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Morphis - Responsive WordPress Theme

Morphis - Responsive WordPress Theme

Morphis is a responsive WordPress Theme that adapts with any browser width, resolutions or devices. It is a great personal theme perfect for blogging or for showcasing your portfolio. Its clean and minimal design suits the modern look of web design today while not sacrificing clean and quality code. It is the perfect balance of form and function.

Check out: The Morphis WordPress Theme Knowledge Base website

All pertinent Q and A’s and Bug Fix infos about Morphis WordPress Theme compiled in one searchable website. Check it Out here -> http://kb.pastelfriday.com/morphis/


  • WooCommerce Plugin Integration.
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Sidebar Manager
  • Light & Dark Skins
  • Unlimited Color Variations
  • Unique Layout Variations for Blog
    • Default Layout
    • Small Image Layout
    • Full Content Layout
  • Unique Layout Variations for Single Blog
    • 2 Columns
    • 3 Column
  • Unique Layout Variations for Portfolio
    • 4 – Columns
    • 3 – Columns
    • 2 – Columns
    • 3 – Columns with Sidebar
  • 3 Home Page Variations:
    • Home – Slider (carouFredsel slider or EI slider)
    • Home – Ajax Portfolio
    • Home – Masonry
  • Shortcode Generator Button
  • Translation ready, included .POT file
  • Lots of Background Patterns
  • Headings & Body Fonts
  • Responsive from iPhone to HD Screens.
  • Filterable & Ajax Powered Portfolio.
  • 2 Sliders: Elastic Image Slider and CarouFredSel slider
  • 6 Page Templates
    • Home
    • Home – Masonry
    • Full Width
    • Blog
    • Portfolio
    • Contact
  • 10 Post Formats :
    • Standard
    • Image
    • Status
    • Gallery
    • Quote
    • Link
    • Aside
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Chat
  • 5 Custom Widgets:
    • Twitter
    • Flicker
    • Contact Info
    • Headquarter
    • Video
  • WordPress 4.6+ Ready
  • Responsive HTML5 Video and Audio Support using jPlayer
  • Fresh & Clean Design
  • Readable Content
  • Adaptive Navigation Menu
  • Social Media Icons
  • 3 Custom Post Types for Slides, Portfolio & Services.
  • Compatible with Redux Framework Theme Options Plugin
  • Extensive Documentation

Changelog / Current Updates

v3.0.0 – 24/11/2016

1.) Full revamp of codes to conform with latest WordPress and ThemeForest standards.
2.) Migrate shortcodes, custom post types and custom post taxonomy to  plugin
3.) Fix styling and compatibility to WooCommerce
4.) Re-check all Themeforest Theme Submission Requirements
5.) Update WooCommerce Template files
6.) Replace prettyphoto lightbox script
7.) Spacing adjustments of elements
8.) Added add_image_size for slide images
9.) Add "use strict" in js files
10.) Update Documentation
11.) Replace contact form with Contact Form 7 plugin.
12.) Minify custom CSS output
13.) Remove font-face kits from theme, just use google fonts
14.) Update TGMPA 
15.) Add to bundled plugins: CMB2, Redux, 
16.) Test with theme check
17.) Fix Twitter widget
18.) Fix PHP errors and warnings
19.) Change NHP Theme Options to Redux Framework
20.) Fix all translation texts
21.) Prefix all functions
22.) Update Layer Slider plugin
23.) Removed Font Face kits.

v2.0.2 – 08/05/2014

1.) Fixed display of "Full Sized Images" on IE.
2.) Fixed some errors in "custom.portfolio.js" file.
3.) Fixed missing Page/Post Headline textarea under Edit Page/Post.
4.) Fixed 'woocommerce_reset_loop' error.
5.) Fixed Google Web Fonts not appearing.
6.) Fixed export theme options "Error: this is not a valid feed template" error.
7.) Updated WooCommerce template files.
8.) Tweaked Theme Options > Home Page Content > Select Category for the Blogs section that will include option for all categories.
9.) Updated Layer Slider as a separate plugin instead of bundling it within the theme.
10.) Fixed accordion tabs on mobile version.
11.) Fixed the Shortcode Button Generator missing from the WP Editor Toolbar.
12.) Enhanced Portfolio page template to enable "Password Protection" 

v2.0.1 – 22/09/2013

1.) Fixed responsive drop-down menu not showing.
    Files updated:
    - js/script.js
2.) Updated modernizr script version.    
    Files updated:
    - js/libs/modernizr-2.6.2.min
3.) Tweaked "services" description to enable HTML.
    Files updated:
    - functions.php
4.) Fixed Flickr feed distorted images on IE8.    
    Files updated:
    - style.css
5.) Fixed Instagram image icon.
    Files updated:
    - images/icons/mono/instagram.png
    - images/icons/mono-light/instagram.png
6.) Removed jTweetsAnywhere script.
    Files removed:
    - js/jtweetsanywhere.js
    Files updated:
    - functions.php
7.) Removed the unnecessary functions "getimagesize" and "calculate_image_height" from ajax portfolio.
    Files updated:
    - functions.php
8.) Remove loading theme's own jQuery script.
    Files updated:
    - functions.php
9.) Updated LayerSlider.
    Files updated:
    - plugins/LayerSlider/*.*
10.) Updated Google Analytics function to only load on front-end.
    Files updated:
    - functions.php
11.) Fixed pagination CSS issue on Masonry page template.
    Files updated:
    - style.css
12.) Tweaked Home page template to include showing of "content".
    Files updated:
    - template-home.php
13.) Replaced all TEMPLATEPATH to get_template_directory().
14.) Removed/Updated deprecated WordPress functions.
    Files updated:
    - functions.php
15.) Tweaked twitter API to use wp_remote_get() instead of cURL.
    Files updated:
    - api/twitter/twitteroauth.php
16.) Fixed all errors, warnings, notices when wp_debug is true and using Theme Check plugin.
17.) Updated documentation for Twitter Api.
18.) Added Ravelry icon.
    Files added:
    - images/icons/mono/ravelry.png
    - images/icons/mono-light/ravelry.png
19.) Consolidated "Read the Rest" texts into one function.
    Files updated:
    - functions.php
20.) Fixed Custom CSS not decoding HTML entities to applicable characters.
    Files updated:
    - inc/theme-styles.php
21.) Updated .PO and .MO files.
    Files updated:
    - languages/default.po
    - languages/default.mo
22.) Updated code for some js files to load at the footer instead of in the head.
    Files updated:
    - functions.php
23.) Updated theme to adhere with Envato's Standard WordPress Theme Submission Requirements.

v2.0.0 – 15/06/2013

 1.) Updated Twitter REST API to v1.1. 
       Files added: 
        - api/twitteroauth.php 
       Files updated:
        - api/twitter.php 
        - inc/twitter-widget.php 
2.) Fixed Twitter tokens appearing on social icons list.
       Files updated:
       - functions.php
3.) Fixed responsive rendering bug from 1.9.8
4.) Fixed twitter widget not showing on server with less than version PHP 5.3. 
       Files updated:
       - api/twitter/twitter.php
5.) Removed extra "';" in theme-styles.php which disables font rendering on headers.
      Files updated:
      - inc/theme-styles.php

v1.9.8 – 11/06/2013

1.) Changed masonry to display posts ordered by date.
    Files updated:
    - inc/masonry.php
2.) Fixed pricebox shortcode's link name and link href.    
    Files updated:
    - inc/shortcodes/shortcodes.php
3.) Added SoundCloud and VK social icons.
    Files updated:
    - css/skins/dark/dark.css
    - css/skins/light/light.css
    Files added:
    - images/icons/mono/soundcloud.png
    - images/icons/mono/vk.png
    - images/icons/mono-light/soundcloud.png
    - images/icons/mono-light/vk.png
4.) Tweaked twitter api. Used database caching instead of filesystem.
    Files updated:
    - api/twitter/twitter.php
5.) Updated LayerSlider plugin to version 4.5.5.
    Files updated:
    - plugins/LayerSlider/*
6.) Fixed Post Categories exclusion.
    Files updated:
    - inc/template-blog.php
7.) Styled the categories list shortcode of woocommerce [product_categories].
    Files updated:
    - style.css
8.) Fixed portfolio content ajax loading.
    Files updated:
    - functions.php
    - js/custom-portfolio.js
9.) Added lightbox gallery function for portfolio items using slideshow attachment.
    Files updated:
    - functions.php    
10.) Added captions for each slideshow lightbox image.
    Files updated:
    - functions.php
11.) Fixed missing pagination on WooCommerce Shop page.
    Files updated: 
    - inc/woocommerce-init.php
12.) Fixed intermittent uploading issue on theme options.
     Files updated:
        - /options/fields/upload/field_upload.js
13.) Fixed woocommerce 'sale'.
    Files added:
    - woocommerce/loop/sale-flash.php
14.) Tweaked Theme Options for faster page loads.    
    Files updated:
    - functions.php
    - inc/shortcodes/shortcodes.php
15.) Tweaked the dynamic css styling by using "wp_add_inline_style" instead of loading a PHP file as CSS file.
        Files updated:
        - functions.php
        - inc/theme-styles.php

v1.9.7 – 19/03/2013

1.) Fixed WooCommerce 2.0 errors. Instead of overriding WooCommerce templates, action hooks are used instead.
2.) Improved translation/localization files.
3.) Improved Twitter caching function and fixed the 'failed to open stream' error.
4.) Fixed enqueuing of stylesheets by moving from header.php to using 'wp_enqueue_style'.

v1.9.6 – 11/03/2013

1.) Twitter rate limit fixed by caching.
2.) Contact form placeholder attribute not working in IE versions fix.
3.) Added Instagram widget.
4.) Updated compatibility with WooCommerce v2.0.
5.) Added option on Theme Options for turning off 'responsive grids'.

v1.9.4 – 28/01/2013

1.) Removed "pattern" attribute from comments.php and comments-layout-2.php file so the website field is not required.
2.) Fixed non-latin characters used in the category filter not working.
3.) Included LayerSlider plugin.

v1.9 – 16/10/2012

1.) Fixed bug when using a child theme.
2.) Fixed few issues on caroufredsel slider and Ei slider.
3.) Fixed EI Slider - Vimeo video ratio (black borders on either side).
4.) Removed extraneous bottom border on images w/o caption.
5.) Fixed alignment (align left, align right) on images.
6.) Fixed sorting of images on the "Multiple Images" portfolio content type.
7.) Fixed Sidebar Heading background image pattern option not applying on portfolio content sidebar.
8.) Fixed image logo sizing.
9.) Removed the "website" field from the contact form.
10.) Font face kits facility.
11.) Small bug fixes.

v1.8 – 28/09/2012

1.) Fixed EI Slider height when only vimeo videos are present.
2.) Background image pattern of sidebar headings.
3.) Added 'none' option for Background, Sub-footer and Sidebar Headings pattern.
4.) Removed 'text-shadow' property for subfooter/site-info.
5.) Added uploading of image pattern for Background, Sub-Footer and Sidebar Headings.
6.) Fixes Portfolio content description's paragraphs getting stripped.
7.) Fixed services' image margin-bottom spacing.
8.) Fixed vimeo_shortcode function name conflict with Jetpack plugin's vimeo feature.
9.) Fixed gallery not working when using "Full-width" template.
10.) Fixed iOS orientation change.
11.) Handled "array_merge" issue when "Google Web Fonts" is not accessible.
12.) Added "archive-portfoloio.php" file.
13.) Added option to change the "slug" name of the portfolio.
14.) Updated Theme Options page.
15.) Added "Font Sizes" options in "Skins, Styles and Fonts" of theme options.

v1.7 – 12/09/2012

1.)  Fixed wooCommerce pages' sidebar settings.
2.) Fixed "information description" option on the portfolio content by adding "do_shortcode".
3.) Fixed prettyPhoto lightbox "undefined" issue.
4.) Fixed portfolio items images getting clipped on ipad.
5.) Fixed "morphis-child" functions.php jquery undefined error.
6.) Fixed send mail on Contact Page Template issue.
7.) Fixed Accordion script when using Firefox.
8.) Fixed Tabs shortcode element.
9.) Fixed Sidebar Manager 's widgets not being saved on the sidebar area.
10.) Fix for accordion script not working inside portfolio content.
11.) Fix for meta description tag in header.php (for SEO plugins).
12.) Fixed jQuery conflict.
13.) Added facility for selecting and sorting portfolio items in the Home Page.
14.) Added Instagram icon social media.
15.) Added option to have link address for EI Slider images.
16.) Updated .PO/.MO language localization file.

v1.6 – 20/08/2012

1.) WooCommerce compatibility
2.) Added vimeo and YouTube video support on EI Slider.
3.) Added Google Web Fonts.
4.) Added Sidebar Manager.
5.) Added Portfolio Sub-categories filtering.
6.) Add a new upload image option for the lightbox image.
7.) Added URL link option for services items.
8.) Fixed Masonry Layout for iPad's portrait view.
9.) Fixed the foreach loops, checking if array is not empty.
10.) Fixed Captions and responsiveness on wordpress align images.
11.) Fixed exclusion of portfolio items with multiple categories.
12.) Fixed CarouFredSel inconsistent slider height issue.
13.) Fixed use of "Headlines" on the "Default" Page template.
14.) Fixed conflict of "youtube_shortcode" function name with JetPack plugin.
15.) Fixed minor issues on masonry template's pagination.
16.) Updated .PO/.MO language localization file.

v1.5 – 04/08/2012

1.) Fixed some missing ALT and TITLE attributes on img tags.
2.) Portfolio page filters to only show if there is an existing portfolio filter category on a currently viewed page.
3.) Fix for SEO multiple H1 tags issue on the Home Page which is caused by the logo and main headline using h1 tags. Replaced the logo h1 with div for SEO.
4.) Fix for Home Page - Portfolio section and Portfolio Page description excerpt when HTML tags are added.
5.) Fixed archiving (archive list display) of portfolio page when naming the portfolio page slug to 'portfolio'.
6.) Fixed Accordion shortcode.
7.) Fixed captions and image aligning on "gray" background pattern (light.css):
8.) Fix for displaying categories, tags, author, search and archive lists.
9.) Fixed EI Slider Responsiveness.
10.) Added option to tile the "Full Background Image" option and also make this option work for the "Full/Wide" layout of the theme as well.
11.) Fixed Pin-It button undefined URL persisting only when using FireFox browser.
12.) Fixed jQuery scripts conflicting with other javascript libraries of plugins using the '$'.
13.) Updated .PO/.MO language localization file.

v1.4 – 05/07/2012

1.) Fixed IE9 rendering issues on dark version
2.) Removed erroneous "hashtag" and debug codes on script.js and custom.portfolio.js from 1.3 theme update.
3.) Fixed "Team Member" Shortcode when adding "specialties" list.
4.) Added "Services" sorting feature.
5.) Updated .PO/.MO language localization file.
6.) Updated "HELP" documentation.

v1.3 – 25/06/2012

1.) Added a new image attachment (Multiple Image attachment) for portfolio items 
where you could include multiple images without using sliders.
2.) Added "Optional Link to Page" option to link portfolio circles link to another page.
3.) Added "Link to Portfolio Page OR to Single Page" option on the 
"Home Page Content" of the options panel. By selecting the "Portfolio Page", 
clicking on one of the portfolio pieces on the homepage - will have it 
load the portfolio page then fire off the Ajax with the items information.
4.) Fixed shortcodes button generator on the Add New/Edit portfolio page.
5.) Fixed intermittent loading of "caroufredsel" slider images on different browsers.
6.) Removed animation and fixed styling for header logo.
7.) Fixed Portfolio Categories filter when "excluding categories".
8.) Updated HELP documentation.

v1.2 – 11/06/2012

1.) Added Sorting of Slides Items.
2.) Added Sorting of Portfolio Items.
3.) Added Pinterest Social Icon Link.
4.) Added a Home Page layered PSD file.
5.) Exclude featured image from showing in the portfolio slider 
attachment and blog gallery slider.
6.) Fixed enqueuing of scripts and styles on child theme usage.
7.) Fixed pagination on Custom Post Type page template when 
used as a Home Page.
8.) Adjusted hover opacity on portfolio and blog images.

v1.1 – 09/06/2012

1.) Child Theme compatibility.
2.) Custom Details for portfolio attributes.
3.) Price box shortcode fix.
4.) Added Pinterest button for every prettyPhoto images/slides
5.) Yoast SEO plugin compatibility.
6.) Update to use WYSIWYG editor on portfolio create/edit.
7.) Added Individual Page/Post full screen background option.
8.) Home Masonry for portfolio items and pagination fix.
9.) Included link on every portfolio name (title) when clicked.
10.) Fixed Social Links shortcodes (Twitter and Pinterest).
11.) Sidebar attributes of portfolio remove field when empty.
12.) Added Vimeo and YouTube videos on portfolio's prettyPhoto.

v1.0 – 30/05/2012

1.) Initial Release

Images / Video Credits


You can read some Frequently Asked Questions (pre-sale and after-sale queries) regarding Morphis WordPress Theme here.


Feel free to contact me for support @ janmichaelintia [at] gmail.com