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Potential Buyer. Would like to know if placeholder images are used in place of the demo images that are unavailable.

Yes they are. Cheers

I love this template. When using Chrome (I am testing on a Mac) vertical scrolling is extremely sensitive when using a scroll wheel on the mouse. The slightest touch causes the page to scroll to the bottom of the page. I have tested on various computers and have had the same result, it appears to happen on the preview pages you have online as well (http://anpsthemes.com/move-html/).

Hello, I tested our theme both on Windows and Mac OS. On Mac OS it appears to be a bit faster, but not so fast that it immediately scrolls to the bottom of the page.

We are using the smoothscroll script to make the scrolling a bit better which is causing the issue. Try removing the script and see if it solves your scrolling issue (the immediate scrolling to the bottom of the page). We will also check for another script that also works well on Macs.

Thanks for your quick reply. Disabling smooth scroll appears to have remedied the issue. Thanks again, great template.

Really impressed how you managed to create such a beautiful and userfriendly website. No doubt this will be my next purchase!!

What program do you use when making such impressive html templates? :)

Thank you very much! Apart from photoshop for design and html editors nothing special :)

So happy for my purchase. This is a great template for my portfolio! I made a few small changes though. Like the Googlemap. Its hard to scroll down the page on most devices without affecting with the map.

But that is just a minor detail!

Does the comment section work in the HTML version? :)

All the best, A happy customer!

Hi, thank you very much, no comment section does not work in html section, about the googlemap you can always contact us on support@anpsthemes.com and we will guide you to how to adjust it.

Best regards

Hi there. I like this template a lot, but I really needed a multipage template. And I’m not that experienced with using templates. How easy would it be to convert this template to a multipage situation? What exactly would be involved? Thanks!

Hello, this is html template not wordpress template, wordpress version is here http://themeforest.net/item/move-responsive-onepage-parallax-wordpress-theme/6420454. And could you please explain there a bit further what do you exactly wish if you still need html version

Best regards

Hi, thanks for your response. I actually did NOT want a wordpress version. DID want an html template. So I’m glad this is not a wordpress version.

Upon further clicking around, I’m seeing that there actually are some separate pages already within the template, that it’s not ALL on one page? Like the blog page and the elements page, those are separate. So if I wanted multiple pages, I’d just model them after those, I’m imagining.

(Am I making sense anymore? :) )

ooo now i get it, yes there are separate pages, it is all about linking with that. In wordpress we actually have an option to make each page seperate :) Was a bit slow sorry.

Best regards

Hi , cant find the less file to regenerate styles.css (styles.css in the root folder not /css/styles.css)... the /less/styles.less file is mapped to /css/styles.css .

can you explain how to modify this file via less please ?

Hello, please do open a support ticket on http://anpsthemes.freshdesk.com and our support staff will be glad to help you. Thank you and best regards