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What a great update for the slider Danny! Simply love it.

I just download v1.02 and did installation via Quickstart, but seems Quickstart still based on v1.01

How do you know it’s still the old one, where did your read? In Joomla! admin panel or the templateDetails.xml file?

PS: thanks for purchase :)

When I check from admin/Extension Manager, I found For example: Skitter Module v1.0 Motion template v1.0.0 K2 v2.5.1

That is because I patched the Quickstart with new files and Joomla! didn’t acknowledge. I can assure you that you have latest version of template, K2, Joomla and GK Nsp. D

we have purchase the template , runing the quickstart and the modules ralated to mod_news_pro_gk4 appears with strange caracters and when i tried to edit them in module manager , they gives me 500 error , im installing in localhost, please help me, we like this template and we have purchase it, please help us with correect function of this great template, thanks Publistudio , please answer to designer mail


I have emailed your designer.

I am getting error sending mail to your designer.


Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.


Possible solution:
Please make sure you have unpacked all files of the Quickstart. Please make sure you get back to me with news.


Thank, i have downloaded the last version of the module in the developer page, SOLVED

Hi im very impress by your excelent work, keep on it!

I really like all of your templates and i want to purchase your motion template, but first i have a cuestion, does the motion slide supports vimeo videos like the slide in benz? Is there a way to convine this slide from this two templates?

Thanks in advance for your reply

It’s basically the same slider. You can add any HTML inside, what ever YouTube, Vimeo, everything you want.

Both templates use same slider, just different settings for the slider. If I update the slider for the latest template, I will make sure all templates get the advantage of the new version.

Thanks for dropping by,

Hi Dan,

Thank you very much for your fast reply, i will purchase right now, i really like very much this template.

Keep on your excellent work! Gerardo

Thanks Gerardo, Have fun using it, and if you need a hand I am here, I can provide the slide from Benz if you need, it’s an XML file basically ;).

Hi again Dan!,

I already purchase Motion, it really great! And yes, It will be very helpfull for me to have that XML file, can you email it to me? Thanks in advance for your support

Please send me a message via Profile page here

I will reply shortly with the file attached.

Hello , its me again, I need to know where i can find the documentation related to module class suffix of this template, the template looks amazing, but i need to know configuration and personalisation posibilities, Many thank for your help


Sorry for write so much, but i have the fever of a new customer, im trying to put a favicon, but only seems the joomla icon, how i can fix it? thanks.

You need to copy a file 16×16 called favicon.ico into

templates/motion/images folder

Many thanks for help, you have a very good support, i have another inconvenience, all my template is working good now, but the articles no appear, sad thing , i dont know if the quick start files the i bouy and download, isn´t complete, or what could be the cause of this issue? please help, many problem i have found , i buy the template one day ago

Send me a message here

and please try to explain what is wrong. Also a link to your working website would help.


Hello many thanks for help, all problems solved reinstalling the template and download the new module of the developer page, one only thing more, in configurating the google maps plugin, i have the new api key, but the map dosnt show anymore when i click it, any documentation about this plugin? thanks

There is official documentation of the plugin here

For short you need to find the Google Maps Plugin in the plugin manager and set your own API key.


Best template et very good support.

Thank you very much for all that time spent to help me.

I would follow your work ; )


Thank you Patrice. I am glad I could help you with your work.


Hey man, nice job with this tempalte. I just bought it and used the quickstart.

The site (frontend) works great… Everything is looking just like in the live demo. However when trying to load the backend (administrator) I get a completely blank page.

I run other joomla 1.7 sites in the same server.

Please help,



P.S./ Please answer in this post, as I forgot to suscribe to the previous one. Thx!

This can be due to security token. You can send me your site link so I can have a look. Thanks for purchase.

Thank you, I already figured this out. Reuploaded the site and it is working quite nice.

However I have some more questions: 1. How can I remove the tooltips that show when hovering over the menu items & logo?

2. Hoy can I delete the date showing in the right side of the breadcrumbs position?

3. How can I replace the default text in the search module (I´m using spanish for this site, so I need to translate “search”


Please send me a message via profile page

I will reply with solutions for each of your questions.


hi, - I have one problem: Installed quickstart and everything went fine. Only “multi-slide-with-menu-and-boxes” don’ show anything and is giving me error: “ Agente utente: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8 .0; Windows NT 6 .1; WOW64 ; Trident/4.0; SLCC2 ; .NET CLR 2 .0.50727; .NET CLR 3 .5.30729; .NET CLR 3 .0.30729; Media Center PC 6 .0; CMNTDF ; InfoPath.2; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E) Timestamp: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 16:14:31 UTC

Messaggio: ‘this.settings.images_links.0.0’ is null o not an object Linea: 377 Carattere: 4 Codice: 0 URI :

I have made this changes: 1. DISABLE SEF Here’s how to:

Go to Joomla Global Configuration
find SEO COnfiguration and
click to uncheck that setting
click save

2. CORRECT THE IMAGES LINKS – recommended Here’s how to:

go to Module manager, find any Skitter, for instance the one for home page
click to open it and change all images links like this


Any idea what can be a problem?

Replied by email.

Great template, great support.

Dan answered quickly solving all my issues with the template´s customization.

K2 was already integrated, which I think is great. Be sure to install the sample data, as at least for me it was easier to substitute the dummy conntent with my own.

Highly recommended.

Thanks :)

Replied to your message, please check your e-mail.

hi. i want to purchase this templates. can you help me a Turkish character?

I can help, but I hope you don’t need full Right To Left Language Support.

i dont need full support i need help about ç , ? , ü , ? , ö , ?. i need <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=ISO-8859-9”> support :)

That is Joomla core stuff, has nothing to do with a Template. Charset UTF -8 covers all possible Latin languages, including yours.

Anyway, we can sort things out privately for such a small issue.

Hello, im having many problems in IE 9 , any patch to solve this?, im getting in some IE computers very big screen , i need to fix that problem, in IE 9 many components no appear, please help, the enterprise of this page only uses IE, i need some help about this, any new actualization?

Hi. Please send me a message via Themeforest profile page, gimme a link to your site and specify the nature of your issues. I will check your mail and reply shortly.


I have a problem to install the template in localserver.

I have next problem: JInstaller: :Install: File not exits C:\xampp\htdocs\joomla\tmp\install_4f267def895e1\core

I don’t know how i can install the template.

Thank you! Regards

Hi and thanks for reporting. I confirm the issue. I am going to update today.

You can still use it without any issue, please proceed with manual installation via Discover feature:
  • unpack the template zip file
  • create a folder “motion” inside templates folder
  • copy the unpack data to this folder
  • go to Extensions Manager and click Discover
  • once found, select it and click Install

Hope this helps, please stay tuned, I am going to fix this as soon as possible.

I fixed the issue, please send me an a message via profile page, i will reply to you with the latest version fixed.



Am getting trough this fab theme. Still to this day i have read through the documentation and cannot find 2 things.

1. The tools panel at the top left, I want to block it. As don’t need it.

2. Your latest news, and popular news are displayed as a slide, with the prev and next buttons. How do I do this?

Thank you

Please send me a message via profile page

I will reply shortly. Thanks.

Danny has been the greatest help.

Thank you

Thanks James, good to know you got it fixed :)

Good evening,

I bought the template motion. But there is a problem with the module :Skitter Module Multi Slide. The background slide milticolor is not working.

Thanks you for helping me.

Hi, did you check the FAQ of this template?