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hope you’ll answer my question on your forum soon :)

Our regular support hours are Monday – Friday 10am – 7pm CST so your post will be answered tomorrow.

We installed your theme on our site and the Drupal module, Supersized, on internet explorer 10 does not work. This is our page where you can find the slider: We found that this module is not fully compatible with internet explorer: Please advise what action we can take.

Your slider is not working in Chrome either because you are having a jQuery conflict. Please see this thread in our forums for more information

hi. Which additional settings should i do for facebook like button. I didnt see it. With “tweet” button there is no problem.

We didn’t really build anything like that into the theme but I’m sure there are modules for that. If you have questions in the future please post them in our forum –

I installed this theme on an existing drupal site. This means that I had some settings which conflicted with the themes layout/fields. So, I posted on the support forum. I teceiced an answer next morning. The support was not only super-fast, but also pretty in depth. Positively surprised at level of service – well beyond what I’ve experienced in the past.

Thank you very much for your business and for your kind words, we really appreciate it :)

Hello, I love this theme, but before I’m going to use it I have a few questions:

  • Is it possible to apply a full with video header?
  • This theme does not have parallax features?
  • Is there a blog available in this theme?
  • Is it possible to make the menu navigator and text boxes more transparent?

Thank you in advance, looking forward for your reply!

Hi there! My company bought your Montreal theme. I didn’t find any psd files after downloading it. It would be great if I can receive them, because it would save us quite some time creating visual design to present to our client. Can you send me the psd files?



There are no PSD files for this template, it was a pure HTML/CSS creation by the original template author.

Hello, I would like access to the support forum. My username is questexmedia.

You can just begin posting after you active the account, we don’t manually verify accounts anymore.

Hello, I have a question about the background color in the theme. I’d prefer to have a site with black (or dark background) and white text. Is this possible with this theme?

Minor changes like that are not difficult and you can get help with those kinds of thing in our support forum

Thanks for the quick response!

Any recommendations for getting jquery accordions working with this theme? I’ve tried adding it manually, tried 3 different accordion modules…none of them seem to work with this theme.


Please make a post on our forums with some more details regarding your issue and we’ll help you out there –

I am very interested in this theme but have some questions. Does it come with an install profile that includes required modules and creates relevant content types, fields, views etc.? Does it use views? I am an experienced Drupal developer and want to know what I will end up in terms of modules and back-end. Thanks.

There are a couple different install options. There is the full demo with the demo database so you could install exactly what you see on the demo only with placeholder images. The other option is to use our included features module on a fresh install which will create those content types, fields and views for you. All the modules used are also included.

Brilliant. thanks.

Last week, I visited your demo and could use touch swipe to move the images.

This week, I prepare to purchase but cannot see this function in the demo.

Did you remove this function? Please advise.

The demo is working fine for me, what browser are you using? The theme uses 1.8 via the jQuery Update module.

I have experienced that jQuery 1.8 always causes some unexpected problems, particularly on “Menu”. If I downgrade the version to 1.7, do you know your theme and all functions can still work properly?

I don’t think there should be any issues with 1.7 but there shouldn’t be with 1.8 either. Please make a post in our forums if you’re having any issues with 1.8 and describe the issue in detail –

Hello we purchased montreal theme but the background images are not diaplying. How to set the background images do help.

Refer to this thread on our forum and if you’re still having issues go ahead and make your own post

The custom logo path is invalid. Please Help

its ok i find the problem

Hello, I want to play responsive full screen video in the portfolio basic template. Presently we have pretty photo gallery. I tried to make it 100% width and height by going in the plugins.js file. The thick box does increase by size but still the video does not seem to be full screen. Thanks.

Please post your question on the forum, these item comments are not ideal for support –

Do not purchase this theme unless you are an HTML expert, and will be maintaining the site yourself. The theme is attractive, however almost all of the theme is hard coded with HTML. Examples: styling for bullet points is hard coded in, styling for heading is hard coded eg:

<h5 class="whitetext light"> </h5>

So you can’t hand the theme over to a client and give them access to edit the various content areas via a rich text editor without major CSS edits, so that headings, bullets text etc display correctly.

Portfolio node content looks like this:
<h5 class="blacktext extrabold midbottommargin">PROJECT BRIEF</h5>\r\n        \r\n<!-- DESCRIPTION -->\r\n<p class="meta">\r\n    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer nec odio. Praesent libero. Sed cursus ante dapibus diam. Sed nisi. Nulla quis sem at nibh elementum imperdiet.Duis sagittis ipsum. Praesent mauris. Fusce nec tellus sed augue semper porta. Mauris massa.\r\n</p>\r\n<div class="row midmargin blackhorizontal">\r\n</div>\r\n\r\n<!-- SPECIFICS -->\r\n<h5 class="blacktext extrabold midbottommargin">PROJECT SPECFICS</h5>\r\n
  • \r\n
  • \r\n
  • \r\n
\r\n\r\n<!- BLACK HORIZONTAL ->\r\n \r\n \r\n\r\n<!- LINK ->\r\n


As the demo theme has probably been shown to your client, they are going to want something that looks similar, so expect to spend many many hours plugging the CMS functionality in so that the client add, edit, delete content.

Another example – change the ‘email text field’ on the project planner webform to a ‘email field’ so that the webform checks that an email has been entered and the form layout breaks.

Great theme!

Many thanks!

Just one question, I have uploaded the full install with drupal, but there are no images on the site.

Should the full install include the demo images also?

If so, can you tell me how to get them on my demo site?


Did you copy over the /sites/default/files folder from the demo install folder? Make sure you did, and if you’re still having issues please post on our fourms –

In using the Quebec subtheme, and setting both Montreal and Quebec to use my custom logo, the path remains invalid for the logo. I have tried both the Montreal and Quebec settings under Branding plus the Global settings. No logo seems to show. Any help is appreciated.


Can you make a post in our forums and include a link to your page?

Also check that your temporary directory and files directory are set properly via /admin/config/media/file-system

Is there a way for me to private message you in regards to accessing the website? It has an Apache Authentication on it at the moment.

Yes you can send a PM right within the forums or email via

I hope you will answer my question in :) :) :)

Hi refaktor ,Is RTL supported?

I am unable to register for support at refaktorthemes. I have a problem with content on the About page not resizing for different devices. I also have an issue with the background image not resizing at the mid-range device size, works for large/regular/desktop and cel phone only. Need an answer about where these dimensions can be changed.

Responded to your email.