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Hey! Cool theme. Is possible to use only image and not video?

Yep you can use either videos or images :)

Very nice theme!

I would like to purchase it, but I notice that scrolling goes very slow. Can you see if that can be solved?

Thanks! Tom

Hi Tom

This may be system related. What PC/Browser combo are you using?


Hi Dave,

I was checking it out on an iMac using the latest Safari. I just checked it in Firefox and see that this is a browser thing.

Don’t enjoy this though, because Safari is being used more and more now, due to increasing Mac sales. it’s not a marginal browser any longer.

Any idea what might fix this?

Thanks! Tom

Is it possible to use self hosted video instead of Vimeo or You Tube? I’ve my own dedicated servers and if I buy this, I want it to look professional and not have to worry about my customers being interrupted with ads and commercials. Good idea here. Good job for sure. Cheers mates.

Hi Drmedia,

As long as your videos have embed code you can include them into Motion Pic posts, WordPress does not automatically generate the embed code, so it would have to be created manually.


can audio be used


As long as the audio files have an embed code, you can use them instead of videos.


Please post screen-shots (or preferably demo) of the admin panels. Thank you.

Hi Travis

I will post up some screenshots but in the meanwhile have you seen details of the OCMX plugin here: OCMX Live

Hi, we’re about to use this as our theme video support section for our themes and plugins here on themeforest, it looks awesome and perfect in al ways for this purpose.

Now i can’t open the documentation, it opens my terminal when i click on it. Mac OS X 10 .6.7.

What kind of file type is it and how to open it on a mac?

Never mind my last comment, i figured out how to set things up without the docs ;)

One question remains, when adding youtube video i’m not able to get the correct size. Is there any particular dimension i need to keep?

Hi WP Titans,

Can you drop us a link to your site so that I can have a look at the problem?


Hi, I am using a license of JW Player, can use it on this theme ? Besides, do you have page navigation at homepage too, so I can select: category 1, 8 videos plus see more pages

category 2, 8 videos plus see more pages

category 3, 8 videos plus see more pages

category 4, 8 videos plus see more pages

category 5, 8 videos plus see more pages

category 6, 8 videos plus see more pages

all that at HOMEPAGE ?

and I still protect that homepage so that only members of the sites could watch the WHOLE video, and people that has not yet registered, only see 1 minute of it ?

Hi Argos,

We don’t have pagination per video widget, but if a user clicks on the widget title they’ll be taken to a page which lists all the posts for that specific category, including pagination.

Regarding the protection, if it’s handled by a plugin it should work fine.


The documentation for this theme really needs work. It’s difficult to follow and not concise at all.

Can you release an updated version with better docs?

Hi Headfirst

We are 100% open to suggestions. Documentation is never easy to get perfect.

Is there anything specific that you don’t understand or like about the documentation (the language, the order etc). If you have any suggestions please could you drop me a mail, dave.perel@gmail.com and I will make sure to make adjustments.


Is there a major difference between this theme sold here and sold at the Obox website? I know that the $50 covers two themes actually, but for instance is the OCMX plugin also included in this version?


The only difference between the theme supplied on TF compared to the theme supplied on Obox is that if you buy it on Obox you get to install it on unlimited sites.

In both instances the OCMX Framework is included. There is no difference in the actual product itself.

Hope that makes sense.


I am looking for a theme to use for my website. I would like to have something like 5by5.tv has. I understand that they don’t use Wordpress, but I was wondering if I could have show pages and custom pages with this theme?

Hi Nick

Yep that is possible with Motion Picture :)


i realy cant open the help documentation…were can i get a file that opens ?



You can login to Obox (using your purchase code) and then go to Support > Documentation in the main menu.


Great Theme, easy to setup and I thought you covered everything in the documentation. However, I am running into one issue. The drop down items from my Primary Nav are hidden behind videos at the top of the page. Is there an easy fix for this?

Hi Naamos

This could be a z-index issue or possibly a transparency issue with regards to the video embed. We will take a look into it. Which video host are you using?


i have purcahsed this theme already from obox-design, but figured i’ll get faster response here.

is there way to put wp-register page(fields) in a page that i created?


Would it be possible to post your question in our forums? That way our technical guys can help out :)


What’s with half the files in the package missing file extensions? Can you fix this?

I registered for your website, using my themeforest license. When logging into your support forum, it showed that I had made forum posts already.

I think your website is buggy in this area. How should I proceed?


Thanks for the feedback, can you please try logging in again with your purchase ID? We have corrected the problem.


When I supply a youtube video address and select HD via the post settings, the video is not displayed in High Definition. How do I force the theme to display the video in HD?


The HD setting in the options panel refers to the layout, you will need to make sure that the video you’re embedding is indeed an HD video.

If it’s not defaulting to HD mode, try using the youtube embed code instead of the path to the video.


I am using the ‘OCMX – Slider’ on the homepage and have set an auto-slide interval of 14 seconds. When I play the video, the auto-slide continues to act as normal.

Is there anyway to have the auto-slide stop when watching the video?


Unfortunately we have not found a way around this, since the videos are set inside either an iframe or are flash, they don’t correlate to any actions set by the theme’s jQuery.

We are trying to find a solution for this though.

Where is get_obox_image defined? I need to change some of the vimeo embed parameters…


It’s set in /ocmx/front-end/media.php