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Congratulations! Nice template. Good sales! :-)

thank you so much :D


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

thank you so much :D

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

thank you so much :D

Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

thank you so much :D

Great work, Ill be the first one to purchase, what an honor. Please keep up the good work, support and perhaps, new features and updates in next releases… Regards.

thank you so much for your support :D, anything you need i will help ..cheers

Dear author, there is actually no tweeter feed script.

hi Dear Xerracol, the twitter feed are not functional. Cheers

Amazing work, congratulations! Good luck with sales!

thank you so much :D

Great work! Good luck with sales :)

thank you so much :D

fantastic work ! :)

thanx a lot :D

Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

thanx a lot :D

Congratulations! Awesome Work! GLWS :)

thank you :D

Thanks for great work theme. I need to carousel for full-width. in example here 400×400 * 4 contents. I need for only one content. how can i do ?

hi,thanx for the kind words, i am not sure i understood you well, which carousel u want to be 100% in which page? cheers

Designs look great, Prepurchase question: It appears in the code there are still a lot of crappy wp tags and classes in the code. Does the HTML have a clean version that uses Twitter Bootstrap grid or do you just scrape the HTML out of a WP rendered page?

hi, thanx for the question, actually it uses the WP framework, since we converted it from the WP theme, it is really easy to use, only if u use DW, then i don’t recommend this theme :D.

thanks for the reply, DW = Dreamweaver?

yeah, that’s right, sorry for not clearing it out…

how can i auto play next blog layout various images

hi, thank you for the purchase and the question :D… go to controller.js line 1529 you will see tyhis code:
autoPlay : $auto,
 stopOnHover : true,
change $auto to true this way u will have autoplay :D.. cheers

Dear author, there are tons of wp tags and classes in the code (trash), that makes really hard to work with the css files. Are you planing to lunch a clean html version, not a WP converted.

Actually, all authors should indicate that an html theme comes from a WP original, it will be really appreciated.

i am so sorry for your trouble, we’ll try our best on next themes/updates. Not right now, maybe in the near future…

I have added a logo to the header but when I scroll down the logo is being cut off and jumps about.

How can I fix this?


hey FearGhal, can i see you site pls?

Hi, I need to leave the carousel with 400px height, where do I change?

hi, which carousel u want ot change my friend? in which page

Dear author there are dozen of unclose tags inside the code

. Please see attached image.


hi, thanks for the feedback, we will look more closely in the next projects :)..thank you

Dear author, would you be available to develop the same Montserrat theme but a clean html updated theme. With the lattes scripts and perhaps bootstrap 4??? Please let me know.

hi Xerra, no, it requires too much time, and not worth it.. since the sales of Montserrat are to 0… sorry.