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I erased line 151 in template.css : padding: 1px 10px 1px 22px; and I get more elegant buttons as a temporary solution.

You must be a designer indeed. Thanks for purchase.

You are welcome. I am good with Joomla core, and this template is perfect for any business so I bought it. I am very satisfied ;)

5 stars from me!


Was the first person to buy this template and forgot to say… you have the Best stuff on this site. Keep them coming!

Cheers, Ross

Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU ROSS my good friend.


Great Theme. I am new to joomla and have bought a few themes already I like this the most. Quick question. With the slider so big I find that the mouse-over is almost a foregone conclusion, and since the animation stops on mouse-over. I was wondering if you could tell me how to disable pause on mouse-over for the main slider?

I want my new visitors to see this great theme in all its glory not freeze it by parking their mouse in the wrong place.

I will have a look at this as soon as possible.

I just arrived to my home after a two days trip and all my stuff is spread all over here.

And YES of course we can change that.


I just purchased this theme and wondering how can I add the template sample data? I want to set it up like the sample site. is it possible?


Are you the one who gave me bad rating mate?

Sorry Danny, I have not rated your work yet. you do good work so keep it up. You’ll get 5 stars from me.

Thank you man, I thought I was a little harsh with my reply, I was really in a rush with some business.


Wow!! , Danny u made The best joomla template i ever laid my eyes on, Stunning…. i saw u where planning K2 support if u can do that i wil buy it in a heartbeat. Great work man.

Cheers, Gigatech

Thanks, will be done in a couple of days.


I want to know who gave me bad rating and why.


Stunnig! We are planning to update our webpage (joomla) and I have been looking at WP themes for 2-3 months, but now im back home again!!

1/ Our webpage is in Swedish, so I wonder.. do we need to translate everything from the front end into swedish?

If so… are we talking about 100, 200 0r 500 differnet words?

2/ is it possiable to have pictures and shortcodes in the megamenu?

Thanks again for a beautiful theme

Kind regards / John

Hi and thanks for dropping by.

This is Joomla! You can find translation for Swedish in the Joomla! Extensions Directory

This is to have the front-end interface into your desired language/s. As for the content, Joomla! 1.6+ comes with built-in multi-language content management, so again a plus for using Joomla.

Mega Menu support advanced features like load modules as menu items and various typography can be also used. Whatever you can understand from the above, we can do it together anytime, anything.


Im just used to WP but perhaps I change to joomla. Is it possible to embed a forum in your design? phpbb3, vbulletin or others?

another question: are there smaller sliders available in this theme?


On my website I’ve done phpBB3 and it’s more like reworking the template of the phpBB or any other forum software. There is nothing like visual integrating a platform into another platform. Still, Joomla! has several forum extensions available, with just enough features: Kunena, NinjaBoard, Agora, etc.

For the slider, you can set the size you need for the slider with no limit.


Sick template dude love this.



Thanks Lester.

Whats Joomla? :@)

I came, I saw, I purchased. 5 stars from me mate!

Joomla! is my gateway to success, friends and lots of fun.

Thanks so much.

Oozes quality! Fantastic styling with beautiful moves (check out the bottom of the contact us page for mapping etc). The Skitter is (as he says) The best joomla image projector ever, I now agree having tried it ! The display options are limited only by your imagination.

I get to use a lot of templates an a daily basis, have been using joomla since ver1. and can (without doubt) say that this is one of the nicest all round themes I have used to date. T3 is as good a framework if not better than most of the other offerings available, but in conjunction with this theme site load times are quick (especially when compared with a lot of the heavyweight stuff we use from joomlart/Gavick/RocketT).

The overall attention to detail is excellent the look and feel is balanced but best of all within no time you can have a super-pro looking site up and running earning you credibility and hopefully money!

In my opinion this is the classiest pieces of joomla candy out there at the moment, front and back, and as already mentioned the support beats the companies above by a mile, fast and friendly.

Well done.

Does that make me sound like a bit of a nerd…?

Thanks for your input here. For your last question, I leave that for others to judge, I personally don’t think you are a nerd :)

Thanks Brian. Cheers!

hi i got the same litle problem as user :GREATLIBERO in firefox 8 ( all other browsers are ok) u can fix it easy ,change template.css line 151: padding: 1px 10px 1px 22px;


padding: 1px 10px 0px 22px;

this is an Über template i highly recommend it to anyone!! 5 stars from me….

Greetings Daniel :delicious:

I am now going to apply a fix to this little issue and will update the file soon.


Please ignor / Disregard the above Fix because it cuts one line in IE and Chrome ( i think it is a firefox only bug) the Ultimate fix i found is this:

in template.css add this on line 154:

/* targets Firefox 3.0+, overriding above /

p.readmore a , x:-moz-any-link, x:default { padding: 1px 10px 0px 22px !important; }

and on line 156 add:

/ targets Firefox 3.0+, overriding above */

p.readmore a span , x:-moz-any-link, x:default { background: url(../images/readmore-orange.png) no-repeat right top; height: 18px; width: 23px; padding: 1px 12px 0px 8px; }

and now it is ok on All browsers the above is a firefox only fix all other browsers ignor it..

Greetings Daniel.. 8-)

Daniel, I think maybe you are not currently using the latest Firefox version? I have latest FF 8 .0.1 here. And I never had any problems with this readmore button, except when I zoom in a couple of levels.

Yes i have te latest firefox 8 , i tested with firefox 9 beta to , it has the same problem , i use 1920*1200 resolution but now it is fixed i am very happy with this template and other people will to, i am sure.

perhaps it has something to do with gpu rendering in firefox dunno, strange things happen sometimes with browser rendering don’t worry about it. Like i said it is a Great template.

Greetings Daniel :)

Thanks again for update, great work.

First of all this is really a great template mate. Thanks for all the hard work :)

I am currently having a problem though. As soon as I publish the skitter module I am getting this error in Windows XP and IE8 : res://ieframe.dll/acr_error.htm#

And the site will not load, I have tried to unpublish everything, and it worked like a charm, then i began publishing and found that the skitter module caused this.

Know of any way to fix this. It is a really strange problem.

still, 5 stars :D

Hi Danny,

Just unpublished all modules (skitter, gk4 and everything installed) only custom html modules left and the problem still excists.

Then I went to all of the CSS files and replaced RGBA with hex values but with no luck.

Do you have any idea of what to try now.

The issue only appears on a machine with XP and IE8 , there are no problems with any other browsers.

thanks again Dennis

Please send me a message via Profile Page:

Also tell me your site link and your admin account. I will have a look later.

Please note that Motion Template have just been updated, you may want to try the new Skitter 2.0 :)


Hi Danny,

Thank you for taking your time to help out with any issue one could stumple upon. Simply the best support I have ever recieved. :)

10 star template and 10 star support.

cheers, Dennis


1st: Fine work with this beautiful and fast loading template.

- I have one problem though: Installed quickstart and everything went fine. Only “multi-slide-with-menu-and-boxes” is giving me error: “Error loading images. One or more images cannot be found.”

I have not made changes to slides1.xml

Any idea what can be a problem?

This happens because you have enabled SEF and I forgot to change the images links.

You have 2 solutions:

1. DISABLE SEF Here’s how to:
  • Go to Joomla Global Configuration
  • find SEO COnfiguration and
  • click to uncheck that setting
  • click save


Here’s how to:
  • go to Module manager, find any Skitter, for instance the one for home page
  • click to open it and change all images links like this


It’s just adding a slash before the image path.

Let me know how this goes and thanks for the purchase.


Hi Danny

Thank You – it worked of course!


Excellent news.

Very nice theme. ( motion )

I have a few issues with it though.

1.) I use the quickstart installation, and it all goes along just fine, except a root menu problem, which is easy to fix. However, when I try to go to the kunena forum I notice that I cant change any profile information, avatars, etc. On a regular install of Joomla this all works fine out of the box. I read that it has something to do with either java, or mootools.

2.) when I go to Extension Manager, and I try to update Joomla, it fails with some database entries. It seems like the update works, but again, some database entries are errored out during install.

The Kunena issue is kinda big so I would love to learn on how to fix this.

Thanks for purchase.

The database issues on upgrade is well known.

Regarding your problem, I am not a Kunena expert, you better get support at developer, but please send me a message via profile page along with your site link and admin account.

I will have a look myself.


I should also mention that The radio buttons dont seem to work either in kunena with this theme. It has probably something to do with jat3. Just guessing.

PS. on a clean install of joomla, installing kunena, then this theme on top of it, then jat3, it all works except the radio buttons like I mentioned.

It would be great if this was fixed with the quickstart though, because that is my preferred install method.

I am sorry but Kunena never was following Joomla standards, how can a custom form elements work with such bad coding.

If you look at the search page, looking all fine, Kunena doen’t.

Anyway, I am not experienced with this but I got some users who found a work around. Also a solution can be found here:

Thanks for all of your support! Not only have you done an awesome job with the theme, but you were also willing to go in and look at my websites content to troubleshoot some changes that I was looking to be made.

keep it up!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Martin :)

Hi First of all this is a great template, one of the best i have seen so far. I am having some issues with the template at this moment, i don’t know if this is the right place to ask for some support or not, but i don’t see any other information regarding were to ask for a support or technical questions.

Please advise how to proceed

Many thanks

Send me a message via Profile Page and I will reply with a solution shortly.


Hi Danny,

Is there any way of having the botsl not opening when you refresh or load the site.

have put a display: none; in but it still opens, though much faster then with delay.

thanks Dennis

If you need the botsl to be closed from the start, and can be opened later, that is not a good practice, because the toggle script need to get the height of the botsl div when opened. If it cannot get the height, the toggle animation wouldn’t be fine at all.

There are 2 solutions:
  • leave the code as is
  • remove the toogle script and always show the botsl.

If you need to remove the script, please send me a message via profile page, I will reply shortly with a quick guide.