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wow, that’s nice theme! Good luck in contest!

Thank you so much!

Clean work! Good luck, friend! :)

Thank you!

Files are very well organized. Thank you for the great documentation.

Hello, thanks for the purchase and the kind words. Hope the theme will serve you well!

Regards, Alex

Looks wonderful! I have a question before buying:

Does this theme support or have an option for full text instead of excerpts?

If so, I’m buying :)

Please let me know soon!

Hello and thank you!

Yes, you can easily replace the excerpt with the actual full post. It’s a simple replace of the tag {{excerpt}} with the tag {{content}} in the index.hbs file, after which you will be getting full posts on index, not just in posts.

Regards, Alex

Thanks so much. Bought it. Very pleased with this theme. It’s beautiful!

Thanks Sean, enjoy it. Please use the contact form if you need further advice!

Regards, Alex


The user image on post page is broken. Can you fix that please?

Hey, so, after doing some inspecting, I reached the conclusion that you are using FireFox. The thing that “breaks” the display is a filter that is used in the style.css file that is missing something that only FF uses. Will release an update in the next 24 hours and will ask that buyers are notified about it.

Thanks for the heads up!

Regards, Alex

The update fixing the issue has been submitted and you will be notified when the new updated file is approved and available for download.

Regards, Alex

You all have been so supportive, and I love the theme so far.

I hope you don’t mind helping me with two questions:

1.) I’ve seen other themes integrate the disqus comment feature. Is there a way to easily do that by adding some code to the index file or something? Would love to see some comment ability on my site.

2.) I’d like to create a quick “about” and “contact” page on my ghost site. Is there a way to do that in the code as well? I’ve seen other templates where you can add them via FTP, so I thought I’d ask.

Thanks again!

Hi Sean,

We’ve just posted an update which adds Disqus comments functionality. As soon as it is reviewed and approved you will be notified that it is available for download. The update also fixes a display issue in Firefox, so I would highly recommend you update your theme.

In regards to static About / Contact files, right now Ghost is working on releasing version 0.4.0 which adds static page functionality. Doing it as a work around until then doesn’t make much sense considering that it is a matter of weeks until we get a fully working system to properly cover this need.

Kind regards, Alex

Super! I downloaded it, but it’s not immediately clear how to get the Disqus to work. I added my short name to the post file (do I need to keep or delete the ’ ’ around my shortname?), and restarted my installation of Ghost.

Am I missing a step?

Thanks! :)

Hi Sean,

No, you did things right, but just like with the links issue, your code editor screws something up and instead of using single straight quotes -> ' it uses some sort of tilde. Check out this piece from your source:

var disqus_shortname = ‘b____y’

(I replaced the letters with _)

It should be:

var disqus_shortname = 'b____y'

Notice the difference in quote format?

I think that should do it. Let me know.

Regards, Alex

PS: For a better looking author image I’d suggest you cut it out square shaped and re-upload it.

Version 1.2 is up. Contains a fix that prevented proper avatar and sidebar image display in FireFox and has added Disqus comments functionality.

Enjoy everyone!

Alex / QBKL

Hi, I bought the mots theme today and was a bit surprised to see it fades to grey on IE10 if it is running in compatibility mode. I don’t know why it runs in this mode in the first place, but you can see the same behavior using an iPad with iOS 6 on your live demo at themeforest.net

It is looking great on my Lumia 920 which uses an IE10 Webbrowser without compatibility mode Support.

On iOS it means that the twitter, Facebook,... Icons are not in Color…

Could you please confirm and fix this?

Regards, Michael


First, thanks for the purchase. Second, if you are referring to the sidebar (that becomes header on mobile) being grayed out and colored on mouse over, that’s how the script is intended to be. If you wish to remove this effect, you can do so by editing the css file in “assets/css” and remove all grayscale filters from the sidebar definition.

Regards, Alex

Hi QBKL, since there is no mouse over on mobile devices, there will be no Color. At least not on my iPad.

I really like the way it is displayed on my Windows phone – with Colors. But I don’t know how to alter the css in a way that both Systems (WP8 and iOS) Show Colors instead of Black/White. Any ideas?

Regards, Michael

Hey Michael,

You could try removing the grayscale filters from the #sidebar definition on line 108 of the style.css file located in assets/css. Look for these and remove them to elimintate the grayscale effect.

-webkit-filter: grayscale(100%);
-moz-filter: grayscale(100%);
-ms-filter: grayscale(100%);
-o-filter: grayscale(100%);
filter: grayscale(100%);
filter: url(grayscale.svg#greyscale); /* Firefox 4+ */
filter: gray; /* IE 6-9 */

You could also remove the #sidebar:hover definition as it would be completely useless if you remove the above filters.

Regards, Alex

Hi, I enjoy the overall aesthetics, but I have the following problem:

When a posts starts with 2 small separate paragraphs, they both get lumped together when the post is viewed from the home page. (Same happens if I start a post a with a list of items early on.)

That means that the short previews on the home page can look rather unnatural. Can you suggest a way to fix this formatting issue?

Thanks in advance!

Hello and thank you for appreciating and purchasing mots.

What you perceive as a “formatting issue” is actually not an issue, it’s the use of homepage excerpts – the {{excerpt}} helper of Ghost themes. The excerpts always remove HTML formatting, thus eliminating paragraphs too. If you’re looking to present the posts in full or a smaller yet still formatted bit, you need to replace {{excerpt}} with {{content}} in the index.hbs file.

You can learn more about these helpers and how to use them with their available options in the – very clear – Ghost documentation: http://docs.ghost.org/themes/#helpers

Kind regards,


Hi – bought this theme today and really like it! I am trying to move the sidebar to the left side and I’m able to do that in the style.css file with no problem except for one – the sidebar lose any hover effects – it stays greyed out and none of the links work at all. What am I missing? Why would moving it to the left disable all of its links? Please advise.


Hi Samuel, could you please post a link to the live site so that we can take a look and guide you?

Regards, Alex

I figured it out I think – site is not live yet I’m developing and customizing on my mac – If something goes wrong when I launch it live I’ll repost. Meanwhile I’m cruising! Thanks!

No problem, good luck!

OK – I’m back – I’ve figure out a bunch of stuff but now I’m a little stuck. I moved the sidebar over to the left but in order to keep the text centered even when the site is viewed on an iPhone I had to move the text over to the right and now when viewed on a large computer monitor the text is all the way over. I’m sure I’m missing something simple but what? The site is live at www.rabbishmuelskaist.com

Hello, I’m not sure I see the issue you are having. I took a look at the live site and the main container seems centered in the white area.


Hi, are you planning to add “Prev/Next post links” now that Ghost 0.6 is out? thanks

Hi, yes. We are in the process of adjusting our current Ghost portfolio to the latest versions to include both navigations and next/prev posts.

Excellent, thank you!

Hi! I’m so happy with this theme, and it has been mostly easy to set-up for me, but I have two questions:

1. I opened _theme/mot/post.hbs and /page.hbs and replaced the disqus example with my new shortname from disqus. But I still don’t see comments on my first post.

2. I wanted to change the background color on hover for the sidebar elements as well as for the links and accents on my posts. In the documentation I found the instructions, and I ran a search and replace in the style.css replacing Accent color: #1abc9c & Sidebar background color: #16a085 with #0033ff. I can’t figure out why the color is still the default.

Sorry in advance if I’m missing something obvious.

EDIT: I realize it would be helpful to include my Ghost blog link! However, my account here is under my real name and my blog is a parenting blog that I use a pseudonym for (to protect my children’s privacy). Is there a place I could message the link?

Hi, yes there is. If you go to our profile on Themeforest, you’ll find a contact form on the right side of the page. You can use it to mail us privately! Thanks for the purchase and the nice words!

Thanks—I will do that now. In the interim I solved my first problem regarding Disqus comments. Replacing my shortname wasn’t enough. I had to delete the code you had and replace it with Disqus’ universal code, which I guess is slightly different?.

I feel quite foolish. The color updated a few minutes ago! I think my problem was… I didn’t wait long enough for the changes to populate.


I’m hoping you can help me with use of your Mots theme on my Ghost blog. On the sidebar, I eliminated the Facebook and Google Plus social icons. Now the appearance of the remaining Twitter and RSS icons is left-centered. How can I edit it so it centers?

Here is my blog for reference: http://thisorwork.com

Thank you,


Hi and thank you for the purchase!

You’ll need to open style.css for editing and locate the .blog-social li definition and add the following instruction to it:

display: inline;

After that, locate #sidebar and add this to it: text-align: center;

Now your sidebar content will be center aligned and so will the social icons.

Regards, Alex

Hi, thanks very much for getting back to me. I’m not sure I’ve got the centering down, but I also replaced the RSS button with a Feedly Button on the sidebar and the bottom of each post page, and it is not aligned with the other icons. On the sidebar it is a bit higher, and in posts the icon is closer than the other icons are to each other. Could you please offer some guidance in how to normalize the look of this icon?

On another matter, I went into my theme and replaced my Disqus shortname with what Disqus says it is (just my site name “thisorwork”), and now I have no comments. How can I fix the theme to accommodate that?

Thanks again for your time and assistance.

Brian (thisorwork.com)

Hi Brian,

Unfortunately, the code you’ve written in your sidebar is wrong and a bit of a mess. Those links where created and style based on the Font Awesome icon font. You’re trying to make an image look like them. If you’re not keen on using the Feedly icon and would be OK with using the RSS icon but link it to Feedly, I could help you out.

Now, Disqus, basically same issue, error when editing. You’ve removed some quote signs, added a slash and now that part of the script crashes.

In order to work, that Disqus variable should look like this:

var disqus_shortname = 'thisorwork';

Regards, Alex

Released v.1.4 – 9 Nov, 2015

  • Updated to support Ghost 0.7.x;
  • Added managed navigation support;
  • Improved mobile navigation;
  • Added previous & next posts support;
  • Added support for author and tag cover images;
  • Design tweaks and improvements;
  • Updated scripts and libraries.

Hi, I am wondering if you plan to update this theme soon to be compatible with the latest version of Ghost requiring assets features?

Not in the near future unfortunately. We’re really shorthanded and refocused our energy on other, projects for the time being. We haven’t fully abandoned this, but at this time, investing more in it is a bad financial decision. Truly sorry for the inconvenience!