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how can i make the theme look like the demo theme. is there a demo data file in the installation zip or there is some other way

is there a way to make the theme look exactly like demo theme?

Hi theawesomecoder

When you purchase Motion Picture you will gain access to the demo’s XML file which you can upload to your site for quick and easy installation :)


the demo XML file is part of the zip that i will download from themeforest right?

Hi theawesomecoder

It will be a download link in the theme settings panel.


Hello, This a good theme and I just wanted to know if it is compatible with wp-robot?

Hi osamaBEN

That would be a yes :)


Hi I have a Youtube channel where I talk about movies and TV shows and now I’m looking for a Wordpress theme to use on my website. I really liked this theme at first, but I do have a few questions:

1) How big can my logo be? 2) Is it possible to add ad units? I was thinking of a 728×90 right beside my logo on top, and maybe another one in the middle of the website (between Featured and Latest) 3) I’ll be posting videos (once a week) and news/fun facts/lists about TV Shows and movies, maybe three times a week. Is there a “blog” option on this theme? I mean, I want the user to access the website and see my latest videos, but also have a “blog” option where the user would have access to these news content. 4) On a page like this (http://demo.oboxsites.com/motionpicture/nuisibles/) can I edit the sidebar to show bigger ads, not show the Twitter, feed, etc?


I really like this theme that I purchased but I can’t get it to look like the demo and it is frustrating. I’ve read other comments that you left with others that had the same problem but you don’t really give a thorough explanation of how to get what we purchased to look like your demo. Is the XML in our zip file? How do we load it up and make it look like the demo….then change it and make it fit what we want?

Please help.


The best method to get help on this is to consult with my support team or read the documentation on Motion Picture: http://kb.oboxthemes.com/documentation/motion-picture-docs/

Included in the docs is a link to download the demo content in XML format.

If you’re still stuck would it be possible to post your question in our forums so that our support crew can assist?

You can gain access by following the instructions here: http://oboxthemes.com/support

Once you are registered you will be redirected to your profile where you will need to enter your Purchase Code.

To get your purchase code you need to login to ThemeForest and go to the “Downloads” tab, you will see a ‘Download’ button next to the theme you purchased. Click this button and a drop-down will appear with a link to your “License Certificate”. The .txt file in that download contains your “Item Purchase Code” which you can enter in via the brown paw in your Obox dashboard.


Has this theme been tested on WP 4.1?

Yep, it’s ready :)

Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 4.2?

Yep :)

Wonderful! Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

Hi, I’m having some trouble with the layout changes and I have a few questions.

Is there any chance I can fix the logo full width on the top? I can’t even change the color of the top bar and this is a huge problem. I guess this is a error with the system. Can you help me with that?

And about the home menu, is there a way to centralize the options or it just works in the left?


Hi there,

Can you please register for support on Obox and post your technical questions on our forums?

It’s the best place for us to track your question and get quick responses to you:


~ Marc

I am interested to get this, I just want to know if users can register and post too. I am looking to make a simple community portfolio theme, where users can send messages, follow other users, have their own profile page with their posted videos, and how does liking works with this theme? I can’t find a way to add a count on the heart icon =)


Hi Resse

Wow, so sorry for such a late reply!!

Users can register and post however that is controlled by core WordPress functionality :)

If you’d like social network functionality then I don’t think Motion Picture is the best solution unless you use the Paid Membership Pro WordPress plugin.


Hi, I am searching for a video wordpress theme with the following features

Key requirements - Multi lingual/WPML compatible - Mobile compatible/responsive - Self-hosted videos - YouTube, video etc embedded video upload quickly - Auto thumbnail - Description - Meta tags/SEO Functionality - User submitted videos - Adding picture section – like Pinterest - Like/share/views/comments/etc functionality – by user creating an account - Creating categories and sub categories to tag videos - Similar videos functionality - Clean URL - Keyword search functionality - Ad space - Features/premium/standard videos - Video blogs

does this have this all?

Hi KodeFlow

Looks like Motion Picture fits your requirements!

Just some notes:

User accounts are managed and created by popular WordPress Subscription plugins

Clean URL’s would also require a WP plugin


Isn’t over a year a little long to go without an update?

Hi Shikkaba

The latest update was in August 2015, you can read more here http://kb.oboxthemes.com/motionpicture-2-0-8/


But themeforest shows the following: Last Update 16 April 14, and the latest download I can get is 2.0.4 (just tried now). How does that work?

Updates are handled via our main site

does this support latest WP update?

Indeed :)

Hi. Could you please advise whether Breadcrumb is available in this theme?

Hi there, the theme itself does not offer bread crumb nav except for “previous” and “next” post navigation. We’d suggest using a breadcrumb plugin instead.


Ta. Most of my video contents are written as pages rather than posts. Would this be OK with this theme?

Yea that should be fine (sorry for my late reply)

How to increase content width and decrease sidebar width a little. Basically we want to increase content area width on single blog posts as its too less almost equal to sidebar so need to increase content area width and decrease sidebar list a little.

O.K this theme is obsolet…