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Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank you szthemes! :) Good luck with your items too!

Thank you PreScriptZ! :)

Very nice theme ! i wish you big sales for 2017 :)

Thank you for compliment, fieldthemes! :) Good luck with your items sales too!

Your work is so clean and creative, GLWS :)

Thank you very much, sandymak! :)

Congratulation, Excellent theme. Good luck with the sales :)

Thank you greatly, janxcode_team! :)

This is really awesome – love the woo commerce integration – just beautiful overall! Quick question about the page builder elements – how much of the design flexibility (and pre-built templates) would we lose if we DON’T use any of the page builders? (not a fan of using page builders and generally avoid themes where they are prominent in the design/content creation – would love to use this one though – would all of the extended WC product pages (the above the fold stuff) be lost without any of the “builders” you’ve referenced below? thanks – and really awesome – best ecommerce design i’ve seen on here in a long time!


Thank you for your interest and compliment! :)

Most of theme demo Pages (meaning WordPress “Page” post type) are built using page builder, which is trend nowadays and provide more design flexibility. But here are examples of default theme layouts using no page builder:

You can also enable/disable sidebar on all of the above pages except WooCommerce products – those don’t use a sidebar, but have a special widgets area below the product description (just above the related products section).

BTW, I’ve built the theme to look great without any page builder. That’s what WordPress theme should do. Using a page builder should be only an enhancement ;)

Thanks and best regards,


Thanks, Oliver – much appreciated – I took a look at your docs a few minutes after asking the above – so much of what I needed to know, you’ve outlined superbly well in the documentation. Will definitely buy this – it’s clear how much care you’ve put into the details (even the docs reflect that) – I hope folks who use WooCommerce appreciate how great of a deal this is – the conversion oriented user elements (especially on mobile) are really what makes this theme so special – (the menu cart/account icons will no doubt amp up completed transactions – which is rare in a WP theme :) – so hope you do as well with this as it deserves – i’ll def buy a copy over the next few days and find something to use it on :-)


Thank you! I invite you to buy the theme while it is in sale: first 100 sales get 50% off, 100-200 sales get 25%, than the theme hits the normal price until next sale ;)

Just to let you know, I’ve just added a “page builder in use” notification to the theme demo website for pages where Beaver Builder is used to create a layout.



Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :)

Thank you, joomlastars! :) Good luck with your items sales too!

Amazing work, Goodluck with sales!

Thank you, digitalcenturysf! :) Good luck with sales of your items too!

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank you! :)

quick question. on linked graphics on a dark background I am getting a dotted square around the item. Showed up both on chrome and edge, anything you can do to get ride of this?


If you mean focused link outline, you can remove this with a quick and easy custom CSS. I can help with that at support center at https://webmandesign.ticksy.com/ However, please note that the theme is accessibility ready ( https://codex.wordpress.org/Accessibility ) and if you want to keep your website accessible, you should not remove focused link outline.



We’re live, knock on wood, with the new site using the new Monument Valley theme. There is still a bit of work to do here and there on the website.

Thank you for the great work on the theme. Your theme saved the project, and we were able to launch, after many delays, because of it.

You can see the theme in action here: https://ecodelphinus.com/

Besides the looks, and other features, one of the main reasons we chose the theme was the accessibility, which is important for some of our visitors, as well as government regulations in certain countries.

Can definitely recommend this theme, it worked out of the box, and besides some minor bugs (which honestly can be expected right after release of any project), which have been reported, working with the theme was for the most part a pleasure furthermore quick, clear, and easy to understand.


Thank you for you comment! Really appreciate it and I’m glad you like the theme and were able to finish your project with Monument Valley :)

I’ve provided explanation on (not) bugs at https://webmandesign.ticksy.com/ticket/1013383

Thanks and regards,


BTW, your website looks stunning! :)

Hello ! First, thx for this nice Theme. I do not know if this is also the case with other character strings, but it’s impossible for me to translate “No products in the cart.” with .po / mo files. Any help? Of course, I know where to place the translation on the FTP (the documentation also indicates it). In this regard, a big congratulation for the quality of the documentation (one of the best ever seen on Envato).


Thank you, I’m glad you like the theme and the documentation! :)

The string “No products in the cart.” can be found in monument-valley/languages/monument-valley.pot file on line 1288, so it should definitely be translatable. Please check again in your PoEdit and make sure it orders strings by translation status (in View -> Sort by translation).

You may also try using Loco Translate plugin as described at https://webmandesign.eu/manual/monument-valley/#localization

On the other hand, the same string “No products in the cart.” can be found in WooCommerce plugin too. But I guess the plugin is 100% translated into your language, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

If you still experience the issue, please log a support ticket at https://webmandesign.ticksy.com so I can provide more help.



Hello Oliver,

Thank you for creating such an awesome theme! It is indeed a great one in terms of code quality.

Please, check my list of suggestions below:

1. It would be really nice if you can add some header/menu styles. That is the ability to change the position of the logo and menu.

Check this image for some suggestions and ideas: http://pasteboard.co/moT7Kt48V.png

2. The ability for users to overload the default settings of the theme for every page or post if required. Most of the premium themes around the market have a feature like that which supports the most important settings.

Please check this image for clarification: http://pasteboard.co/mp7lugPQy.png

3. It would also be great if you can add few menu hover effects in addition to the compulsory default circular one.

Please check this image for clarification: http://bit.ly/2iqD52W

Thanks in advance for reading my notes above. We look forward to seeing some of them implemented in your future updates. It is also good to note that such features do not take a lot of time to code and they add a massive value to your theme.

All the best!

Hi kronomia,

Thank you, I’m glad you like the theme! :)

Also thank you very much for your suggestions! Please understand that my philosophy with creating themes is to keep things simple, accessible, consistent, without any unnecessary amount of options. I tend to follow WordPress philosophy of “Decisions, not Options and keeping my themes out of clutter (I’ve learned from my mistakes in the past ;) ).

After this introduction, here are my thoughts on your suggestions:

  1. I will consider adding some header styles in future theme updates. Though, please note that most of them are easy to achieve with some simple custom CSS styles. I can always provide help on changing header layout at support center (as a matter of fact, I’ve already helped a customer to create a centered logo header layout for Monument Valley, for example).

  2. Not quite sure what theme options would you like to override per page basis. You can use page templates to alter layout and disable/enable page sections. I also provide some page options with support for Advanced Custom Fields plugin so you can create your own additional ones. With WooSidebars plugin you can control widget areas displayed on any page (this is definitely a very flexible feature I haven’t seen with other themes). And using a page builder plugin you can produce any page layout you want.

    But let’s have a quick look at options from your screenshot:

    • Disable/enable header – use “Blank” page template
    • Transparent background – not sure what this is ;)
    • Color scheme and other color options – not sure why would you like to change this for a specific page as it would create a design inconsistency, but you can do whatever you like with some simple custom CSS that I can help with at support center
    • Replacing a menu – you can do this either with a plugin or via a filter hook (wp_nav_menu_args specifically)
    • Show/hide page title – use a “No intro” page template
    • Subtitle text – use a Subtitles plugin
    • Title image – you can change the image using implemented page options
    • Post show/hide featured image – use “No intro” page template with the post
    • Post fullwidth content – use a page builder for the post
    • Custom sidebar/widget areas – use WooSidebars plugin
    • Disable/enable footer – use “Blank” page template
  3. Please understand that I like to keep design consistent. If you really need a different menu hover/active state design, please contact support center where I can provide more help.

Thanks for understanding!



Hello Oliver!

Thank you very much for taking the time to explain all that. It’s all crystal clear. I am sorry as well that I didn’t research your theme very well before posting the suggestions. I will be more cautious next time before asking any question.

We would like to ask you if you have time to work on some custom paid WordPress projects or theme modifications. From your profile and website, it was “implied” that you are not available for hiring. Your clarification would be greatly appreciated.

We will always be tuned for your future updates.

All the best!

P.S: I gave you 5 stars already although you definitely deserve more ;)

Hi kronomia,

First, let me thank you for your review. Greatly appreciated!

As for my availability, please note that I am not available for freelance work as I’m fully occupied with my projects. However, please note that I’m always here to help at https://webmandesign.ticksy.com and though I don’t provide full support on theme modifications, I will always point you in the right direction and provide useful tips.

If you are looking for someone to hire to modify the theme, you can also consider using Envato Studio. The theme is very developer friendly, full of action and filter hooks, so it is very easy to modify for a WordPress developer.

You can also find a lot of information directly in theme documentation at https://webmandesign.eu/manual/monument-valley/

Best regards,


Congratulations! Good luck with your sales

Thank you, st1s, I wish you the same! :)

Nice Work, Good Luck With Sales

Thank you UpQode_LLC! :)

  • At the product detail page, I want to: - The item “recently viewed products” - Picture single product, I use the zoom within the image frame.
  • You can do two things on it or not?
  • Your Web compatible with most plug-in service for online sales do not? THANK YOU


Thank you for questions.

The theme is compatible with WooCommerce eCommmerce plugin. I haven’t tested the theme with other eCommerce plugins, but all such plugins can be implemented with any WordPress theme. Just refer to your plugin documentation on how to integrate it.

As for other questions, could you describe them in more details please? I’m not sure if I understand correctly. The image zooming is implemented with a WordPress plugin. I use WP Featherlight on the theme demo website but you can certainly use any plugin you like.



Hi, thx for the great theme. Sure one of the best themes you can use with beaver builder. May i ask you, why you decide, to put both themes policlinic and monument valley into a box view/mode and not full width? – Ok found the option to go with no site border, great theme!


Thank you, I’m glad you like the theme! :)

Actually, just Polyclinic theme is boxed by default. Monument Valley is fullwidth but it displays border around the website. You can simply change all of these in theme options in Appearance > Customize > Theme Options for both themes.



Hello Oliver. Just had to say that I am seriously impressed! This looks very very slick.

Wading through themes looking for something original and well built can sometimes be a bit mind-numbing, and your Monument Valley theme immediately stood out! Funnily enough it was the first theme I looked at today, and my first impression was ‘wow’ but then ‘mmm, maybe this is a bit too much for my client . . . ‘

So I continued looking and looking and got really tired and uninspired. I came back to Monument Valley and started to look deeper. And I’m glad I did. It’s super. Attention to detail, amazing ways to lay out individual product pages and set up WooCommerce, use of fonts throughout . . . I could go on. I see lots of care. It’s deep.

Well done and thank you! Now on to building. Exciting. :)

Cheers, Rob

Hi Rob,

Wow, thank you for such a kind words! I’m really glad you like the theme :)

If you come across something you need help with, don’t hesitate to ask at https://webmandesign.ticksy.com/ please.

Good luck with your website!



great theme, congratulations. I’m thinking to buy it for my personal e-commerce project but I have some question for you: Does is possible to change layout (number of columns, right sidebar, etc…) in the category products list page ? http://preview.themeforest.net/item/monument-valley-accessible-woocommerce-business-masterpiece/full_screen_preview/19252657?_ga=1.243886725.1069341326.1450943157

And in the blog list?

thankyou a lot


Thank you for interest in the theme!

You can simply remove sidebar using WooSidebars plugin. Then the number of product columns on shop archive pages will adapt automatically. But surely you can set your own number of columns with some custom code that I can help with at https://webmandesign.ticksy.com/.

Blog can be set as list or masonry and the situation with columns is the same as described above.

A tip for you: Use a setting icon in theme demo website navigation to change and preview different styles and layouts the theme is capable of. http://easycaptures.com/fs/uploaded/949/4932549575.jpg



Hi, great theme, is there a way on your demo site to preview the full width version/ without any borders? Does it work to integrate in the homepage a slider revolution slide show? thanks


Thank you for interest in the theme!

You can preview multiple layouts using a demo setup button in navigation: http://easycaptures.com/fs/uploaded/949/4932549575.jpg Please note that this will only change the layout for the page you are previewing.

The theme is actually full width by default, it just displays the border around the website. Here is the link for border-less layout preview (set via the button mentioned above): https://themedemos.webmandesign.eu/monument-valley/?border=none

And yes, you can use any slider plugin anywhere on the website. :) The theme contains no Slider Revolution plugin though, so you need to own the plugin beforehand. However, you can also try free https://wordpress.org/plugins/smart-slider-3/ as maybe that will do what you need. For other cool plugins reference please refer to theme documentation at https://webmandesign.eu/manual/monument-valley/#plugins




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