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Thanks, that’s working.

Thanks a lot.

Hello, my Web developer has tried to deploy ‘Motion’ 7 times but keeps getting error 404. Any suggestions? Thanks

Please send me a message via profile page. Send me a link to your site, I will have a look


where can I adjust the footer in this template

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Hi Danny,

is there any option to disable google font in the website or is this an jat3 question.

I am experiencing really slow pageloads and want to optimize the site as much as possible.

Thanks Dennis

The font is the least of the problem. When using Skitter with large images (wide) and many more others, plus many other scripts, the page load could go into the sky. Try minimy + compression for js and css see what’s the result.

Hi Danny, I actually tried your suggestion and changed the template settings to minimy and compress. Also I activated cache in the global configurations and template. And must say, it works like a charm. :D the load time has improved significantly.

thanks again Danny, you are the best.

You can edit footer from file template.css From line 12 #ja-footer {background: transparent;}

Let’s keep this conversation clean with no code here. We should solve this in a minute, so please send me a message via profile page here



I do the Quickstart Installation. The homepage is ok, but when I go to the Our Company menu, I get this error on the slider:

Error loading images. One or more images cannot be found.

What is the problem?


Greetings dnp!

I would like to ask if I’m able to add a reCAPTCHA to the “create an account”-popout? I can see there is one already in the “lost username?” & “lost password?”, which is great but I would like to have one for new visitors-register. I want to add a kunena forum board to this template and I need to make sure its spam-bot free so a reCAPTCHA is essential for me :)

Thanks in advance! David

Hey Danny.

Thank you for your fast reply. That is good to hear! Furthermore I would like to ask, since I think about buying the Motion Template, if its possible to resize that giant slideshow in height/width and if I’m able to user smaller slideshow pictures as well or am I forced to stick to “widescreen-extra-large”-pictures?

Is it also possible that you are able to see a header-banner if you leave the homepage and navigate somewhere else? Because right now in the Motion template, if you leave “Home”, the slideshow disappears and your left with just the navigation and the content.

Furthermore, I would like to know if its possible to replace the “sample-logo” to a bigger one (for example double as big as the “Motion”-logo), without destroying the excisting header^^

Thank you for your help! Best regards, David

About captcha, just to make things clear: right now there is no reliable MODULE to have register with captcha. We can replace the button “Register Account” in the Login/Register PopUpModule with a link to registration page that has core captcha support with Joomla 2.5 now.

The slider can have any size you want (check this out), some minor template.css adjustments will be needed and provided for that.

I don’t really understand what you need with pathway module, but I can tell you that you can use whatever module on whatever page you want.

The logo higher size does not brake the layout, but creates more space you can use ;).

I am happy I could provide answers to your questions.

About captcha again, I have coded core reCaptcha plugin to work with my module ;)

Will update my templates as soon as I can. Meanwhile if you decide to purchase, I will send you files and guides on what to do to have it in your setup.


PERFECT is the best description of this template ! Love it !

Thanks Nicha :)


Please, how can i translate “Register Account”, “BACK LOGIN ” and in Contact-form the same about “Email”, “Subject” and “Message”.


thanks a lot.

Hello How can i delete the modul “motion Options”, because i don’t need it.


You can find that in the documentation.

Hey everyone.

I purchased this Joomla! theme. This is a great Joomla theme , one of the best here. It’s top stuff. I look forward to following you dnp_theme and see what else you develop as your stuff is awesome!

And thank you for your top support, all my emails that i sent regarding any support were answered and resolved straight away.

5 Star rating from me. :)

Thank you!

Sweet :)

Don’t forget to follow me, very soon you will have a pretty awesome surprise :)


Already following! :) Done!


Hello How do I change the font menu to “Oswald” with Polish characters? Thanks and regards

Here are the available gliphs coming with Oswald from Google Webfonts:

If Polish characters are not included, you may have to find another typeface (font).

how to change to another font? I have a file in którum declare a change?

There you go

Some additional CSS adjustments will be required in motion/css/template.css and motion/css/k2-style.css replace Oswald with your font.

Have fun :)

how come you can’t post videos into the Slideshow Module? i want to post a YouTube video in that module position … i like the black wide background,, when i put text and or video.. nothing shows up.. any suggestions ?

Ah sure you can. Just you have to wrap it in a div and put it on the center.

If nothing shows up, I think your editor is not ok, please install JCE , fixes most similar issues.

installed JCE .. still can’t get video to show up, can you provide me with sample code ? cheers!

Here is the catch: most code editors will strip your code. Please use my “Simple blank module” to paste your youtube, vimeo, etc embed code inside. This is the solution in this case.

Dear dnp_theme,

Great template! Cant download the jat3 framework cause the link of joomlart is dead! (encoding error) can you give me a mirror link?

Thank you in advance!

Please try again. It works for me, so perhaps there was a short period maintenance or something.

It is ok now, probably it was an error of joomlart for yesterday! Thank you for your reply!

I can’t find the JAT3 framework anywhere. the download link you provided is dead.

The site can be in maintenance mode, some users reported the same, I tested later and was fine. Sorry for the inconvenience but it’s not up to me.

May I know how to adjust font size on “Menu Items” ?

Hello. Please contact me via profile page form, I don’t share code here. Thanks

Help plz.. I have problem with full installation. I bought this template but I cant configure as demo :( help plz… help heeelp :(

I cannot help via this feedback man. Please join me private.

i sent u msg on fb. plz write answer. thnx

Please do not request support related questions on Facebook. I cannot confirm your purchase there. Thanks

Welcome. I have a problem with the graphics button, a link to a screenshot in the link below. Please help solve the problem. Thanks and regards

Please don’t try to customize the mega menu that way, it’s really a hard job. In your case you can revert the design and leave it as is. I had that problem myself and I had really a bad time trying to fix it.

Thanks for understanding.