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Hello, I downloaded required plugin to connect to the new Twitter API. But for some reason when the plugin is active is conflicting with the footer and wordpress top utility bar on the Home Page , neither of them will show while the plugin is active. Any suggestions?

Hey there,

The twitter plugin shouldn’t do that unless of the following;

1. You’ve installed the plugin but not configured it with your API keys properly yet.

2. The twitter plugin is somehow conflicting with another installed plugin.

So do the following for me;

1. Disable all other plugins, does the issue persist?

2. Ensure you’ve configure the plugin correctly, it needs 4 separate API keys generated on


Thanks for the quick response. Its working fine now. The problem was that i installed the plugin but did not configured it.

Wow! I am liking your inline support here, buddy. Not like some douche bag theme creators who will say..”Create a support ticket.. Even for simple queries!

Nothing worse than crap support!


Thanks a bunch! :)

Sometimes my menu button doesnt work. It supposed to bring down a list when i highlight, but sometimes it doesnt show up and i have to go home and then highlight it again for the list to pop up. How can I fix this?

Hey there,

I can’t see the issue without a URL to your site :)

This isn’t an issue with the base theme though, make sure to disable all plugins / widgets / extensions and see if the issue persists.


Everything is working fine across all browsers for me on your site :)

I notice you have a large amount of plugins installed, if you’re finding you’re having issues, ensure that you disable ALL installed plugins and double check that they were not conflicting with the theme.


Hello, I am trying to build on this theme but the preview is completely different from the template how do I fix this issue? I have been trying to figure it out all day.

Hey there,

1. Follow through the included documentation and video documentation.

2. Import my demo data, use it as a starting point to create your site.

3. Above all, take your time, use my videos and written documentation to help you along, you’ll be fine!

Cheers :)

can you provide links to the documentation?

The documentation is included in the ‘main files & documentation’ download .zip from your themeforst account. I do not host it anywhere online.


Hi There!

I have a questions on Portfolio pages.

Is there any way that the featured image is not the one appearing in the post. I would like to do the post image and the featured image separately. The reason is the size of the featured image (Im using different sizes and formats) is affecting the height of the portfolio thumbs on the hompage.

Or is there a way to lock the thumbs height in the home page, so that they are all the same size?

please advice,


Hey there,

I’m afraid the post works on featured images alone, if you want to modify this then you’ll need to edit the theme.

You could always use the featured image for the front image, and then use the ‘gallery’ post format with only one image in it for a second static image inside your post? That would definitely work.

I hope this helps!


Hey Tom,

Thanks for the quick response. Where in the theme can I edit this, I know a little PHP, but I cant find where it is.



I figured out. Thanks ;)

Hi Tom,

I’m considering Montreal for a client that I’m working with, and he has a question about the fullscreen slideshow. I understand that your support doesn’t offer help with customization, but if my question is an easy one to answer, maybe you can help. My client loves the look of the theme, but isn’t a fan of the fact that the slideshow stays fixed while the rest of the home page content scrolls over it. Would it be possible to make the slideshow scroll with the content, or even better scroll but at a slower rate than the content to create a parallax effect?



Hey there James,

Both of the above would need customisation made to the theme, idea no.1 would be easier to implement than idea no.2 – but the slideshow simply appends itself to a div element, so both ideas should be quite easy to realise depending on your skill level.


Hello Tom,

Im having some trouble with the Twitter feed, maybe you can help. I configured it with my info when I installed the plugin and it was working perfect. Now Im trying to configure it with my clients info but the feed still showing tweets from my account instead of my client’s.

I’ve tried deleting the plugin and installing it again, I cleared the browser cache and still showing my account tweets. Please advice.

thank you.

The tweets are actually cached server side to prevent too many requests being made to your API key (and it then being disabled by twitter) – you should find that the twitter feed updates correctly on its own within 24 hours :)

Cheers! (I really wish we could still use the old Twitter system!)

I am having trouble figuring out how to change the icon above the testimonials to my own icon. can you point me in the right direction please?

Hey there,

Check out line 338 of functions.php -

<h2 class="light blacktext center icon-certificate" />

Change icon-certificate to any other font-awesome icon outlined here;


Hi guys,
a friend of me bought your theme and asked me now for a helping hand.
I checked out your theme and my question is:
Where I can change the content of the planner template page?
Cheers, Micha

Hey there,

You’re looking for page-planner.php

If you have any more questions please use the account which purchased the theme.


Hey there,

Questions, how do I get rid of the testimonials on the “About” page and place on another page. I know I could use the shortcode but is there a better way to do this?

Regards, Paul

Hey there,

If you want to manually remove the testimonials from the about page template you’ll need to modify page-about.php or you can just use the checkbox to turn the section on/off in the about page options underneath the WP Editor.


Awesome, worked perfectly! How do I configure the layout here to fit the second row perfectly or does this only work for one row, see below:

Hey there,

Please leave a ticket with a URL to your site at;

Where I can take a better look at this for you.


Hey Mate, I just tried to install the demo data as per your instructions on the documentation, and as it uploads this message comes up:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2000 bytes) in /home/rmbrandi/public_html/wp-includes/media.php on line 937

Any ideas how to get round it?

Cheers Rob

Hey Rob,

Sounds like a PHP file size limit, have you tried contacting your web host support team for them to shed a little light on this error by comparison to your server configuration? That might just get you up and running a little faster than us guessing.

Cheers :)

Cheers for getting back to me so fast mate! I emailed my hosting people and keeping my fingers crossed.

Hey there, I just purchased your theme – awesome work! Really nice ;-) Uploading and installing works fine, but I’m missing a “page”. After uploading the sample data the “note” page seems to be missing—> I just see the “note-list”.

Thanks for your help and a nice theme.

Greetz from Germany

Hey there,

The ‘Notes’ page is just any page that you set as the posts page in “Settings” => “Reading” – not matter what page you specify in there, it’s contents will be ignored and instead it will just become your main blog page, or ‘notes’ as we called it :)

I hope this helps!

works perfect thanks a lot ;-)

Just one more question – what is the dimensions for the portfolio pictures in “item full”? 700×500 gets a bit unsharp.

620px(width) X infinite height :)



I am interested in purchasing your theme. Can you make the home page background a looped video instead of images?

Hey there,

Not with the default theme I’m afraid, you’d need to expand the theme functions to complete this task.


Hello! On the preview of the website it duplicate all of my pages how do I make them singular? On my pages tab in the dashboard there is only one singular page.

Thanks, Mike

Hey there,

I’ve responded to your email.


Hey, considering purchasing this theme.

Had a look through the comments and see you can stop the greyscale image in the portfolio. When hovering over in portfolio black grid, can you speed up the transition to the title slide (the one with the highlight color as background) so it occurs as soon as you hover over a portfolio featured image?



Hey Stephen,

Yeah you can do this with just a few CSS tweaks, if you choose to go with the theme, then contact me again & I’ll show you how.


Thinking of purchasing this theme. 1 – can i make the portfolio drag move with just a touch and not click and drag? 2 – I don’t have a logo, can I replace the montreal logo with simply typing in name. 3 – can I easily delete the lower sections on homepage and just have the sliding images on landing page?

Hey there,

1. The drag portfolio works on touch with touch devices. If you want to use it with a mouse then a click and drag is definitely required.

2. It’s best to just quickly knock together a text based logo and upload it to the theme for the header to display at it’s best.

3. Yep, you can do this with simple checkboxes included in the homepage options.


Hello, Great theme!

Few questions:

1) in Firefox and safari The stripe portfolio is Black and white and colours The images when mouse hovers over is it possible to turn this of and on?

2) The images in THE stripe portfolio and THE banners on THE item-full pages look great on my 23inch screen but on my tablet and laptop They dont fit. So it seems They are not responsive any idea how to make the images look THE Same on any screen/device?

3) I would like to Change THE white boxes in THE stripes of the portfolio stripe. I dont want Any numbers shown. And i want to have THE text in THE middle of THE box and change THE text “view project” to something else, couldn’t Change it with THE .po translation.

I hope you can help me out here. Thanks in advance!

Hey there,

Thanks :)

1. You can turn the black&white off by opening styles.php in your theme files, and deleting each instance you find (CTRL+F) of this;

-webkit-filter: grayscale();

2. All of these images should fit, but resize in a way appropriate to the image or section as required. Naturally in some cases this requires some image cropping for the smaller devices.

If you need to send some screenshots or explain further, leave a ticket at;

3. The ‘view project’ text is actually changed in “appearance” => “customise Montreal” => “styling” & was meant to make things easier, apparently not this time! :)

As for your customisations, if you need to make customisations to the theme, I’m afraid I’m unable to help, but you’ll find the styles for the stripe portfolio in styles.php in your theme files, and you can edit the number etc. in page-portfolio-stripe.php


Tom :)

Hello, I have 2 questions regarding this theme:

1. Is it SEO friendly? 2. Can it be used with multiple languages (using WPML plugin or similar)?


Hey there,

1. Yep, you can make it even more so by using the Yoast SEO Plugin – remember though, a lot of SEO is about quality of content, not just the template itself :)

2. Montreal has not been officially tested using multi-language plugins, but I’ve seen is work with qTranslate ( but may require a bit of modification and extra work on your end. ) So officially I’ll say no to this question, but I’ve definitely seen a few users accomplish this, to what effort, I’m not sure.


Hey Bud,

Is there any way to get rid of the drop down navigation on the mobile format? Can it just render as the original regular desktop version? I’m sure you instituted that to prevent scrolling left and right. My client insists of getting rid of the drop down.

Best, Paul

Hey there Paul,

You might get a better result by disabling the auto screen zoom for mobiles (somewhat disabling responsive mode.) You can do that by deleting the following from header.php in your theme files;

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1">


Hi. Can a portfolio open to a gallery in a lightbox?

Hey there,

I’m afraid not! We’ll look into the possibility of this in the future.