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Does this theme support the standard WordPress menu editor.

Hi Dialogcrm,

Yes it does.


does the theme only support 4 column or is there a choice for 2-3? and i noticed you only show vimeo videos , how do youtube and vevo look for example?

Hey, i want to add a date separator between days i add videos. is this possible?

Hi Kideze,

This would be possible with some customization of the theme, it’s not a standard feature unfortunately.


i’m feeling a little skeptical about support for this template since i emailed you guys twice and you have not responded.

My question is how does this site look(function) with YouTube videos? Can you direct me to one so I can see it in action?



Hi Oba

Did you use our contact form on obox-design.com? I respond to all our mails, my apologies if I missed yours.

The site will work just as well with YouTube videos. The only reason we are using Vimeo videos is because their player looks so awesome.

The site works well with any 3rd party video host such as YouTube, Blip, Viddler, Vimeo etc.

Hope that answers the question :)


Thanks for responding Dave. Yes, I did use your obox-design contact form. Either way its okay. Listen Dave, I want to see how YouTube looks on your template. Vimeo does look awesome, but all the vids I need are on YouTube unfortunately.

Do you know of any customer sites that have used YouTube so I can see how the player looks?

Hi Oba888,

Here’s a link to a post with a youtube video used instead of a Vimeo video http://demo.obox-design.com/motionpicture/rhoncus-nec-fermentum-quis/

Thanks Dave. I appreciate you going through the trouble of making a demo. I’m going to buy!

Awesome :)

Hello, Today I purchased the “Motion Picture” Theme. The download at Theme Forest is the version 1.1.2. Where can I download the new version 1.1.7?

Thanks for the help.

Greeting Matthias

Hi Matthias

You need to install your current version of Motion Picture.

Then simply go to “Update” under “Theme Options” in WP Admin.

In there you will be guided on how to get the latest version of your theme.


is it possible to show latest videos on homepage except the categories?

Hi Jay

I’m afraid Motion Pictures home page is category driven.


Hi Jay,

At the moment, we only have the option to select which category is used (not to exclude certain categories) if you’d like to add that functionality we can assist you in our forums once you’ve purchased the theme.

How do you create a page that looks like this? There is no ‘gallery’ template shown in the page template types. Thanks

Hi Adeelarshad,

For Motion Picture, the Gallery template is not included as it does not have the OCMX Gallery plugin.

Sorry for any confusion caused.

Nice them, very interesting im looking for something like this. Except I need some kind of rating system, where people can vote i=on the movie (heart with number of votes) or a star rating system.

Is it possible to add this option in a update, i think it would really add to the theme.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi Hotspot,

You will be able to use a ratings plugin with the theme, there are many rating plugins available, so it won’t require any custom work.



I have purchased the Motion Picture and currently working on it.

Firstly I would like to point out that I have received confirmation emails regarding my purchase, however none of them state a ‘purchase code’ so I cannot log in for support.

I am a novice and I’m trying to change the ‘Motion Picture’ title which appears at the top of the homepage to my own text. How do I do this please?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


Hi Kam

To get your purchase code you need to login to ThemeForest and go to the “Downloads” tab, you will see a link below the theme title called “License Certificate” http://cl.ly/7thr.

The .txt file in that download contains your “Item Purchase Code” which you can then use to login to the Obox forums.

Hope that helps, if you have any other questions please let me know.


two things i want to ask before i buy can the videos on the mainpage be adjusted in size and if they are thumbnails can they be adjusted aswell ?

if you click a video thumbnail can it be set so it starts playing at the top player rather than having to go onto a separate page and only goes to the separate post page after ou click the video or post tittle ?

Hi I recently purchased this theme and I really like it, but I have one question:

I noticed in the psd files that the home page layout includes the featured video with 4 videos below it then a series of blog posts with a sidebar on the right side. This is EXACTLY the layout that I would like to use for the home page of my site…

However I am having some trouble re-creating this layout.

Could you tell me how to achieve this?


Hi J Chansen,

Can you drop me a mail on marc[at]obox.co.za so that I can help you out?


Hi I have a couple of questions before I buy:

Firstly, on the homepage, is it possible to change the video preview size – at the moment there are 4 columns of small videos. Could we, for example, change this to two column of videos which are 640×360. Can we customise the video to any size on the homepage?

Secondly, do you have this theme for Joomla?

Thirdly, Can we have as many homepage categories as we want?

Finally, can we, on the homepage, have widgets between the categories, like places etc.,, for example to place a banner or contact form? Or is this only available in the footer? Can we move the footer up so that it appears before these categories or in between?


We have a group of Approved Modifiers (Link) who we recommend for custom modifications.

Hi, one more thing.

Instead of playing directly, is there a way for someone to click the video and open a lightbox with a video of a different resolution, e.g. 720×480


Hi Mubzy

By uploading an image when creating your post it will allow users to click through to the post itself where they can watch the video.

Hope that makes sense.


Hello I bought and installed the theme, but I can not set the cell interface as the demo theme, I can list how to arrange the widgets? thanks

Hi comunicazionisociali

We’d love to help, would it be possible to post your question in our forums so that our support crew can attend to your request?

To get your purchase code you need to login to ThemeForest and go to the “Downloads” tab, you will see a link below the theme title called “License Certificate” http://cl.ly/7thr.

The .txt file in that download contains your “Item Purchase Code” which you can then use to login to the Obox forums.

You can login via this page on Obox: http://www.obox-design.com/please_login.cfm


Hello, awesome template. A question regarding mobile usage via ipad or iphone. Can I implement a html 5 player and embed selfhosted video files like .mp4 or .ogg?

Hi Cu3

An HTML5 player will work however unfortunately self hosted vids won’t work. We are looking at an update for both our video themes in order for them to play self-hosted files but for the moment it is not possible.



I posted a question on your forum site but I haven’t gotten any responses. It’s been a couple of weeks. Can you guys help me out, please?

Thank you for you help in advance!

Hi Danny

I will have a look at why our support crew hasn’t replied. I am genuinely sorry for the delay in response.

If you want to you can mail me directly, david at obox.co.za and I will forward your mail to one of the support guys so that they can attend to it directly.


This theme is completely broken.

The menu doesn’t work at all.

This is on Safari on a Mac.


Hi Asha

Have you setup your menu via Appearance -> Menus? Motion Picture is being successfully used by many many people, I am sure we can help you out.


Hey, love the theme. Before buying I wanted to know if its possible to upload documents (.pdf, .doc etc..) so people can download them off any posts/blog if i have them.

Cheers Luke

Hi Luke

Yep that’s possible :)