mots. - A tasteful, responsive Ghost Theme

mots. - A tasteful, responsive Ghost Theme

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9 Nov, 2015 – Added support for Ghost 0.7.x and lots of other new features. Scroll down for the complete update log.

Meet mots. – The new look of your Ghost blog

Now compatible with Ghost 0.7.x! Built upon the simplicity and awesomeness of Ghost, mots. focuses on what you love to do most: write.

Write well, write beautifully, write responsively!

Do it all in a simple cross-browser valid, tasteful environment, free of all the mambo-jumbo features that distract you from your passion and with included Disqus comments functionality.

As Ghost grows, so will mots. We will update the theme with all the goodness that Ghost has to offer its users. For free.

Thank you!

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Client testimonials

“Files are very well organized. Thank you for the great documentation.” – ideas1
“Very pleased with this theme. It’s beautiful!” – seane


The “mots.” responsive Ghost theme would not have existed without the following:

Update log:

v.1.4 – 9 Nov, 2015

  • Updated to support Ghost 0.7.x;
  • Added managed navigation support;
  • Improved mobile navigation;
  • Added previous & next posts support;
  • Added support for author and tag cover images;
  • Design tweaks and improvements;
  • Updated scripts and libraries.

v.1.3 – 1 Oct, 2014

  • Updated to support Ghost 0.5.2;
  • Added navigation menu;
  • Added support for author and tag archives;
  • Improved support for pages, cleaned-up layout;
  • Added support for post cover images;
  • Updated JavaScript plugins to latest versions;
  • Updated FontAwesome to 4.2.0. Linked from CDN. Removed from local files.

v.1.2 – 20 Nov, 2013

  • Fixed avatar and cover image display issues in FireFox;
  • Added Disqus comments support.

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