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Hi, I have question “how to install this theme in drupal” please explain step by step thank you so much. :bigsmile:

If you purchased the theme there are instructions in the documentation. If you need additional help please register on our support forum at and post a comment with the purchasing account referencing the username you want given access.

Hello, I bought the theme, but in explorer the portfolio section is not opening properly, the images are not being resized correctly. Please help me.

Please register for our support forum as it is our preferred method of handling support. You can register at and then reply here with your username for posting access.

Hello, user asouza

Great thank you. I just gave you access and look forward to helping you on the forums.

How easy would it be to add the Drupal commerce and drupal rooms module to your theme? I would like the room reservations block to hover over the slider and then scroll off when the user scrolls down.

The other option is to list the reservations block, right underneath the slider.

I have installed this fab theme – (thank you!).

However, having issues with the Image Slider.

The images I upload do not appear, and now all I see is a blank black background.

My forum username is julienewbie

Please advise how to make this work?

Thanks for registering, I just gave you access. Make sure you have installed the dev version of the jQuery update module ( and configured to use version 1.8.

Refaktor, I have done what you have already advised and installed the dev version of the jQuery update module and configured to use version 1.8 / and setting the “Alternate jQuery version for administrative pages” to use the default.

Unfortunately this has made no difference.

I see you posted in the forum so we will move the discussion over there.

Dear Refaktor,

This theme looks absolutely stunning. I am new to buying Drupal themes, but experienced in using free themes and self-made custom themes. I would like to use Montreal for an Ubercart e-commerce site. I know there will need some tweaking done to fit my requirements. How far is this allowed and in terms of support will there be any? Also for the home page image slider, is there a minimum resolution recommended for the images?

Many thanks,



Thank you for the kind words. As far as Ubercart goes our philosophy on supporting modules is that we will help you with issues you have that are a direct conflict with the theme. For example, some aspect of the functionality of the module works fine with a default theme like Bartik but is broken with our theme. However as far as customizations and advanced styling requests, we will be happy to advise you and offer guidance but we are not able to explain step by step how to accomplish it.

As far as the slider we recommend at least 1024 by 700.

I hope I was able to answer your questions and please do not hesitate to follow up with more.

I’ve purchased your theme and created a forum account “ChrisCK”. Please can you grant permissions to post? I look forward to creating a custom Montreal e-commerce theme.

Thank you for your purchase, we appreciate your business. I just gave you access and we look forward to speaking with you on the forums.

Dear refaktor,

I have installed this owsum theme..

tried all the posibilities but image slider is not working.. Uploaded the image but its not showing up.. My forum usename is sneha3012..

Please advise how to fix it?

Thanks for purchasing and for registering, I just gave you access. Take a look at this thread, it’s likely either jQuery update not being installed/configured correctly or a misconfigured Twitter widget:

If you’re still having issues go ahead and make a post on the forum and we’ll help you. Thanks.

First of all, Bravo job! Great theme! I am going to purchase the theme soon. But I noticed there is a text issue in my Chrome browser. Many test in the page, like menus and titles, only show half, the bottom parts are missing. I tried it in two PC, but same result. The problem is only in Chrome browsers. Firefox and IE are good. Here is a screenshot:

Please let me know whether it can be fix if I purchased this theme. Thank you very much!

Well that’s odd, I’ve never heard of a font being installed in Windows interfering with Chrome, but I suppose anything is possible. Glad you were able to sort it out.

Yes, thanks for your help. I just registered an account in in case I need help in the future. Username is jiangleo.


Thank you for your purchase and for registering, I will give you access right now.

Hello!! I tried installing social media plugin. But its not working.. I also want a attractive facebook and other social media button on home page. how can i do.\ Thnks.


For support please refer to our forum as it is our preferred method of handling support. You can register at and then reply to this comment with your username for posting access. Thank you.


I am thinking about purchasing this theme and have a one question: can I add a login button to the top menu?


Are you looking to add the user login block or a simple link to the user login page? Either way that wouldn’t be a problem and is something we could help you with in the forum if you’re looking to add a new block region to the header.

Refaktor support is awesome! I had a number of questions getting started with the Montreal theme, and they answered every one promptly & completely. When you buy a theme from them, you get way more – you get service.

Thanks for the kind words Tom, and thanks for being a great customer!

Hi, fantastic theme but however when I log on to admin and made the changes, after logging out the changes were not made kindly help

when you are “home” the menu is not change, when u click on about the menu changes.

If you have caching enabled make sure you always clear your cache after making any kind of changes as they will not show up for logged out users until the cache expires.

For any additional support please refer to our forums –

Hi, this drupal profile include a solution for video gallery? Thanks!

Not out of the box but it would be a pretty simple modification to add a field to embed video in the portfolio instead of an image.

We are really interested in adapting the Montreal theme for a new Drupal eCommerce site, but weren’t sure if this theme supports a store / product sale / shopping cart. Would that need to be added?

Montreal does not support any eCommerce module out of the box. I would highly recommend our Contour theme as it is by the same author of the Montreal HTML template (our partner) and is Drupal Commerce ready.


I am new to Drupal and interested in the Montreal theme.

Just want to ask if I want to add blog and forum to the drupal site with this theme. Will the styles of the blog and forum be the same as the theme?

Many thanks, Ella

This is the theme’s blog style –

As far as the forum if you use Drupal’s built in forum module then that will use the theme’s style.


Does this theme supports Revolution Slider ?

thnks for your advice.

Best rgds,


No there is no native support for the Revolution Slider in this theme.

(My paid customer name is DrupalConnection)

Please advise. There seems nothing I can do AT ALL to get the image to appear in the background on the about us page. I have EVEN places a physical image right where the WYSIWYG CSS code says the banner is (public_html/sites/all/themes/montreal/preview) but STILL it wont appear

PLEASE advise.

Dom P.>S I have other queries sitting in the other forum queue. Please hurry back – the 48 hours should be up soon I hope?


I replied to your email but once again I just want to apologize for the delay in response time and thank you again for your patience. We will be resuming our normal weekly support hours beginning tomorrow, October 2nd and all forum posts will be answered.

Hi there

I intend buying either MONTREAL or CONTOUR theme. But first I have these questions:

1. I’ve got already a Drupal installation with some modules, content types, views etc. Can I use them with Contour or Montreal Theme or do I have to install the theme completely from scratch?

2. Can I take pictures from a View for this Slider?

3. Can I change CSS, content types, views etc.?

Thank you! Best regards.

1. Yes you can use either theme with an existing installation. We include all the modules that the demo uses, including a custom content module that you can use to install the content types, fields and Views the theme utilizes. There are also individual Views code exports and full instructions about each content type in the documentation if you’re just looking to set up 1 or 2 of them.

2. Montreal uses the theme settings for the front page slider, Contour uses a View block that pulls from a custom content type.

3. Both themes have a user CSS option in the theme settings for managing your custom CSS as well as a starter sub-theme. As far as the content types and Views go of course you can modify them in any way you like.

Hi I purchased your theme a while back, and I’m having one issue right now. I need to shrink the sidebar and widen the content region. I’m getting ‘dead space’ on my articles and need to fix it. I can’t find a stylesheet and I’m not entirely acquainted with CSS. Please help.

Please make a post in our forum and we will get back to you during our regular support hours which are Monday – Friday 10am – 7pm CST.

I sort of figured it out. Thanks.

We are currently replying to all forum posts so your question will be answered shortly. If you are still having issues follow up there. Thanks.

Hello Could you tell me what you mean about option: High Resolution: No Thanks

That means that the graphics/images are not optimized for high res displays like the Apple Retina display.

And I have another question… I would like to put a page view counter in the meta.. How do I go about doing this?

Please make a post in our forum and we will get back to you during our regular support hours which are Monday – Friday 10am – 7pm CST.