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Welcome to the Forest :)

nice item welcome to the forest!

So cool item Welcome to the Forest

This looks nice. Great job.

I have to say I have had the BEST experience with the customer service and response time of Sonny on this template – BIG THUMBS UP! AGAIN, thank you so much for such an awesome template and your amazing assistance.

Is it possible to add a photo behind “Preparing for Landing”?

Yep, all you have to do is replace ‘bg.jpg’ :)

How the fuck do I change the countdown date?

Edit “assets/javascript/main.js” line 19. Read the documentation to learn more.

sorry, but i where do i change the date? I’m changing the one in main.js and it’s showing me an error.

Hello, I would love to help you out, can you please shoot me an email with your page URL and I will take a look at your code.


Thanks in advance!

Hello, Small question. If I buy the theme. What options do I have to use the subscribe option. Do I connect it to a host server and get email addresses directly from the people who sign up or do you I have other options, etc. ?

The subscription currently only works through MailChimp. In PHP file you have to put in your API Key and List ID and all email address will be stored there. You can export, manage and email your subscribers. Check out mailchimp, it’s free for 2,000 subscribers (I don’t work for them by the way :) )

I just need landing page with background image and subscribe field (name and e-mail) like on demo. Can I remove all other things?

Is it possible to add contact form with name, e-mail and message forms with send button?


Yes you can remove the twitter and content area. However, you would need some basic knowledge of coding to setup your custom contact form.


Twitter stopped working and keeps showing the loading. Any idea what’s going on?

Hey, sorry for the delay. It’s took longer than I thought, I am rewriting the twitter plugin. But I am almost done, so hopefully I will be releasing an update today :)

Thanks for your patience.

never mind I got it…I had two config files with a different name for token key:/

Can you provide me a link to your page?

Hi, by any chance can this timer also include years? I need a timer for an event that is many years away. Please let me know. Thanks.

Great template for a good landing page and best CUSTOMER SERVICE I found trough themes sellers! Good job, Sonny! :)

Hello, The mailchimp don’t work, So sucks.. And it is not wrong with my API key or List ID, cause i have tested it with another script and it works.


I am sorry to hear that you’re having your trouble with the mailchimp. Can you provide me with the link to the site? I will be glad to take a look at it for you.


No, cause it’s not up. But i made my own api v.2 that works

Please stop selling items that won’t work, or update your item

Mail chimp api and list Id. It is not working. I need support.

This theme sucks subscription is not working with mail chimp and count time also not working !!! After 3 days still no support !

Hey liptonics, did you purchase the theme? Themeforest doesn’t show it. Also, can you create a ticket on