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It says this theme works for 1.5.4 but it does not – how can I get my money back or receive the theme that works for 1.5.4? My e-mail is if it can be e-mailed to me.

Answered to email.

Hello, i install a filter module in my opencart store, but for some reason to search box doesnt appear, i think the theme moshi is not letting, what is the problem?

Hello, can you check this module with default template please? Thanks.

I already tryed, it doesnt show

Please, check filters documentaion for this issue.

is there a way to improve the image quality in the responsive view? On desktop, image are clear and crisp, but in mobile responsive, they look low quality.

Hi, i am planning to buy this theme but i want to know that is there a way to add Payment gateway method into payment option along with Cash on Delivery option ?


Sure, here is a list of core payment methods available in OpenCart by default.


Thanks for the reply. And one more thing i would like to ask is that can i create an additional page for blog since the blog page is missing in your template ?

Moshi theme doesn’t have blog page. Blog system can be integrated using OpenCart extensions.

hello can you talk me through on how to install this theme

Replied to email.

i still haven’t receive a replied can you talk me through on how to install this theme i cant install please my email is

Check your email please. Maybe spam folder.

Hi Wyloo,

I’m having a little difficulty making an image resize when viewed at a smaller resolution. I can’t see anything in the style sheet either. Can you help?

Hello hothoundz,

Please email me using contact form on profile page.


waiting for 2.0 update.. :)

Yes – waiting for 2.0 update :-)

Hey. Really nice theme – clean and simple. I got one quetion. How can I change the number of products on the homepage? For example: now there are 5 products on two rows and I want to change them to 3 products on 3 rows.

Thanks, Todor Pavlov

Need to change image and product box width.
You can email me using contact form on profile page. I’ll send you updated stylesheet file. Or you can grab it directly from example above :)
Image size can be changed using OpenCart admin.

Thank you very much! It worked. :)

You’re welcome. :)

Hey, me again! :)

How can I “enable” the responsive design? I’m talking about this site –

Kind regards,

Thanks for the clear explanation of your issue.

file to edit:

delete this line (21):
<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=no”>


You are awesome! Thank you very much!

You’re welcome.

Hi! Just downloaded this template, but i need you to talk me through how to install and upload it at:

Thanks in advance.


Me again. How can I make the default ordering to be the latest products – absolutely everywhere. I tried couple of plugins (free).

The site is – (you change the language) and if you open Brands > Pinko you will see that they are alphabetically ordered.

Thanks, Todor Pavlov

Okay. It’s seems to work. But how can I make this for BRANDS and SALE.


brands: /catalog/controller/product/manufacturer.php
sale: /catalog/controller/product/special.php


Thank you very much! It worked for the brands, but it’s not working in sale. Any ideas what might causing the problem?


Hey! :)

I installed an module for filtering by brands. And it’s working perfect everywhere except on the sale page. Do you have any idea how can I fix this? Is this page something special than the others because almost everything is not working properly?


how to installatin,when purchasing


Thanks for your interest in Moshi theme!

Theme can be installed by uploading theme files to the server. More details about installation process can be found at theme documentation.


Hi, i wonder if i can integrate peymentsense plugin in to payment gateway method? Thank u..

sorry but i have to be sure because if u say “it seems”, i won’t buy this site…

Ok i purchased it but how i am gonna install and upload it, would u help me??


Thank you for your choice!

Please, feel free to email me using “Support” tab if you have any questions or need some assistance.




Thanks for your question.

Moshi theme does not have admin panel.