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Hi there, awesome theme, but i will like to make a little change, i want to use the responsive menu even in the desktop screen view, i mean above the 1200px. I was trying to change in the mqueries.css adding nav#main-nav { display: none; } { display: block; } to the max-width: 1200px in order to hide the default menu and active the responsive. Can you give me some tips about how to do this??

You also need to do this in the main style.css. Please send me an email for better support at spabrice()

Can you please tell me what font you’re using throughout the site? Thanks.

I answered your email.

Hello. Again, to echo previous comments, great theme, very unique!

A pre-purchase question:

Can I add more text to the subtext area of the portfolio items? Can I add a link? Please see this example I mocked up:

Thank you,


Sorry, I should also add…. If this is not possible with the current template, would implementing this sort of ability/functionality be very difficult? Thanks again!


unfortuantely this is not possible. It would need major file customizations.

IMPORTANT BEFORE PURCHASING: Is there any way to add categories menu on top of the portfolio?


yes you can add a filter on the top of the portfolio items. see here:

One more question: is it possible to have a fixed, not scrolled, header (logo+menu) on mobile screen? looks like it is fixed only on large screen but is scrolled on mobile screen.


this would need some customizations.

Hi SpabRice I have an Issue with the password restricting one portfolio article. When you select a project on the grid, a page opens, the password works. It’s nly that there are three filling forms for the password on the same page… I’ve tried with wp without mova, I don’t have that problem. Can you help me? I’d also like to have the team memeber fix you sent to harrybrainbow Thanks a lot

Thanks for the fix, that’s working perfect

Hello Spabrice

Your theme it’s perfect !!! However, I have just one problem ! When I choose Dark in a project’s portfolio, 4 share icons haven’t the twitter, g+, Facebook and pinterest logos. But if I choose Light, it’s OK ! Can you help me ?

(ps : sorry for my language, I’m French)


please send me an email for better support.

Greetings to belgium! We’ve a problem with the theme. Since friday no submenu is shown in the header. But if I check this in my backend, there is my submenu.

Please help!

Sorry, no we don’t change anything since friday.

Hey, I need your help! If I don’t get help – I want my money back, because the dropdown-menu doesn’t works.


sorry for the delay. I was unavailable for some weeks. Please send me an email at spabrice() for better support.

Website loads slow… The ‘Load More’ button feature is broken. No response from dev :( i dont know what todo:((

Ive already emailed you SpabRice, please reply!


I must have overseen your email or it was in Spam folder which happen rarely. Can you resend?


I saw that there are security problems with the revoltion slider. The theme uses version 4.1.4. Could you please update the theme and slider plug-in?




you can redownload the package with the updated revolution slider. Please take a look at the documentation how to update it.

Hi, does this theme support a child theme or come with one ready to use?

Cheers Mark

Hi, could I please get an answer to this question? Regards, Mark


sorry I must have overseen your question. The theme does not have a child theme included, but you can of course add one.

I’m considering buying this theme, but I have a few questions:
  1. Are there shortcodes for creating text columns?
  2. I don’t see where the theme was specifically updated for version 4.0 in the changelog. Is it compatible?
  3. After downloading the packages for the soft icon set, are shortcodes used to implement them?
  4. Is there a page builder, or just page templates?

Thanks in advance.


thanks for your interest. 1. yes, shortcodes included columns and much more 2. Yes it’s compatible 3. You don’t need to install any icon set. The shortcodes include the fontawesome icons 4. There is no page builder included. All works with templates + shortcodes.

Thank you for your response.

SpabRice, Could you send me the slider example data please.


please send me a message using the support tab and I will send you it.

Hi, I am trying to see if there is a way to change the pagination arrow color in Portfolios from dark to white. I have been able to change the words “Previous” and “Next” to white in the CSS, 16. Pagination, but cannot seem to find a way to change the arrow colors in CSS or the Theme Options controls. My background color is dark so I cannot see the arrows well. Thank you


the arrows are an image file, so you would need to change the image file (sprites.png)

Hi. Simple pre-purchase question: Does this theme allow for dropdown menus from the main menu bar, like – for example – your Yalu template shows in the Live Preview?