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Frumos. Succes cu vanzarile :)

Multumesc. La fel cu vanzarile.

Does it exist as just a html template ? Do you plan on a wordpress version. Nice work. I would buy this theme as html version or WP version for an online store.

Sorry, no HTML or Wordpress at this time. In the next couple of months I will be moving easy but surely to Wordpress.


sorry, double post.

This is a stunning theme, please say you are planning a WP version of this, i dont use Joomla.

Good luck with sales, this one should be a winner..


I have WP version in mind but it will take some time, maybe some months. I am a newbie with Wordpress I barely know how to install it :)

But hey, Joomla! 1.7 rocks, you should be happy with it :)

Thanks and Regards,

great theme. glad to see such templates in Joomla category. success with sales.

Thank you, thank you. U2 mate.

I like it, good job.

Thanks Tammam.

Btw, I am now workin on RTL for your template. The update will be ready in a couple of days.

You are really churning out nice work. Wonderful style and ultra clean.

By the way I finished that site you helped me with: Thanks for all of your help.

Thanks for your kind words.

Your website looks nice, doesn’t look like any of my templates.

Good luck with your stuff mate and thanks for dropping by.


Lovely ! What an amazing menu – I’d buy that if it was available seperately for html / css.

Sorry but, no HTML version at this point.


..and thank you for your kind words :)

Excellent theme. Good luck with sales!

Does the Skitter Module come with it free or do we have to pay a subscription for it? I’ve seen on the site that it’s a commercial module so was just wondering about the license in terms of usage etc. Thanks.


This is my own extension, developed out of the original Skitter plugin.

You are free to use it for your projects but you are not to redistribute or resell.


All i can saw is wow that is amazing, i love it. I will be back to buy this one, would love to have a wordpress one, :)

Thank you. I am also considering Wordpress too, but will take some months.



I’d like to reiterate comments that it’s great to see a classy theme in the Joomla category.

I’ve been an avid J user for sometime and I was disappointed to see the emphasis here in the market on WP. Joomla is a fine and very powerful CMS and alternate/competitor to WP. I use both however…

I’m definitely going to pick this one up for use in a site project requiring J. Glad it’s a v1.7 theme also.

If I run into any issues and need any developer support I hope you can help out.

Aside, congrates on a great theme (for J) and kudos for your efforts.




I can provide professional support, as I used to work at JoomlArt, I wrote the T3 Framework wikies (now known by more than half million people), T3 Framework video tutorials and also Joomla! 1.6 video tutorials.

I also keep in touch with developers for updates and issues I encounter.

You can read the comments of my actual clients they all gave me 5 stars rating.

Thanks for your kind words and interest.


Thanks Danny for the QReply.

Big kudos for T3!

Can you tell me, have you encountered any issues with running any of the Yoo Widgets in your themes? I’m very keen to pick up your template and (aside) your other styles are rockin’ too. However, I’d like to mix and match some of Yoo components. If you know of any issues? Or would you suggest I browse your forums to get involved.

Great work man!

I don’t recommend using Zoo, that is for sure. Why? because template overrides is not an accessible feature and the way it works, for me, does not feel like a stable action.

I honestly didn’t try their other modules and plugins, I prefer Gavick and RocketTheme extensions, but mostly I prefer to create my own extensions with the true simplicity in mind: less code & less update stress; the code is so simple, does not need to be updated up to Joomla! 1.8.

In the next couple of weeks/days, I can develop K2 Support, or any other feature requested by users (K2 is far better, more mature, more popular, etc).

However, if you insist you want to use any Yoo stuff, of course I would help you by any means, I don’t quit your 5 stars rating.


Thank you. I understand K2 as a preferred option and your developer’s brain niggling re bloated code in extensions etc…

Looking forward to customising / deploying the template & wish you all the best in sales.

5 stars :)

Thanks mate, you go ahead and enjoy using my work.


Went to register for the forum however not much action there yet.

Can you tell me how I disable the cool tips on links / menu items within the framework?

In addition, links within the Gavick News Pro mod are monsters i.e rendering MOD _NEWS_PRO_GK4_NSP_READMORE

Any thoughts?



To disable cooltips, please find templates/motion/js/jqscripts.js, then find and delete the lines 46-78.

In addition, links within the Gavick News Pro mod are monsters i.e rendering MOD _NEWS_PRO_GK4_NSP_READMORE

This means that, for some reason, the nsp module language file is missing or corrupted. Please uninstall the module, then download and install the latest version here.

Please get back to me and tell me the result.

PS: You are invited to post in the forum any support issue, feature request or suggestion. The forum will be quite active you will see.


I also checked the Quickstart folders and the language file is there, maybe it was skipped from copying into your setup for some reason.

Un-installation and installation of the latest version will do just fine, the template has built in style for NSP .

Thanks D,

Will keep my eye on the forums & take your advice / suggestions.

Keep up the good work!

Hello Danny, I just recently purchased your Technik theme, and love it. Awesome work. I wished I would have seen your Motion template first! I would have probably purchased that one. Is their a way to integrate the Login Register Popup Module in Motion to work with Technik?

Thanks, keep up the awesome work! Kevin

Hi. Thanks for your purchase.

This is not hard to do. I only need to know where you want that module to go.

I will send you a package with instructions in a few minutes. Maybe the next release will include this feature too.

Just please send me a message via ThemeForest, I will reply as soon as I finish your stuff.


Forgot to mention, have you checked the latest update on Technik, it now includes some new features like GK News Show Pro and Skitter Module. Also new demo content available on the livesite and the item package quickstart sample data.


Ok, I will look for the update on the Joomla back end. Or is there a separate link for the update on your website? I will send you a message via ThemeForest as requested.


Nice work. But I hate Joomla. When you gonna do it on WP?


I don’t have any plan for WP yet, I was thinking maybe I could take some time to learn WP, then develop under this platform.

However, if you take the risk developing with Joomla!, I can guarantee your work will be as good as you would expect. I can provide professional support, I cannot do (big/much) stuff for you, there is no time for that.

I am sorry that you hate Joomla! but I can make you change your opinion. maybe you didn’t meet the right people before :)


I would highly recommend this template to anyone looking for a professional looking website!

Also support from Dan is quick and professional!

Thank you! Thank you!

I cant find anywhere to leave a 5 star rating,...

I wish I knew the answer for you, please sumbit a ticket to Envato support.


Beautiful theme!

In Firefox 8, while using any of the “light themes”, the “Read More” buttons have a single pixel line above them and seem to be slightly off. Is there a way to address this?

Unfortunately I cannot help right now, I am packing up, will fly to Europe today (on my lucky day 13th).

Everything will be fixed as soon as possible. D

I am at home for the last couple of days and I cannot reproduce the issue.

I need to know what browser and what version.


I just saw this line and I would like to hear an answer too because I need this template ASAP to develop the site but this line is looking not so nice :) However, I will purchase it and I hope in the meantime this will be solved.

Unfortunately I cannot help right now, I am packing up, will fly to Europe today (on my lucky day 13th).

I will be back of course with a solution as soon as possible.