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Great work bud, GLWS ! ;)

Thanks csspress!

Excellent theme!!

Thanks tomdekok, appreciate it!

Nice Work ! :)

Thank you Bedros!

Very nice. Good luck with sales!

Thanks WPExplorer!

Love the light skin – boxed version! good luck!

Thanks themebakers, glad you liked the light boxed version.

Looks very promising janintia! Some noob questions regarding the portfolio:

1) Clicking on the portfolio name (under the circle) currently goes nowhere – I assume there is a simple option to link it? 2) I’m thinking about using the portfolio to showcase beauty products – how much work would be involved to change the client/date/skills/categories headings to read differently, i.e., type/application? 3) I notice that the portfolio categories do not seem to size down when viewed at mobile scale – was this intentional? 4) Lastly, could I use the masonry layout for a secondary page, i.e., product showcase?

Thanks again!

Hello wern777,

1.) Currently I did not include a link on the portfolio name (under the circle), but this could be done very easily with just a line of code.

2.) At most, only two PHP files with 4 lines of code each must be edited to accommodate custom details for the portfolio. This is really simple, I can help you with this.

3.) Did you mean the portfolio categories filter? Yes, it was intentional, but it can be done with editing the CSS file with a few lines of code.

4.) Yes you could use masonry layout of a secondary page (other than the Home Page). The beauty of Morphis lies with its unique layouts for every page. Although the masonry layout only posts recent blog posts and not portfolio items (as in your case beauty products showcase).

I’ll be glad to help you with the customizations you want free of charge.

Thanks! Jan Intia

I’ll be purchasing, thanks Jan!

Thanks wern777,

You can email me at janmichaelintia [at] gmail.com or use the Contact Form found on my profile if you have questions and help customizing the theme.

Thanks, Jan Intia

Beautiful theme !

By chance, did you test it with WPML ? and Woocommerce ?

Thanks !

Hello AgenciaOlhares,

I haven’t tested the theme with WPML nor Woocommerce. I’ll see if I can integrate it with Woocommerce.

Thanks, Jan Intia

Thanks Jan, I will keep eyes on the feature list & updates.. And congrats for this beautiful piece of work.

Love the theme.. if you can test Woocommerce and it works I’ll buy t : )

Thanks for liking the theme…WooCommerce integration on the way :)

Hi Jan,

Before I purchase the theme, a few questions:

- can I add sidebars, or do I work with the standard WP sidebars? - how do the latest posts and other widgets look in the sidebar?

Thanks in advance! Tom

Hello tomdekok,

You can add sidebars by using the standard drag and drop functionality of wordpress under Appearance > Widgets. Latest posts and other widgets look the same and styled like you see on the Live Preview.

Also, you can have different sidebar layouts for each page ( right sidebar, left sidebar or no sidebars).

If you have any other questions, let me know before buying :)

Thanks, Jan Intia.


i want to use a big fixed JPEG image as background. Can you give me some pointers as to how to do this!

Fantastic, thanks for your help, and of course, making a awesome template. Can you also tell me how to make individual images per page?

You mean individual background images per page? It’s possible, but it would take a few coding updates to other pages of the theme. On the coming days, i’ll be updating the theme with some minor and major fixes and features (like WooCommerce) , I’ll definitely include full background image per page as a new feature so you won’t have to code CSS snippets. :)


Can you please update the theme so that it’s possible to use html codes in the portfolio section!

It’s all you man, it’s all you!

changing textarea to wysiwyg didn’t fix it!

Hello noxstar,

Is it still not working? have you tried saving again the portfolio after you applied the changes from ‘textarea’ to ‘wysiwyg’?

I love this theme but can’t see any example of galleries, can you show some examples or does the theme just make use of standard wordpress galleries ? Thank you.

Hello WendyThomas,

The theme uses the standard WordPress galleries when used on a default page template. However, galleries are converted into slideshows when used inside a Gallery Post format.

Thanks, Jan Intia


I enabled the portfolio view on the home page, but It doesn’t show any thumbnail , whether it’s image or vimeo link. What should I do?

Thank you! That does it!

Is there a code that I can change the size of the lightbox for the video?

Hi hjlee918,

Open script.js from ”/js/” folder, and go to line 52 or search “prettyphoto”. You should see this code snippet:
/* -------------- prettyPhoto jQuery Plugin for Images lightbox --------------*/
You can set the default width and height of the lightbox by introducing two parameters(default_width and default_height). You can also set the lightbox size to resize when it is bigger than the default dimensions:
/* -------------- prettyPhoto jQuery Plugin for Images lightbox --------------*/
                                allow_resize: true, /* Resize the photos bigger than viewport. true/false */
                default_width: 500,
                default_height: 344

That does it! Thanks jan. You rock!


I love this theme. We have been want to freshen up out site but we could not decide until we saw your theme. hands down the best for us.

I have a small punch list if you will:

1. I would like to take the link option off when you hover over a Portfolio and just have the plus.

2. Is it possible to not show the sidebar attributes in the portfolio section when nothing is in the field? i.e. If I do not put a date I would like the date sidebar not to show up.

3. I it possible to have the Gallery slideshow fluid? it takes on the size of the first photo. I have found the best option is to make vertical photo #1 but when a horizontal photo is shown you can see the next photo behind it. you can see an example here: http://www.ppdevents.com/portfolio/gretchen-tim-trip/

4. I get this warning in the skills category when I go to Jenny McCann from http://www.ppdevents.com/features “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/ppdevents/ppdevents.com/wp-content/themes/morphis/functions.php on line 2215” but when I go to it directly from http://www.ppdevents.com/portfolio/jenny-mccann/ I do not get the error.

That is it for now. I love the template, it is really refreshing. P.S: I also edited line 823 in the functions.php to get the wysiwyg. Good Work.

Thanks, Marcus

Hello Marcus,

I’ll just send you the instructions and my answers regarding this one on your email. Here’s my email -> janmichaelintia [at] gmail.com.

Thanks, Jan Intia

You are Awesome! You got everything fixed!

Thanks, I’m glad you have it all working. :)

Btw, i’ll be having theme updates on the next few days, so if you decide to re-download and apply the updated theme, you should back up first your current version of the theme before replacing.

Thanks, Jan Intia

Hello Jan,

1. Would you mind testing Morphis with WPML ? To see if it works out of the box ? (A good test for example is to have at least 2 languages enabled, and be able to have sliders & home-pages all in their respective languages, and the other pages / blog templates behaving consistently).

I could send you the plugins for testing purpose. Being multilingual ready would be one more good reason to buy it.

2. If I understand well the feature list, you can insert a slider in any post / page ?

Thanks a lot for your attention!


Hi AgenciaOlhares,

1.) Sure, i’ll test it. you can email me the plugins to janmichaelintia [at] gmail.com.

2.) Sliders can only be used on the Home Page and on the Gallery Post format when creating a Post. If you insert a gallery on a Page, it would use the default gallery of WordPress and not the slider.

Great ! I’ve sent you an email with the download link ! Thanks

Hi, Jan

Few questions regarding the Slider on Home Page.

  1. Is is possible for the slider to have Vimeo/Youtube link that plays inside the slider?
  2. Can I change the location of the text (animated text) on the slider image?
  3. Is is possible to place the button on the image that links to the post page?
  4. For El slider, does the picture has to be 1600×500 px for optimal result?

Hi hjlee918,

1.) and 3.) I think this can be done by adding a few fields for vimeo/youtube video and post/page linking on the portfolio create/edit page. Let me see if I can include it on the coming theme update. :)

2.) Yes, if you know a bit about CSS you can edit the placing of the titles on ei-slider.css file inside ”/css/” folder.

4.) It’s not necessary to have 1600×500 px . You can upload any image sizes for the slide.

Thanks, Jan Intia

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Looking forward to the upcoming update!!

For relocating the text, which part is the relevant line in el-slider.css file?

Oh sorry i forgot to mention, it’s in line 50.

Regards, Jan Intia

Nice design, however…

The claim layered PSD is misleading. Please supply ASAP a layered PSD of the template design.

It’s use: to mod, refine, demonstrate to clientele what their site will look like upon completion.

Only supplying .psd files of elements does not suffice.



Hello Rosebud,

Thank you for purchasing Morphis!

However, the supplied PSDs are only elements of the theme as I did not designed the whole layout using Photoshop. But, I am willing to create and give you a PSD version of Morphis. Although this could take a while (about two days).

Thanks, Jan Intia

Hey there!

Thank you for creating such a fantastic theme! I just bought it yesterday & I am in love with it!

I am new to wordpress and even newer to themes & coding so I have a couple of newbie questions if you don’t mind:)

A little background: I got a free domain name with my hosting so I made a dummy url and I am creating my site live. Once everything is the way I want it to be, I will make the switch with my true domain name & turn off my old wordpress.com site.


1) I imported my wordpress.com content over & it seems that it not only imported my content but my settings as well. I cannot for the life of my figure out how to find and use your page templates (which rock in the preview btw:). Right now my home page is just my blog like it is on my wordpress.com.

2) I want my logo to appear on my pages like the “morphis” does in the live preview. Right now its not showing up anywhere on my site, only in the settings.

3)I absolutely LOVE the social networking icons on the top of the page, is there perhaps a Pinterest icon that can be added? I’m a photographer & pinterest is a big part of my social networking.

I think that’s the main stuff & once I can get past these hurdles, I should be able to figure it out:)

Thanks again & in advance for your help (I am sorry if these are irritatingly novice questions!)


Hello Kelsey,

It’s great that you love the theme, I appreciate it! And thank you for purchasing!

1.) Yes, I know how it feels like when you’ve just started using WordPress, it all seems difficult at first. But if you play around with it for a while, you can get use to it and understand how it works. :)

Included with the Morphis package is the PDF documentation/help file located on the “HELP” folder. I’ve written there some important steps in importing demo content that is exactly like in my Live Preview. Importing demo content from my Live Preview will be much easier for you to understand how Morphis works. Also note that I included the XML file for the demo content located in “demo_content” folder of the Morphis Package. I suggest, if you want, to start over the install of Morphis to your dummy URL and instead of importing content from your old Wordpress.com site, you import all content from my Live Preview site.

Also, you can read the included PDF documentation/help file for extensive information about setting up the site, importing demo content and other information about Morphis.

2.) Logo can be uploaded by going to the “Morphis Theme Options” (this is under Appearance on the left sidebar of the WordPress Dashboard) page and navigating to “General Settings” tab. In there, you’ll see the “Upload your Logo” option. Click the “Browse” button beside it and a new modal window will appear prompting you to select files/upload your logo image file. After you selected your image logo, your logo image will now appear on that modal window. Now scroll down to the bottom and find the “Insert into Post” button and click it. After clicking it, you should be able to see the logo beside the “Upload your Logo” option. Click the blue “Save Changes” button on the top right corner of the page to save your logo.

You can read more in detail about these settings on the included PDF documentation/help file.

3.) Unfortunately, I did forget to include a Pinterest button on the social icons. Anyways, I can include it on my next theme update for Morphis. Or I can help you customize your theme and include a Pinterest social icon if you want.

Here’s my email , janmichaelintia [at] gmail.com. If you still have problems setting demo content for your site, I can help you out by giving me access to your site. :)

Thanks again, Jan Intia

i kind of like this theme; but there are some things that make it weird…

the slider on all the home pages is just down too low… it’s mostly cut off when i first land on the home page. too much empty / white space at the top of the screen… just looks bad. i don’t like it.. sorry.

the “masonry” home page option is not working…

i don’t know, there are some other things that i think are a little wonky… but the waste of space at the top of every screen is kind of weird.

Hi washkeenastika,

Which browser are you using and what version?


I’m really enjoying this theme! I just have one question so far:

After I uploaded my El Slider images (all of them 1500 X 475 ), my logo and navigation links all got pushed up to the top of the screen…and there’s only a little bar of white space in b/t the two background patterns…I tried to enable the homepage headline to make more space, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore…I’m going to experiment with uploading different images, but I don’t know what else to do (I’m kind of a noob at working with css). I mainly just need to figure out how to bring the logo and navigation back down to the original spot…if you have an idea of what it could be, I’d appreciate it :)

Hello wilsonji,

Thanks for purchasing Morphis!

Can you point me your website address so I could look into it. And have you edited some files (PHP , CSS , js) within morphis folder prior to uploading the images?

Also, which Morphis version are you using (you’ll know the version by looking into “style.css” file inside the “morphis” folder)?

Can you send me an exported XML file of your site so I could test it myself?

Thanks, Jan Intia