Moustachey: A Blog Theme With Extra Gusto

Moustachey: A Blog Theme With Extra Gusto

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Moustachey – A WordPress Blog theme with extra gusto – Responsive for Mobile & Tablet.

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All post formats supported

Aside, audio, video, gallery, image, status, chat, link, quote, standard – we support them all in this theme.

Unlimited Color Options

You can control colours for the entire theme using our easy to use options panel.

More fonts than you can shake a stick at

Google fonts, Typekit fonts, Adobe Edge fonts, standard fonts – these are all built in and easy to setup, just follow the inline help.

You can even change the road colour on your Google Map

Full feature list

  • NEW! Gutenberg editor support (WP 5)
  • NEW! Theme settings with real-time preview in Appearance > Customize
  • NEW! Social share any blog post to Twitter, Google + and Facebook
  • NEW! Author Support
  • Enable full blog posts on homepage and blog layout template
  • Archive template showing by month, year and category
  • Turn off “Archives: ” text block in category view
  • Use admin format for date
  • Hide post thumbnails on gallery posts
  • Hide post thumbnails on all posts (not pages or gallery posts)
  • Hide sub page sidebar navigation
  • Specify how many tweets to show in footer
  • Switch comments off for the entire theme
  • Switch side navigation to left instead of right
  • Completely switch off side navigation
  • Switch on side navigation on homepage template
  • Configurable Donate / Message block at top of page
  • All blog post formats supported
  • Flexslider powered blog gallery
  • Responsive video custom widget for widgetised areas
  • Google web fonts integration
  • Typekit web fonts integration
  • New Adobe Edge Web fonts integration
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Easy to use settings to get you up and running quickly
  • Twitter integration
  • Configurable footer
  • Widgetized Footer
  • Widgetized Sidebar
  • Plain text logo option
  • Custom logo upload
  • Custom Retina only logo upload
  • Favicon and apple touch icon upload
  • Contact form
  • Google API v3 integration
  • Google map with configurable road colour
  • Custom Google pin upload
  • Show footer links for your most popular social networks
  • Unlimited colors/colours – control colours and fonts across the entire theme
  • Control font sizes across the entire theme
  • Custom background swatch
  • Custom background colour
  • Choose boxed or wide layout for the whole website
  • Custom CSS block for ultimate control override (without having to edit the theme stylesheet)
  • General template related text control to quickly edit text without editing .mo and .po files.
  • Localisation support with provided .mo and .po files
  • 5 Page templates including blog layout, archives layout and full width
  • Custom Menu
  • Featured image support
  • Drop down menus
  • Blog Layout page
  • Shortcodes
  • Fully responsive (optimised for iPad and iPhone with retina graphics)
  • Extensive documentation

Did we mention, we love support?

We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase, if you have a question about how to do something or think you have found a bug, head over to our support system and we’ll get back in touch.

MeanThemes Support

Update History

## Version 1.4.0
- Moved theme options to Customizer. **Please go to Appearance > Customize. All your previous settings should be automatically imported ;)**
- Updates for WP 5.1.
- Added Gutenberg support.
- Updated TGM Plugin Activation class.
- Updated footer copyright year to display current year automatically.
- Fix for WP Widgets overflow in sidebar.
- Removal of post format custom metaboxes as they are now in the MeanThemes Tools plugin (please install MeanThemes Tools plugin - you will be prompted to install once the Theme Update completes).
- Removal of Google Analytics settings as they are now in the MeanThemes Tools plugin (please update MeanThemes Tools to 3.1.0+ - you will be prompted to update once the Theme Update completes).
- Small tweaks.
- Updated documentation.

## Version 1.3.6
- Updated documentation.
- WP Caption CSS Fix.
- Removed WP updates plugin due to lack of third party developer support and potential XSS vulnerability. [Read more on this blog post about the new update process](

## Version 1.3.5
- Updated all jQuery to load at the foot of the HTML for faster load times. Updates for jQuery plugins.
- Updates for WP 4.1.
- Fix for oEmbeds in post editor not displaying properly (you may need to refresh once for the new editor CSS to kick in).
- Updated screenshot.png.
- General Code updates for PHP notices when running with debug set to true.

## Version 1.3.4
- Updates for MeanMenu jQuery plugin.
- Reworked main meanthemes.js JavaScript file.
- Updated Flexslider JavaScript plugin.
- Updated JavaScript for retina logo.
- Updated screenshot.png.

## Version 1.3.3
- Updates for MeanMenu jQuery plugin and WordPress 3.6 custom meta nonce field checks.

## Version 1.3.2
- Included Twitter oAuth 1.1 Support  Please go to [This Blog post for more information.](

## Version 1.3.1
- New: Pinterest share added to post sharer.
- New: Added and footer social icons.
- Updated: Mobile menu plugin (menumenu).
- Updated help text for uppercase all headings
- Fixed incorrectly asterix comments when unticking mandatory requirement in WordPress settings.

## Version 1.3.0
- Updated theme options load file for spelling error on wp-load.php.

## Version 1.2.9
- Added author support.
- Added new content options for author support.
- Updated update mechanism.
- Updated documentation.

## Version 1.2.8
- Added social share option + "Share on: " and Separator text options to go along with it.
- Fixed Tabs issue for WP 3.5. Fixed wrong image size loading on featured image on page template.
- Updated RSS content.

## Version 1.2.7
- Added option to include sidebar on archive pages.
- Updated blog pagination when used in conjunction as posts page from settings > reading. 
- Added in hover for post comment button and form button hover.
- Moved | comment divider to within span for easier CSS control.
- Added Google Fonts Advanced option for ultimate control over fonts.
- Added in hierarchical nesting on sidebar.
- Removed comment date/time formatting from comments systems.

## Version 1.2.6
- Minor update, removed double "|" on single.php gallery format.

## Version 1.2.5
- New features: Hide sub page menu, hide thumb on gallery, hide thumb on all posts apart from gallery, control number of tweets in footer, completely new audio player.
- Translated Prev/Next.
- Added featured image to RSS.
- Updated Documentation.

## Version 1.2.4
- Minor fix for donate background colour.

## Version 1.2.3
- CSS update for asides with links in them on archive page, updated documentation.
- New Option: Hide Archives Title for category view.
- New Option: Use admin date format instead of prescribed day full month full year date format.
- Added in support for Gallery images of different sizes on gallery post format.
- Updated logo to always on homepage, updated JS to cater for captions breaking responsive layout, added CSS for captions.

## Version 1.2.2
- Added new option to control menu highlight/active colour.
- Updated CSS to be more specific to theme so third party form plugins are unaffected.

## Version 1.2.1
- Added extra option to allow full content blog posts on home/blog layout.
- Enabled content area on single post format for images.
- Added option for link and hover colour controls in dark and bright areas on homepage.
- Added in main navigation for size control.

## Version 1.2.0
- Teeny tiny update to CSS for when 'Read more' button isn't in use.
- Update to blog layout template to work in conjunction with homepage sidebar theme option.

## Version 1.1.9
- New features: Turn comments off for entire theme, add a sidebar for the homepage, Flickr + Instagram + RSS social icons added.
- Some minor bug fixes.

## Version 1.1.8
- Updated dynamic options for Theme Options for Google fonts option.

## Version 1.1.7
- Minor update for standard password protect form styling.

## Version 1.1.6
- Option added allowing you to choose whether to truncate extra long URLs placed in comments.
- Update for image width / height attributes being set within content area for responsive and mobile devices.

## Version 1.1.5
- Updated descriptions within Theme Options.

## Version 1.1.4
- Fix for flexslider bug on mobile devices.

## Version 1.1.3
- Updates to localisation, moved all .po/.mo files into languages folder instead of root.

## Version 1.1.2
- Minor bug fixes.

## Version 1.1.1
- Update for audio post HTML.

## Version 1.1.0
- Some very minor tweaks to comment system CSS.

## Version 1.0.9
- Update to non-thumb version of the standard format post.

## Version 1.0.8
- Updated colour options for index link hover.

## Version 1.0.7
- Updated CSS for Retina MacBook Pro Chrome background-size bug.
- Updated colour options for menu link hover.
- Minor text update for better description of hiding side navigation / full width page and posts option.

## Version 1.0.6
- Removed strict height crop on featured images, added in Archives Page template, added in tagging support on individual posts.

## Version 1.0.5
- Minor update for responsive image width.

## Version 1.0.4
- Updated to allow multiple gallery post flexsliders per page.

## Version 1.0.3
- Updated to include an option to switch navigation sides or switch it off all together.

## Version 1.0.2
- Minor bug fixes.

## Version 1.0.1
- Minor improvements to mobile menu animation.

## Version 1.0.0
- Initial release.

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