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Welcome. How do I disable this “You are here: Home”. Thanks and regards

Please find and disable the module “mod_breadcrumbs” in the “breadcrumb” module.

Hi, after a quick install i get the following error: jQuery is not defined http://******************/components/com_k2/js/k2.js Line 9 on the K2 item page. This happens cause k2.js is loading before the jQuery.js on your template. Have you fixed this or we have to correct it manually?

I fixed that issue some days ago and I will update the package soon. Send me a PM via profile page if you need it urgently. Thanks


Really well thought out template and doing everything I need it to.

A quick question: Can I set the bottom hidden info area to show by default on all or selected pages?



We can do this: show the section by default on all pages. If so, PM me, I will send instructions. To get it to work different page by page, that is custom code I could do as freelance work, but I don’t have the time. I hope you understand :)

Hi, I was going to show a friend the site i made using this template over a Facebook Msg / and when i copy the web address into the msg it shows a thumbnail (great) but the default text is (Skywalker Template for Joomla! 1.6 Demo Server) >> my Metadata in Joomla is configured in Global Settings, so how do I change this?? Cheers C

You need to change the metadata for the Home menu item :)

awesome , thanks for the help !

Send me a PM with a link to your site, I am curious to see it. Thanks

Hello, Where can I change the menu background color of the Mega Red? Good work

Check previous message :)

Hello again; I entered the necessary color codes css file, but only on Firefox when I’m done with new colors on the colors instead of displaying the selected template, ie colors or chrome looks. Please help me :)

Please send me a PM, I will send you an updated version of the template, it fixes Mega Menu too :)

Double post :)


I just want to ask you which contact form you have used on this example.If it’s standard Joomla form as I think it is, how you inserted captcha, I cant achieve it.


I only provide support to verified customers, sorry mate..

Hi Change the color of the menu by editing the css file corrected the problem, at this time 7 or 8 on the slide when you add Skitter Slider Module Save to slide after slide s, and personal settings when we lost all of that added, waiting for your help on the subject. work well.

Hi please check the FAQs regarding Skitter:

Soon a new version comes with many fixes and new features, please deal with content meanwhile, later you will add your slides quick and easy ;)


Please, can i change the color Dark red with Black red ??

Thank’s for the help.

You can, just check the css files of those themes and let me know via PM if you need any help.

Hello and bravo for this fantasy template, j ’ shall have a small question to pose you; exists you he(it) a free plugin to post automatically articles K2 on facebook and to tweeter? Saddened for my English me am French In ++

Thanks for your feedback. You can try to find a suitable yourself, right here:

Hello, another small question, SEF does not work with K2 how to remedier has this problem thank you

The template has nothing to do with SEF & K2. You can try a different template with SEF and K2. I suggest seeing for support at K2 developer. Thanks

Hello, I have to find the solution so that SEF works, for information j ’ included in my .htaccess PHP 5 .3.10, SEF works well on the other hand to skitter module does not work any more, have you a solution? Thank you

FYI : Skitter have been updated and can be found with the latest version of the package. Check the updated documentation on Skitter.

Hello, I need the CSS code MENU CLASS SUFFX for create a new menu multi-language and have the same style, which is? thank you

Please check your e-mail.


I need to change the color gray in the black bottom of the site, if you can tell me corrspondant CSS file.

Thank you for your help.

Just installed the newest quickstart and did an update for K2.. now the home page has a white screen (blank page) please advise…

Please contact me via PM

PS: Don’t forget to read that page, maybe you can find some useful info.

Fantastic theme and excellent support. Just wanted to take the time to say how impressed I am. And I am not easily impressed. Will be looking for templates by Dan from now on before anyone else.

Thanks Rich, enjoy :)

First of all i had some serious troubles getting it to work with my intentioned website, i have to say such a fast and nice support, i have never recogniced with any other product.

The developer gave me additional tips about my serverconfig, joomla configuration and tried to fix the page, unfortunately it was fully packed with extensions that it was easier to setup a new sample page and import the content. The quickinstall works very good, except the t3framework had to be reinstalled when getting a browser class error after first frontpage visit.

The documentation is up to date and packed with the template.

In addition i have to mention the speed of replies during the support phase, it was instantly! 10 mails in 10 minutes helped a lot fixing the errors.

Perfect support, Keep up the good work!

dnp_theme really sets the standard for Joomla templates. Motion is an excellent addition to the portfolio and customer support, as always, has been fantastic. Thanks again for a great product.

Thanks my friend, glad I could help :)

Having trouble using your sample xml file..

“To use this feature, first you have to choose XML from Skitter Global Options Panel, and set a file name for your XML file. Example: my-file.xml. Don’t forget the .xml file extension and this file must be uploaded to your-site/modules/mod_dnp_skitter/xml folder.”

There isn’t an option to select XML in my Skitters Global Option Panel? Please help..

Please contact me via PM I will send you the latest version. Thanks

Hi, how change DNP Login background in RokPopUpModule???

Please contact me via profile page PM for support.

FYI : that is the RokBox Plugin used, you can find it and change it’s theme to your convenience.

Hi, complete blank template, even if i try putting ja blank template. i have PHP Version 5.3.10.. need a fix for this soon..

Please test with Beez template, if it is the same, you are missing some files.