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ever since i put this design up i am no longer appearing on google. is there a reason to it??

Hey can you check in your head tags if you have the below line <meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow”>

If not you should put it in and if it is set to nofollow or noindex change it to index and follow.

That should fix it, other than that, there is no reason that your website should not be getting indexed.

Really amazing template. Do you have a PSD so I can mock it up for a client? Thank you

Hey, thanks for your purchase, Im afraid I never designed it in Photoshop. It was made in browser.


Hello Everyone, Can someone help me please. I have this template and I have updated the BG.jpg file but I don’t know what is the second and third filename I should have so it keeps rotating as banner images? Currently it is keeping on rotating with BG.JPG only. I sent an email to the founder, but looks like he is busy. help is appreciated. -Venkat

Hey YVR, I apologise but Im not sure I understand you correctly. Is your slideshow not working? If it is indeed your slideshow. Then open up slideshow.js located in the js folder and add sources for your images as below

{image : ’/preview/your-image1.jpg’}, {image :’/preview/your-image2.jpg’},

If this is not the case, can you please mail me your website so I can have a look.



What is the fix to prevent image stretching on Mobile (iPhone)?

Hey Aizi, What image is stretching on Mobile?

The slideshow on the first page.

Hey, Alzi, apologies for the delay.

Just add the below code in your css file. This should fix it.

supersized img {

max-width: inherit; }


Yop, first, congrats for your theme ;) awesome.

I have a little problem with the twitter’s feed. It doesn’t appear. I made the update but doesn’t work. if you have some advice or where I should look to make it works.

Thanks for your time.

Hey, thanks very much. I apologize for the delay in response. I believe its because twitter changed its api. Ill update the template, or If you want you can contact me through my profile page and I will help you set up your feed.



I tried to add video to the portfolio, like in your demo… but the thumb is not working and not display the video (on the thumb): http://www.peddymergui.com/gallery-3/

I choosed video and i added the embed code from youtube. what i did wrong?


My friend, you are using the WP version not the html version. You can ask TommusRhodus for support at the below link




I have 2 questions about the project planner page on the site:

1) Is it possible to omit fields and add additional ones in the form without much hassle? 2.) Is it possible to use 2 different instances of project planner on one site with different content and number of fields, one for job applications and one for customer projects?

Thank you, wakaso

Hey Wakaso If you may have seen, the form runs with a php script, you can add remove fields through it, just make sure if you add fields to the html part to add those fields to the php form.

Yes you can have multiple instances of the project planner.


I bought the wordpress and drupal version of the theme and I was wondering how/with what slider or plugin the portfolio stripe page is build.

Is it based on one of these:


The developers of the wordpress and drupal theme told me to ask you how it’s made. What plugins did you use to put it together?

Thanks in advance!

Hey we are using SmoothDivScroll with kinetic.js, jQuery Mouse wheel, jquery.effects.core.js,jquery.ui.widget.js. Together it creates the click and drag effect.

Hope that helps. Im also using this in my latest template you can check out the template here http://themeforest.net/item/anthem-modern-creative-template/9023578
HeyReally amazing template. I’m having a hard time with the Banner he doesn’t show and i know i’m doing the right thing. <!- BANNER IMAGE CONTAINER . CHANGE BELOW URL TO YOUR BACKGROUND BANNER IMAGE ->

thank you.

Hey, Patrick. Very sorry for the late reply and thank you for your patience! Did you get it sorted. If not I can let you know the source for the banner image goes inline with div class=”container” style=”background-image:url(your-image-source)”

Hope that helps

Thanks again, Hasan

Hello I’am try to load in the DEMO template and files onto my ftp and/or database and can’t seem to get it to show up! also I lost but purchase codes and cant seem to register to the support forum! need help!

Hey, this isnt a wordpress theme. Its an html template. There is no database and it will not work with Wordpress. Please post your comment on the wordpress version if that is what you purchased. http://themeforest.net/item/montreal-interactive-creative-wordpress-theme/3957460


Hello just wanna ask are the fonts customizable and can I also change the theme color (black) to another color? Thanks!

Hey For the black color , it is a simple class .black{} with the black background color. You can either change the css background color value to your color or you can create your own class with your background color and simply add the class to the html elements you want the color changed for.

For the fonts, you can add your fonts just like for any other template. Add the source link in the head tag and change the font family for body class.

Both your requirements are very easy to do, and if you need help just shoot me a message.


when you install the theme montreal I get the following error: The following themes are installed but incomplete. The topics should have a stylesheet and a template. montreal / css template missing

it’s a shame the truth I need is the theme for wordpress montreal no html page. when buying it not said to be html. says available for wordpress appreciate jomla and can give me the opportunity to buy the theme for wordpress paying extra.

Im sorry to hear that but it does say html on multiple places and the title is ‘Montreal Responsive Interactive Creative Template’ , if its for wordpress it will always say theme instead of template. Also if its a wordpress theme it always tells you what versions the theme is compatible with.

Unfortunately I cant offer you any remedy as its not in my control, maybe you can contact envato support and see if they can help you.

thank you very much for your kind assistance

Hello—we purchased this template in 2013 and has worked great since. However, now it does not work on certain mobiles, eg: works on iPhone 5S with Chrome but NOT safari, and some android models.

Can you please help—happy to pay for support if necessary Thank You

Hey robert

Give me the weekend and ill test it, and get back to you. If its not working ill fix it no problem I dont require a payment for that. However since the template is a couple of years old, it might require a significant rewrite in which case ill let you know how long it could take and the rest. Could you also please verify your purchase by maybe posting a comment from the account you purchased the template from since your profile does not tell me if you have purchased any of my templates. Thanks


Actually ignore the verification I found one of our older conversations in my email.

I think your themeforest link to your live preview has been hacked. I just wanted to check this out on here: http://themeforest.net/item/montreal-responsive-interactive-creative-template/3617807 but it forwards to a hack video… :(


Alzi Purchased

The live link no longer works!!!!!!!!!! What happened to it?

Hi! This is an awesome theme. I wanted to know once is there a functionality to add the projects via a web form or something, or do I have to add the projects manually and update them on homepage?

Hey thanks for your purchase, im glad you like the template. This is an html template so unfortunately the only way to add update content is to manually add them via code. However there is a wordpress version of montreal available at the link below, that you might be interested in.