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Hello, Dannci!

The theme looks beautiful and works great for me, but I’d like to ask if one alteration is possible.

By default site’s logo is placecd in the middle of content. Is it possible to add a second image, right or left from default logo image, so it could have alternative clickthrough?

Basically – make it 2 ‘logos’ instead one?

Hello and thank you. But sorry, is not possible without coding. You can change code in header.php file. Thanks

Thank you, Dannci! One more issue. I need my portfolio thumbs to be 240?400 pix and have a name written below them.

I’ve tried altering thumb resolution in functions.php but the thumbs seem to be strictly limited in height and once reached its’ maximum – thumb name is being cut away.

Please help.

Figured it out – made changes in style.css!


I try but i can’t to have same demo on the website. No XML?

Sended, thanks…

we can have only top menu?


sorry, I’m not sure what you mean…

i mean: in this template we can use only the “top menu” ?

Yes, in theme can be used only one menu – top menu. Thank you

Hi Dancci,

Please send the Demo site XML to alvin_rosario@hotmail.com, thanks in advance!

— Alvin

Hello, XML file is sended. Thanks

Hi Dancci,

I am new to wordpress, so I may be missing something obvious. I am having trouble with my featured images. I had them up and running but moved content around in the menu (different hierarchy than I had originally.) Ever since I did that, I can’t get the images to pull into the front page- just a hole where the mosaic goes. Everything is still listed as a feature image on the individual posts. What is wrong? Or what may I have done? Thanks! Lindsay

If by classic versus portfolio you mean blog versus portfolio then yes, I have the blog 6 version selected. Which screen is considered the admin panel? do you mean post slug and post name? I did add categories to be able to search for the recipes under multiple categories- is this messing with something?


can you send me your login – it will be better. You can contact me via profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Dannci

Thank you


Hello, Dannci! I’d like to reduce the height of the bar where logo is located. Is it possible? Thanks


I need to confirm your purchase. Please send me ‘Item Purchase Code’ (via profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Dannci ). In Themeforest account in ‘Downloads’ section ( http://themeforest.net/downloads ) is located Licence certificate – the number is in it. http://themesupport.tumblr.com/post/49924117374

Thank You

Dear Danci, i’m encountering several problems in setting up my layout. The main problem is the setting of the background color, in several times trying to setting up the color, it happens that the body colour disappears and becomes transparent. In a occasion i’ve lost all the parameters setted up without any reason. Would you please help me? Thanks

Hello, I recommend to reset Mosaic admin panel and then hit “Save all changes” button again – default styles will be applied. Thank you

Dannci, I am having problems with roll overs for the front page mosiac Can you take a look? http://thegreenhousegroupinc.com/


there are few jQuery errors – that’s why hovers doesn’t work.

Please disable all unused plugins e.g. isotope and/or delete jQuery addons in template files.


how do I make a custom header


you can upload and set logo in admin panel > General settings


i would like the header above the top menu


in header.php add custom code (link + image) inside “boorder” div.


Hello, will the theme be updated to the new Wordpress version?

Hello, yes, theme will be updates soon. Thanks


Is this theme compatible with WooCommerce? (I don’t need to have any products featured on the mosaic homepage. The tiles will be linked to static pages and the webshop “homepage” wil be linked to a tile as well.)


Great! Thanks! I’ve just purchased the theme. Love it!

Oh! Could I get the .xml file?

Sended, Thank you!

Hi Dannci, I would like to purchase this theme, but I am concerned the listing states last update was November 2012. I need the theme to be compatible with Wordpress 3.9. Are you not updating this theme, or is the listing incorrect? regards, Karen

Hello and thank you for your interest,

yes, theme is old and I’m about to remove this theme from marketplace. If you like mosaic section you can check my new themes which include mosaic layouts/sections:




Thank you

Hello Dannci, I have just recently purchased Unique Magazine Theme and it is not working on my WordPress 3.9.2 like in “live previev” on website. Is something missing or template is not supported with WordPress 3.9.2? – if yes is it possible to get back money or you can send me diffrent web site via email? Best regards, Jacob

Hello there,

Mosaico theme in 3.9+ compatible and live preview works fine. I’m usig wp 3.9.2 on demo site too.

Thank you

Could You write down your email? I will send You email with page screens after instalation… nothing is working like should on live preview..

Hi, here is my email: info@dannci.com

RETIRED THEME ! – No live preview ! – Why can I add it to cart ? – Thanks !

No theme preview!

Hello, theme is retired: http://prnt.sc/c0ckhf THX