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Hello, I’m interested to purchase, will you be able for integration job for a php script ?

please send us details on support(at)ab-themes.com

this template is for wordpress?

Hi, unfortunately not.. This is pure HTML template, to make changes on it you have to know minimally HTML and CSS. We still plan to release WordPress theme but i can’t give any timeframe. Cheers


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* Responding to questions or problems regarding the item and its features
* Fixing bugs and reported issues
* Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions

Item support does not include:
* Customization and installation services
* Support for third party software and plug-ins

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The backend of this theme, is PHP? Does it have a Panel to create the ad? Can I make changes on this? Is it possible to compare cars side by side? Thanks.

This is pure HTML template, there is no backend or any kind of administration. Cheers

Hello. It’s the best auto theme I have ever seen, but I need multiselects with checkboxes, radiobuttons and searchfield inside it… Can you do this? Then I will be ready to buy this theme even for 30-50-100$ :)

Hi, thank you :) I’m glad you like it :) We have plans to do WordPress version of this template so we will consider adding mentioned fields in it. And maybe later we update this HTML :)

Thanks for quick answer :)

To change the logo, do I have to purchase the PSD?

no need for that, you can replace logo image with whatever you like :)
But if you mean to use the same logo and do changes on it then you will have to buy PSD
Cheers :)

I bought the PSD and I cannot do changes to the logo?? All I can change is the colour??

Please contact the author of PSD item, i have only made HTML version of it..


Strange but, in Internet Explorer 8 the page item.html dont fit the CSS content… all elements (divs, etc) got scrambled and poor aligns… how to fix that?

Regards, Carlos

we have tested it and it looks fine to us.. Please open a topic on our support forum and provide us with snapshots and link of your site. :)

Do you have a timeline for an update?

we currently don’t have due date for update.. Cheers

Hi, well there be a wordpress version?

Best, Khial

we still hope that we will make it, but not sure. We are currently developing other themes.

How i need to edit the file? did i need to used notepad or i can edit it at my cpanel?

You can use any text editor, as Notepad++ or Sublime Text, or even in cPanel/File Manager/Edit Code :)


Looks nice. Are you using SASS or something similar, or is it straight CSS?

Also, are you following SMACSS or similar?

Cheers, Martin

Thank you, I’m glad you like it! :)
It is plain CSS, no SMACSS or similar, just our best practices..

Hello please, if i purchase this template, can u help with the development aspect, so that when a buyer orders, he /she can be notified and the seller/owner of the site notified too. If you can assist with these, Im ready to buy.

thank you for your interest in template. We are able to do any kind of integration and development, under our normal hour rate. Please contact us via email with more details about project and we will be able to give you precise quote. Cheers

Hi, can U tell me the name of the font that U used for the psd Logo? tnk

Hi, as far as I know it is not a font but custom made. I got it from designer as that, here is the design http://themeforest.net/item/motor-vehicle-marketplace-psd-template/4723480
Cheers :)

I am interested in this but how does the site owner make money? I don’t see any breakdown on how this happens. Is there a small commission that is given to the site owner, does it cost the user to post an item?

Would love to know more on how this works. We would be using this as an intermediary (allowing C2C) and not as a direct B2C marketplace. In other words we are not listing but allowing others to list only.

Motor is HTML template, so there is no any backoffice. Full page logic must be developed. Cheers :)

Good afternoon.

I would be buying your template.

It is integrated with any platform?

I want to start using it already. Could tell me if it only install on my site and it already works? Need some deep programming?

I’m waiting, thanks!

It does NOT have any logic behind it. It is plain HTML template, you can use it without installing anything, just by copying files, but you will have to edit it in code, there is no any admin area, no database or anything like that.

Ok , here we go … When purchasing your template , I just put it on my hosting and ‘ll be working?

The codes have to modify is what exactly ? The translation also ?

You need to have extensive knowledge of coding for web to make it work. Cheers

I can not do the import of your website pages

please use our support forum. We have dedicated team there that will help you very fast with all issues you have.
Cheers :)

Hi, I watched prewiev… Dont working on phone pages menu… If you see smaller window you can check…. I cant see pages menu. I would like see level 2 or level 3 menu system…. but all pages did not worked…. Pali…..

Ps: The menu negine like… Good temp!

Thank you for let us know about this, we will check and fix it. Cheers :)


I wonder if this template model has been discontinued. Because there are no updates the same for years. And the model ships wordpress has features that pure html, for example shortcodes.

Thank you!

Hi, the template is not discontinued and it is still supported on our support forum, there are simply no reported problems with it so we didn’t update it. Sure WP and HTML versions are different in some ways, but that is made on purpose just to comply with 3rd party plugins used in WP.
Cheers :)

Hi, I do not see the updated model with new functionality and not for the bootstrap 3, perhaps also an administrator for the pure html.

Thank you!

Hi, bootstrap is not supported also there is no administration as this is pure html template. Cheers :)

possible to get this in php format?

Hi, unfortunately there is no pure php format, only HTML and WordPress versions are available.. Cheers :)

I want to buy a template, I know which license purchase. My website will be posting free classifieds. But customers may pay to highlight their ads. I need regular or extended license?

Hi, regular licence is enough here. Extended is needed for sites where visitors pays for content. Cheers

Perfect, then no matter what the customer pays for highlighting your ad ?. Thank you

Sure, paying for ads is no issue :)