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Good luck, whit sales, im from montreal !

Merci beaucoup!

Good luck my friend, with thousands sales. Great job!

Thank you!

Thank you good sir. Congrats on your early success with Demure (told you luck wouldn’t be needed).

great work my friend! wish us many sales

Thanks bud! You’ve been a great guy to work with and I wish us both many sales on this and all our future items.

WOOOOO. Strip portfolio is the best! Good luck with sales.

Thank you so much!

Great Them and Great Support! Thanks Brad!!!

This version is truly the best one out of all of them, visually and its functionality. I regret not buying this one, maybe in the future … Great job!

Why thank you for the nice comment. Visually I think all three are pretty much identical but we appreciate it nonetheless :)

Great theme! Want to buy it, but have one concern – is it possible to make it multilingual? Many thanks for your work!

Hello there,

There are a lot of great translation modules for Drupal. As to which one in particular would be good for your site I can’t say for sure but several of our customers have utilized these modules for their sites.

I plan to buy one of tow themes ( Montreal- inspire B) I feel , Montreal is feel like little “confused-disturb” , and I worry about speed of site loading in inspire B because its background pic size any advice?

Inspire B is not our theme so you’ll have to ask the author about that:

But in general yes the more images you use the more of an impact it can have on load time. You can reduce that impact by saving your images for use on the web (lower file size), by turning on Drupal’s caching and possibly even using a CDN (content delivery network) to host the images. Montreal also utilizes that full image slider and our demo loads in about 1 seconds according to

I need some specified help with the installation of the whole theme/demo. Could you please write me what to do in a few good explained steps.

Thanks in advance


Thank you for your purchase, we appreciate your business. I just replied to your email about forum access. Have you read through the documentation yet? It outlines all the steps necessary to complete the full install and you can find a copy of the docs in the root folder of the download files as well as in the theme itself.

Posted a thread on the support forum.

My client has bought that theme. It’s great, I like the result!

But it takes a lot of time to make it multilingual from the box, because of rare usage of t-function and functions formatting plural numbers. Also I recommend to fix visibility of contextual links core module. There is some more little tech problems, but design is great!

Thank you for the purchase and for the feedback. We will certainly take that into consideration when working on future updates.

If you have future questions/comments/support issues please register for our support forum:

Just reply with your username and I’ll get you posting access, you can ask as many questions or make as many suggestions as you like!

As a new Drupal user, I purchased much more than a pretty theme. Integration is flawless, support is fast and thorough. Thanks Refaktor. Will gladly buy again on my next site! 8-)


Thanks Richard :)

Hi, great theme! But I would like ik much more if for example the frontpage slider would be a view to a content type. Now it is a little bit hidden and kind of static in de Appearance section…

Another small thing: could you provide some CSS to position a company logo? Now there is no class in the template file that controls the positioning of the company logo in the top bar.

Keep up the good work and always try to make this theme better!

Sure thing I just need your username and I’ll get you posting access!


Thanks for registering, you’re all set!

I really appreciate this theme. But, I can’t find the perfect theme which would include a portfolio with a lightbox which has BACK and FORWARD buttons. It would be just like the VIVO CREATIVO theme. ( Is there any way to install a lightbox like that in this Montreal theme? Good work.


Thank you for getting in touch. It’s funny you ask because the lightbox that comes with the theme actually has that exact capability, we just chose to have not include it by default.

Our theme calls the lightbox functionality like so: rel=”prettyPhoto”. To call the functionality you’re looking for the template file just needs to be adjusted as follows: rel=”prettyPhoto[gal]”

If you were to purchase the theme we could tell assit you in the modification, it would be a simple process.

Got it. So on the “PORTFOLIO WHITE” page sample, after clicking the thumbnail to see the image at full size, you can navigate to the next portfolio piece without closing the window. Just making sure… as a necessarily frugal developer.


Thanks for the awesome theme. One quick question: using the Chrome Web Inspector, I notice that some of the stylesheets are getting loaded twice. On my Portfolio page, these are the stylesheets being loaded twice: gumby.css, style.css, text.css, and ui.css. Where can I specify to have them load only once?

Hello, thanks for the purchase.

All four of those stylesheets are loading twice? I’ll double check and see if I can replicate that on my end.

Do me a favor and register for our support forum as that is our preferred method of handling support. You can register at and then just reply here with your username for posting access. Thanks.

Just registered, username spoonfedweb. Thank you

I just took a look and I’m not able to replicate the issue. I just gave you posting access so please make a post and include your URL and we’ll give you support on the forums. Thanks.

I really like the theme, I am having an issue with the slideshow on the front page not loading as well as the current work view. I did not not make any changes to the theme yet… any clues or advice?

Hi there,

Thank you for the purchase, we appreciate your business. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head but don’t worry we’ll work with you to resolve whatever issues you’re having.

Please go ahead and register for our support forum as that is our preferred method of handling support. You can register at and then you can reply to this comment with your username for posting access. In your response you can also leave your URL and I will take a look to get things going.

Once you get forum access go ahead and make a post on the forum and I’ll reply there!

Hi there!

We’ve been working with the general license version to customise our website before launching. We’re just about ready and just want to clarify, if we intend to use the website for our company, should we just purchase the extended license and launch the current site?

Great work, by the way, we really like the end result.


If you’ve purchased a general license and plan on using it for your company site you’re already done. The extended license is only if you plan on selling your end product.

You can read more about the licenses here and here.

If you want to pay $2250 for the extended license though by all means go ahead :D

oh i get it! I get it! haha, thanks for clearing it up! And yeah great work/support for products!

I have problem in theme. In all content type field label is not showing.I tried both option ‘above/inline’ but it doesn’t show labels. Did override field labels in any function?

Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Alright thanks. I just gave you access so go ahead and make a thread in the forums and we’ll help get this sorted out for you.

Still I can’t post thread. Please don’t delay. Need to fix it urgent.

I just double checked and you do have access. Please try again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Can i add a Pay/Donate Now button on this site and News Letter Sign Up?

You can add just about anything you desire. Drupal is very flexible and you are not limited to what you see in the demo.

any seo capabilities for this please?


Yes there is a set of SEO options in the theme settings for site title keyword and description. There are also a slew of Drupal SEO modules at your disposal.