Discussion on Moscow - Personal Portfolio

Discussion on Moscow - Personal Portfolio

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Dear team, 

I hope this email finds you well. I purchased a website from your platform (MOSCOW), and I would like to set up an email address associated with my domain name. Could you please guide me on how to do this?

I would appreciate it if you could provide me with step-by-step instructions on how to set up my email account and how can I costomyze it? If you have any tutorials or video guides on this process, that would be very helpful as well.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Sheladonov Oleksandr

greetings from Egypt thanks for the perfect template i want to ask how i can right align the template for arabic website? thanks

Hi there,
Greetings from Tunisia my brother,
Actually there is no CSS for the arabic language, but you could do it yourself or I can do it for you for a fee.

Hi there, I have successfully customized and uploaded the template to my hosted site. Everything works well, except when I receive emails from the contact form, it only shows the name and email of the sender. It doesn’t display the comment. I tested it with several emails.

Hello there, First of all I like the template, I successfully modified it and use it in my own VPS. Thank you for such a great job! I am thinking to start using a blog. Could you give me an idea how can I make it working? Do I need to implement it with a database? Where do I start with it? I can figure out most of the things by my own, but just need some direction, as I didn’t deal with it before. Thanks again!

Hi there,
Sorry for the late answer,
You could install wordpress directory under a /blog directory and use the css files of this template :)

Hi there, is this theme compatible with WordPress and can I use it for multiple websites?

Hi there,
This is a HTML Template, not a WP theme
You can use it for one website only, if you need for another website please purchase another licence.

Hi, i bought the Moscow template, but it does not support the czech characters like “ř, ě, š”. How can i fix that please?

Hi there,
Thank you for purchasing my item,
Can you show me a screenshot ?
my email : hamdislim2@gmail.com

please send me the actual theme zip. ayodejioyelakin2031@gmail.com

having issues installing theme error is theme is missing style.css style sheet

Hi Celtano, can we use different the main.png image for different pages (portfolio, contact) or/and can we use slider for main.png?.. thank you

Hi there,
Yes you can implement a slider instead of the image, if you can not do it, I can do it for a fee :)

ok, can you email me please? yavuzselimgul@yahoo.com

Hello! I am not able to upload this theme to my WP site. it says CSS file missing. Can you help?

Hi there,
This is a HTML Template, not a WordPress theme,
Just edit your files with a text editor and upload them to your server.

Hello! Could you briefly explain what I have to edit? I will hate to have to refund the item

You will fin the steps in the documentation but it’s ok I will repeat them here ;)
Go download Notepad++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/ and go to your HTML files, right click and open with Notepad++ ,
There you will find the code of your website, just edit your content ;)

Great work…..

In moscow html temnplate…. how to implement capcha form=?

Hi brother ! Thanks :)

In order to implement the captcha you have to follow this tutroial :


Hello. When I view the website in mobile phone, the main picture is the default one. How can I change it?

Hello! I have obtained a web domain through GoDaddy and with the plan comes Word Press hosted site. I really like you template and wanted to know if I would be able to upload it into WP and use it like that?

Thank you for your time.

Hi there ;)
this is not a WordPress theme,
You can use this template by editing your HTML files and thene upload them to your GoDaddy Server and your website will work like a charm !

Hi! the theme is Excellent! (Im from Argentina, sorry for my english). I have a question: the contact form let me receive the messages in my email, but this message come empty.. How I can fix it? My email in nachoducca@gmail.com

Thank you for your patience,
Go to php/process-form.php line 6 and instead of :
$message = $_REQUEST[‘message’];
put this
$message = $_REQUEST[‘comment’];

Hi can I add a new part with the window under the:

experience education skills ...here…

in the middle of the about me page

Regarding the contact form. The comment section tends to make one line not visible. How do I fix this? Also the form posted the comment using the id comment while the php tries to use the id message, thus resulting in a sent email with a blank body. I have fixed that bit though.

Hi there, Thank you for purchasing my item,
Glad to know that you fixed some issues yourself :)
What do you mean by saying ‘The comment section tends to make one line not visible’ ?
Could you send me a screenshot please ?

Is there still support for this Personal Portfolio? I want to know before purchase.

Hi there !
Sorry to hear this from one of my customers,
I was busy these days, one of my relatives was tested positive Covid-19, I was really lost …

Question 1/ please open process-form.php and change ‘message’ with ‘comment’
Question 2/ please open style.css and change .main-picture in line 174 with the path of your image.
Sorry again,
Stay safe and have a nice day

Thank you for responding. Sorry to hear that. Hope all is well.

Regarding my issues

1) There’s no captcha on the contact form. I’m getting A LOT of spam. I need at least a question and an answer captcha (2+4=6) or (what’s my name = answer)

2) Also, in the contact form, the form does not clear once the message has been sent. It stays filled with the previous message sent earlier. Even if you leave the page and then come back, the form is still filled with the earlier message sent.

Also, in the blog section, the search does not work, tags do not work, category do not work, most links do not work, the comment sections do not work. In fact, most links in the blog section do not work not even in your demo.

How can people submit their comments along with their avatar? This section would also need a captcha to avoid spam.

I’ve been buying themes here on Envato for a long time (8 years). I have never seen this before. The portfolio site seems incomplete, not ready for sale.

Can you help understand this please?

Thank you!

Great template, simple and slick! Thanks for your work.

On mobile, the scrolling wasn’t smooth, so I added the following code to line 57 of style.css:

*, *:after, *:before { -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: border-box; }

However, as another user noted, I’m having issues with youtube embed videos continuing to play (I have several YT videos, instead of just one as in the original template). I’m not a JS pro, so I can’t figure it out. Once you start playing a video in the portfolio section here (http://www.marketcoremedia.com/port/), only the “previous” button stops the video – both the “next” and “close” buttons do not, so the video keeps playing even though not in view. Can you suggest a solution for me, please?

Hello Brother,
I could do it if you send me your package.

Hi, I buy your theme Moscow, but I have problem wizh instalation.

I cannot instal theme, because in instalation pack absent css file with cascade styles (that told me WP during instalation).

Can you help me with instalation process?

Thank you, best regards

Congratulations! Nice Work!!Any plan for release in Wp or Joomla?? Thx.

Hello Gabriel,
Unfortunately No :/

Thanks for Replay.Appreciate.


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