cheers.

ah ok, didn’t know there was only one possible access to their feed. Thanks for clarifying!

Hi TommusRhodus,

Great theme, only one question :

the contact us when you submit the form i want to clear the text boxes data.


Hey there,

I’ll consider the form clear for the next update, as for your gallery images comment, leave a ticket at my support site and I’ll send you some files to swap over in your theme;


and how to add more than 8 images inside the gallery ?

See comment above :)

ticket is done

Hello. Is it possible/easy to add more “divisions”/slides on the front page and/or more Parallax? For example, I would like to add the client logos, news feed from social media sites and news to the front and separate them with more parallax.

The template looks like great. Thanks :)

Hey there,

If you want to add more sections to the homepage then you’ll need to custom develop the theme a bit.

Sorry I can’t give a better answer than that! :) If you want to remove sections from the homepage then you can do that with simple checkboxes which I provide in the theme. The demo site shows the maximum potential of the homepage :)


Hi, everything works perfekt now – only two little problems left: on this page: moves the content of the right widget box down – is it possible to resize the top padding? But only on this site not on the contact page. And the links on the bottom of the same widget area are not yellow – like on the contact page. Thanks alot

Hey there,

Add the following to your custom CSS;

.page-template-page-sidebar-php aside { padding-top: 0px; }

aside a:hover { color: #FFFFFF !important; }

Be sure to put your own hex colour in there for it to show properly.


Hey man, I finally made the update from v1.1.0 to v1.2.7. I went about it the upload/install way so that I could side-by-side certain .php files for which I had done some fairly serious tweaking to after my initial installment (not a real fan of WP’s indoor code editor – love Montreal’s visual editor though).

I have been scouring .php files in an effort to adjust the ‘View Project’ text that is on, for example, line 96 of page-home.php. However, I am making no progress in finding the source to adjust. This will probably be an easy part of the question for you to answer and one I’ll likely facepalm myself over.

There is however an additional part to this question. Is it at all, in any way possible, to place the counter php found on, for example, line 94 of page-home.php within that field?

So that it would read like, for example, “View Image 01” and so on.

I have removed the calling for the counter within the spans on line 94 (re: page-home.php). The primary reason for that is due to the lengthy titles that some of my releases possess. The default location puts the counter one break down (with the longer titles). Which, for me, isn’t all that aesthetically appealing. Since I have no control over what titles the artists choose, I figured this may be a solid way to remedy this cosmetic issue.

Any and all support you’re able to provide in order for me to make this happen would be duly appreciate. You already have my utmost respect, so I can’t really offer that. :P

Thanks in advance!

That was far easier than I had ever anticipated! As I was waiting for a response I had finally given a look to the Montreal visual editor after updating and low-and-behold. Whether it was there before the upgrade or not, I do not know. I tend to go file-diving more often than not, presuming I can manage more with less limitations. This worked out perfectly!

Now that I’m in the visual editor, can you confirm what Color A and Color B is? My feeling is that Color A correlates with the banner area and other accent regions of the layout itself. Whereas Color B remains a mystery to me.

I also have noticed the pleasant addition of the ToTop webblock. Mind guiding where I may go to adjust the hover-over effect, if that is even possible.

Also, I can’t seem to get ride of a gray box area on the general contact form – located in the upper-right area just below the header image (or map, depending on what option chosen). Do you know what may be causing this?

I’m also trying to adjust the highlighting color on hover-over on items in the web-based dropdown menu.

And last, but not least, I had tried browsing through the 7 pages where another inquirer (hopefully a buyer) was asking how to change the mobile menu system to mirror the web-based one. This is something I’d also very much like to do.

I usually like to break up questions in separate comments, but I’m also not trying to bombard your inbox with notifications. I feel that this is though quite literally all the questions I have.

Thank you so much for your support and a fantastic piece of work.

Hey there,

1. The theme is a two colour set-up, black and white, or colour a & colour b, however you see it + a highlight colour for accent areas.

2. You’ll need to modify the toTop section in /js/plugins.js – you’ll find the section with a CTRL+F search for- UItoTop jQuery Plugin 1.2

3. A URL to your site may be of more help here, but are you referring to the contact page sidebar? That grey area is for widgets configurable in “Appearance” => “Widgets” – you can change the grey colour with;
.four.grey.sidebar{ background: #fff !important;}

4. You can adjust the navigation CSS in styles.php (it’s just a CSS file with a tiny weeny bit of php here and there) the navigation section starts on line 139 and is clearly marked.

5. This can’t be done, there’s not enough screen estate to change the menu from a nice touch dropdown for mobile devices back to the usual menu. If you want to give it a crack it’s going to take quite a bit of CSS work, you’ll also want to modify the Media Queries in styles.php


Thanks, mate. Much obliged!

Great theme! Are you translation ready?

Yep, there’s a .po file included in the download :)


I am considering purchasing this theme for a band webpage, but am wondering if it’s possible to install a music player that will continuously play even when switching pages. I have never built a WordPress site. Can you offer some guidance?

Hey there,

There’s loads of music player plugins out there, check out;

If you’ve never used wordpress before I’d suggest installing one of the free themes bundled with WordPress so you can get your head around it before diving too far in :)


Hi is it possible to make the drag items go from black and white to color. I don’t like how the stripe renders on the ipad since it is very choppy. I’d like to maintain the color change but remove the zoom and shadow that are present in the stripe portfolio template. Please let me know if this is possible before getting the theme.

Hey there, would you mind forwarding this question to the original HTML designer of the theme? It’s his CSS so he’ll be able to give you by far the best answer, between the 3 of us we can then do the same in the WordPress version for you :)

Here’s a link to his contact form;

Many thanks :)

Hello, Hi is it possible to add external link next to read post link in notes page ?


Hey there,

Yes, but this isn’t part of the theme, so you’ll need to extend the theme yourself to do this.


Quick question. What is in the new updated theme, ( 8 days ago) and how do i install it without losing my site?

Hey there,
  • IE8 fix for the homepage background slideshow
  • Twitter V1.1 API Integration
If you’ve not modified any theme files then just use the auto update from your dashboard, if you have modified the theme’s code then you’ll need to update the theme manually my downloading and integrating the latest files into your changes.


As I have made a few changes to the code of a few php files, Which files have been updated?

Hey there, most of the changes took place in styles.php and page-home.php – I hope this helps!

I’m having an issue with the featured images on my portfolio page – I’m finding that when using Chrome(Version 26.0.1410.65) on my desktop, the featured images show up in grayscale. The same problem exists when viewing in Safari on my I-phone.

Any fixes for this?

Hey there,

This isn’t an issue but rather a feature of webkit browsers (Safari & Chrome) – if you want to turn it off that’s super easy.

Open styles.php and CTRL+F search for and delete the 4 instances of this;

-webkit-filter: grayscale();


i have the theme installed, however, everytime that i click on “customize” it crashes the browser. how do i fix?

I’m guessing your version of wordpress isn’t updated to 3.5.1? You can do this from the “Updates” section of your wordpress dashboard.


hi Im thinking about montreal theme for one of my clients portfolio but under IE8 this theme shows a lot of mistakes…

Can i Buy any version for IE8


Hey there,

If you’ve noticed any issues then feel free to contact me through my profile page with what concerns you and I’ll let you know if there’s anything I can do to help.


Hello Im thinking about buying this theme, but i have some questions.

1) Is it possible to add more than one portfolio or blog section in the home page within the theme options or does it has to be done through code?

2) How customizable is the home page?

Thanks in advance,


Hey there,

1. This would need to be done with code.

2. The demo represents the full capabilities of the homepage, there’s options to turn sections off if you need to, there’s also a couple of animation/speed options for the slideshow as well.