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Great theme to get a site started quickly. Thanks!

One issue I see… The front-page background slider images don’t scale down correctly for mobile. The width scales, but it’s still 100% of the page height. Has anyone found a fix for that yet?

This is a known issue and we’re currently working with the original HTML author on a solution. For future support issues go ahead and refer to our forum ( Go ahead and register and reply here with your username for posting access. Thanks!

I have created an account and need access. Username is mbosma.


Ok great thank you, I just gave you posting access :)

Very nice Theme and a really good starting point for my website. And great support in your forum. That already helped my without even asking on my own.

But I´ll be surly having some questions of my own. Could you please give me posting rights in your support forum – username: seniorflame

Regards, Tom

Thank you for your purchase and for the kind words! Sure thing I will give you access right now :D

Hello. I’m running a website and am seriously considering using Montreal. Showed it to my Drupal Guru (Dan Schiavone at Snakehill) who is helping me and he has this question: is it an installed profile or a theme? Thanks, tex andrews

Hello there,

We offer both a full install with the SQL database and the entire Drupal folder (modules and all) and just the standalone theme for people that want to use it on an existing install. It’s currently not an install profile (that’s coming in a future update) but everything is there to do the complete install just like the demo.

Just bought the theme. Wish this noob idiot luck getting it installed. I’ll send you our url once we’ve got everything squared away(we’re running an open source photoediting software resource website—-giving the program away on all OS’. Just finished Windows beta testing and just started Linux beta testing. Mac coming soon we hope). I’ll be visiting your forums. Thanks.

I purchased the Montreal theme recently and was thoroughly impressed with the design and how clean and well commented the code was. The only thing I have enjoyed more that the new theme has been the dedication and support that the Refaktor team puts into their products and customers. Their dedicated support forum is invaluable and the discussions between community members have been creatively mind expanding.

I’ve learned lots, and the communication between the team and their customers is the best online support experience I’ve had yet. Its been a pleasure. Thanks Refaktor!

Thank you very much for the kind words and for your business, we really appreciate it :D

When I’m going to create new content, I don’t have Portfolio content type. How can I create a Portfolio content? Did I forget to activate any option?

In your demo website, you have Portfolio section. Is It possible to add more than one image in this type of content?

I tried to add content with Article content type and this type have the possibility to add only one image by article. Is It true?

Thank you very much for your help.


For future support questions please refer to our forum as that is our preferred method of handling support. You can register at and reply here with your username for posting access.

Have you read through the documentation that’s included with the theme? That will answer many of your initial questions. The easiest way to create all of the content types and fields needed is to used the Montreal Custom Content module found inside the root of the download files. It is a features module so you will need to install Features to use it, but once you activate it it will notify you of any other module dependencies and once you meet those it will create the content types automatically.

excellent template but before you buy, I have a question is possible to include mp3 audio tracks within the bbdd and play? Thanks!!

I’m sorry but I’m not sure I understand your question. What is the bbdd?

sorry bbdd = data base in Spanish I already bought the template but I can not install the theme on drupal. I’m a newbie

or installing it from my drupal, or installing Drupal Full Install

Please can you help me?

Thank you for your purchase. Not a problem, we’ll do what we can to help get you started. First and foremost please register for our support forum as it is our preferred method of handling support. You can register at and then reply here with your username for posting access.

Secondly, I encourage you to read through the documentation we provide as it will probably answer a lot of your questions. You can find it in the root of the download files and inside the theme.

If you’re still having trouble we can provide you assistance in the forum.

I can already see the template but I can not manage Montreal. is as if redirecting to another path

I’m using wamp to virtualize apache

I was looking at support but found nothing. My user is espiler

please can you help me.

I just gave you access but please go ahead and contact us via the form on our author page, I believe I may know what the issue is and have a theme file for you to replace:

How hard is this theme to implement if you have decent drupal skills but no knowledge of theming?

Essentially 0 knowledge of theming is required to implement the theme. If you wish to make customization a bit of background would be useful, but we’ve helped dozens of customers with 0 theming background make various minor customizations in our support forum. You should take a look around at to see the kind of support you can expect to receive if you purchase the theme.

refaktor your work and dedication is inspiring, I love your theme and I recomment all your work to any one.

Thank your for the latest updates :)

Thank you very much for your kind words and for your business, we really appreciate it!

what is the difference between regular licence and extended licence???? plz explain >>>i want to buy it for 45 dollar. can i use it to make a website

You can check out and for more info about the licenses but if you’re just wanting to use the theme for a single website then the regular license is what you want.

i am trying to upload this theme to InstantWP (local web server) for editing purposes, but am unable to upload. i get “Could not create directory” error message. how do i fix this? or is there a different local host that you would recommend?

Isn’t InstantWP for WordPress? This is a Drupal theme, did you mean to purchase the WordPress version?

ahh. yes. that would do it! is there a wordpress version? i also created an account on your forum. legalaccount.

There is, this is it:

If you meant to purchase that version instead you will have to contact support and see if they can do anything for you. If you want to give Drupal a shot and are looking for a local environment I would recommend either WAMP if you are on a Windows machine or MAMP if you are on a Mac. I will give you forum access as well and you can get support there.

Hello there Refactors.

Love this theme and have some questions before i buy this theme: - Can i easily change CSS? - Can i easily change post /portfolio/page formats or html? or the theme is not letting me act at will? - Is the code obfuscated in any way? In case i want to make changes of any manner. - And finally, are you giving updates for this theme in the future? Are we going to get an updated theme for Drupal 8 after September?

Thanks! Would love to hear from you soon. Athena.


Anything you see that we have done at the theme-level can be customized. We provide a shell child-theme which is ideal for copying over template files from the parent theme and making changes. All the CSS is in commented sections and if you ever have questions about anything our customer forum ( is available to you.

In answer to your second question yes we continually update the theme. We are also planning for a Drupal 8 compatible version with version 2 of the theme sometime before or shortly after the stable release of Drupal 8.

Very nice Theme and a really good starting point for my website. And great support in your forum. That already helped my without even asking on my own.

I might have some some questions of my own. Could you please give me posting rights in your support forum – username: gryope

Regards, Cyril

Could you either post a comment with the purchasing account or contact us via with the purchasing account and reference the username so we can verify the purchase? Thank you.

username marnamo can I please have posting access to the forum

Thanks for your purchase and for registering. I just gave you access and we look forward to speaking with you on the forums.

Hi, I can not post in the forum, do you need to add my username to it? I have a question about the logo. I uploaded a bigger logo but the logo is not using the 100% width. I’m using the sub-theme to add custom styles and code. I changed the header size to height: 175px; but the logo never resized. I copied the includes/ to the sub-theme in order to modify the header region and I increased the size of the columns for branding to . Still dont see any changes to the logo size. How to fix it? thanks

I was trying to remove the comment from above. I should post it in the forum but I need access first. The logo problem was solved, I updated the columns size in the Montreal’s includes folder, not in the sub-theme.

Yes I need your username for posting access, thanks.

How much will it cost to develop the website in Drupal with my design? e-mail:

I’m sorry we’re not currently taking on any custom projects.

Please give me posting rights on my account ‘iamperez247’ on the support forms.


Thanks for registering, I just gave you access now :)

Hi. When enabling “move local task to administration menu” in administration menu module settings. Task menu don’t display properly..

Thanks Moin.


Will you please register for our support forum? We don’t like to give support in the item comments. You can register at and then can you please get in touch with us while logged in to the purchasing account? You can either leave a comment or contact us via and reference the forum username you registered. Thanks.

Great theme, very clean code. Only a few issues but nothing major!

We need more full screen themes like this.

Thank you for your purchase and for your kind words. We have a new theme coming out in just a day or two that you will really like as well :)