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Twitter feed is not working anymore (“Bringing latest tweets…” is looping), ideas? Another thing, how to input outgoing link into main navigation? Because

  • Linkname
  • doesn’t work.


    Having trouble installing the theme on Wordpress. I get this message: Any ideas?

    @wearetheelement this is not WP theme :)

    Hey. Awesome theme i love it! Having a problem though. I download the theme and then click on install theme. Select the zip file but come sup with a message saying “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”? Could you pleas help. i have noticed that there is a style.css file in the folder but still am having trouble. Thanks


    Hi, great work! :) I was wondering why I can not find the plugin.js mentioned in the form_sender.php. When someone tries to send a message, I am unable to receive it.


    Hello hhosain, Thanks ! There’s no plugin.js needed into the form_sender, the only thing that you have to change is your e-mail. Maybe check your Junk Folder ;)

    this is gorgeous.

    Thanks so much :)

    Hi Supview,

    I have two quick questions:


    I have updated my user information in human.txt, updated the API information in js/twitter/index.php, and updated the path in js/twitter/jquery.tweet.js, but I can’t seem to get Twitter to pull in a tweet.

    Is there anything else I need to do to get this working?


    This works perfectly on my local machine, but when I upload to my website, the slider cycles through the slides at high speed, then stops on the last slide. How can I change the cycle so that the first slider shows up for a few seconds, then the second and so on?

    The site is currently at

    All thoughts much appreciated.

    Best wishes


    Hello again,

    I’ve managed to sort out the slider issue, so it’s just Twitter & the question below regarding the newsleter.



    Hello Suzanne, first thanks for buying my template :) Maybe take a look there,

    Oh, sorry, and one more: how do I get the newsletter to work? The contact form is working, but not sure what I have to do to get emamil from the newsletter.

    Since this is a Gumby framework template I was hoping it would have the sass files with it. is there a version with sass or less available ?

    Hello diarbyrag, i’m currently using the Gumby Framework just for the grid, so sorry the sass is not included at the moment :/

    Hi Supview, no problem, works just fine as it is thanks.

    Hello Supview,

    Thanks for your efforts on Mountainhead, great work!

    I had a question for you, I know it is named as a “one-page” template, but is it okay to use it to build a multi-page site? I am trying to add sub-menu items to the navbar that direct to another page, but it is not working. I am changing it from something like

    Thanks Supview!

    actually, that makes the other “a href”’s work, but it breaks the scrolling and just snaps to the section?

    For the scrolling effect you have to add the class goto to each link that have to scroll

    Great template! Would be very nice to have a boxed version of the layout also (for example with a max width of 960px instead of 100%). If you could add this would be super :)


    I would like to disable header slider and only have one item. How would I go about doing that?

    Thank you

    Hello macciti :) You can simply delete the lines of code of the slider setting from the main.js ( line 76 ) and you’ll have only one item ;)

    Ahh, thank you.