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Hi, David.

I’m having this strange issue with product page image carousel. First/featured image’s background is a second image (first image is transparent .png) So I can basically see the next image while viewing the first one. When I click on the arrows and get back to the first image it displays correctly, the background is the site’s background.

Any idea what could be causing this and how to fix this?

This seems to do the trick .product-carousel .dw-product-images {display:none;} .product-carousel a.woocommerce-main-image {display:block;}

I am trying to include a music album on a page. The music albums id is 61. But when i type the shortcode [single-post id=”61”] it just says: “read more” on the page. This happens for any other id i have tried to use instead. What am i doing wrong?

I would like to have a simmilar page to this from the demo: http://themeforest.net/item/montreal-woocommerce-powered-music-theme/full_screen_preview/4265816

Why ADD TO CART button is under product description, it’s completely disorientating customers when description is longer than a few lines.. Is there any way to move it to the top under price tag?

This theme has not been updated for WC2.1 and now WC2.2…

I just purchased your Montreal Theme from Envato yesterday But when I downloaded it was only 1.5 mb and is not complete. It does´t contain some required plug ins: – DV builder – Dv Store – Music press Where can I find them???

Thank u so much in advance…. The theme looks cool but this is a problem… :(

Responded to your email.

Hi David! Thank you so much for your reply and your help fixing the problem. Right now everything it’s ok and I hope there is no more issues… but it feels good to know there is a support working :D Nice theme and good work!

Hello – Do you have plans to make this theme compatible with Wordpress 4.1?


The theme should already be compatible, but I will be releasing an update soon with some changes for the latest version of woocommerce. This will also verify that it works fully with WordPress 4.1, so if you want to wait until then to update, you can.

Thanks for purchasing!

Hi David, good to see you are recently active—I was going to comment that the author of this theme, since he was MIA for many months, likely abandoned ThemeForest.

Anyhoo, today I received via email (as I’m sure all other purchasers did) a notification that this theme was updated. Wordpress online said 1.3, which I think is the same as before, so I downloaded the theme installation from ThemeForest this evening and looked at file modification dates. There were recent dates for the following files:



woocommerce> archive-product.php

woocommerce>global> breadcrumb.php

Are these the files you have modified and that should be replaced? Anything else we should know? Thank you in advance for a reply. PS your changelog link is broken:



It should be version 1.4 now. Those file changes are correct as well. As always, I recommend making a backup of the current version of the theme.

Look forward to more updates soon (although I’ve always been here, and have updated any critical bugs to my themes if they have arisen).

Thanks for purchasing!



Is there a way the integrated music press plugin separately to buy?


Unfortunately not at this time.

Is it possible to sell individual tracks? And sell items non-exclusively or exclusive buy out? (Customer choice.)