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Hello, I can not run a re-captcha correctly in the creation account rokpopup, “get a new chalenge” and “get a chalenge audio” does not work? Maybe javascript? Thank you for your reply Teddy

Yes, it’s Google Javascript in there, perhaps they are working on it. Recently all Google services feel like beta again.

I just would like to say how satisfied I am with the fast response and solution provided by Dan to an issue I encoutered. What make a great template is also the quality of the support that you receive after you purchase it. And Dan does that job also very well. Thanks again.

Thanks mate, very kind words of you :)

Hi there,

I just bought the motion corporate which i find it beautiful. I have a serious problem though.

When i install the quickstart in localhost, the admin panel and the front end are perfectly fine. However when i install it on my webserver only the backend functions.

When i click for the front end ..i get an error loading page. Why is that?

You can start by sending me a site link on private

I found the solution!

I enabled the error reporting from joomla admin panel and i received the error: Fatal error: Class ‘Browser’ not found in /www/htdocs/w00d93ba/wow/plugins/system/jat3/jat3/core/common.php on line 336

someone suggested the installation of the latest version of JA T3 System Plugin for Joomla 2.5 and it works! I can see the frontend!

Good day, If i may, I have a few Qs; 1: Portfolio management: if i want to upload a bunch of pictures, is it basic Joomla interface of creating articles and attaching image or admin side has gallery tools where i can easily upload a bunch of images and categories? And do you have something more powerful as current gallery is not enough for me. I need something like a portfolio with more category flexibility 2: can i use video and links to youtube instead of just images in the news or in portfolio? 3: I use Yahoo hosting, will i have problems with this template? I know yahoo is not very flexible and blocks use of .htaccess I have already tried using wordpress template and had issues and developer would not support me in any way.

Thank you very much

For all your questions, you can use K2 with your custom template overrides, disable some features, make use of custom fields, K2 can manage videos too. For all these I think you need to have a look at my latest template. I need to know what this template have that you like and possible like to see with my latest template. Thanks :)

Hi man, very great job for this template,

i have only two questions:

1. just below the slider, how can i set the articles with icon like in the demo page?

2. Why, when i set the swuence code in slide and give it the “long dark strikes” parameter, it results as a simple white text?

thanks for the support

it was purchase yesterday with my boss account, can’t remember his account… it was about 12.00 (rome time)

OK so you have to do somehow so that you can prove you have a valid license.

ok, i’ll try to find my boss’ account.

First off if you are thinking of buying any of dnp_themes do it. Service & quality is top notch.

Hey there, please contact me via PM

finally i found my boss’ account

Hi man, very great job for this template, i have only two questions: 1. just below the slider, how can i set the articles with icon like in the demo page? 2. Why, when i set the swuence code in slide and give it the “long dark strikes” parameter, it results as a simple white text? thanks for the support

Alright, with this account please contact me via PM, and please provide more details on what you are trying to accomplish. Thanks

Hi, we have used this template and got very good result. See the website:

Only one problem we have. If you look at the site with an iPhone. You can only see the middle block – nothing else…. Is there any solution to this?

Thanks TS

The T3 Framework templates are supposed to look like that. Please contact me via PM for support.



What should I do to add SPOTLIGHT ?. In the documentation I found nothing, What should I install or configure?


If you are trying to locate the spotlight positions, here is a map:

Thanks for your answer, I meant the way you show “Latest News” and “Popular News” on the homepage of the theme. < >

Have you had a chance to install the Quickstart? It is a perfect clone of the demo.


I solved the previous problem, so there’s another question:

how can i make the three column items just over the blog?

i talk about these items: (it’s only a screen of your demo-site)

thanks for the support


Please contact me via PM here



Great template! I was wondering how can I have the google font work in offline mode? I need to have it locally. Where can I change this?


Please contact me via PM for support questions.

Hi, i need to add some code to the <head> area, where do I access it? also how do you get the facebook, twitter icons?

Please contact me via PM for support requests:


Hey Dan! Just purchased this template- It has been a favorite of mine for a while, I was just waiting for the right project! I have already worked with Kent and Galaxy and looking forward to developing on this one!

During the install I am getting an error while attempting to install the sample data. It is vague and reads as follows:

“Some errors occurred while populating the database:”

Then it doesn’t give any further info… What are your thoughts on this. I decided to not proceed with the install until hearing back from you.



Will check with you as soon as I get to my PC. Please send me a line via PM. Thanks

Juts got a problem with Sh404SEF.. The skitter module has vanished once SH404SEf enabled.

Support requests goes via PM. Thanks

Hi. I´ve bought this template and its awesome. i’ve been working on it, and i have a problem with the search input box inside the main menu. When i resize the browser window to a smaller size, the search input box keeps getting over my main menu and the users cant see the menu. Is there any way to get the search input box not getting in the way like i´ve described before?. Thanks

Contact me via PM, and don’t forget to send a link to your site.

Excellent Man !! Keep it Up !! I like it

Thank you my friend :)

Just wanted to say the support and this template has all been top notch! It’s the most bug free template I’ve ever used from ThemeForest and the support from Dan has been the best out of any developer on ThemeForest.

Thanks man :)

I have been working in this theme for more than a week, all were well. But I don’t understand what exactly the #ja-botsl is hiding for? the forgotten area is flashing…and only shows if we click on it.

Can I turn it as always on showing? (where to do this?)

Contact me via PM for support and send a site link, Thanks

Have update 3.0 ?

Nop, but a Joomla 3 version is scheduled, now depends on the time frame of the future months.

Hi My slide show in home page have problem in IE 8 and it’s not working. but in motion theme demo in your site it’s working ! i don’t know what’s the problem! i’ve download motion theme again in to my local host and it’s not working again. please tell me what should i do? thanks

First, thanks for purchase, now for support, drop me a line via PM. Thanks