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how did you get Previews & Reviews columns in HomePage of your theme’s live preview demo

Have you stopped replying to comments of users who have purchased ur theme ????

Sorry, I have had other commitments. If you still have questions let me know.

Lovely Theme,

Before i buy the theme, will I be able to install it on WordPress 4.0 ?

Thanks, I haven’t tested it, but if there is a problem I will fix it.


Love the theme. Would I be able to use it for music reviews instead? Obviously I understand certain widgets wouldn’t work (api, etc), but if I used data relating to music instead of movies would it still work?

I am thinking of building a site with visual composer and using this theme as the starting point. But want to know before I buy.

Thanks in advance

Well a lot of the theme involves api but if you send me an email via profile with some more information I could probably work out how to fit it.

You promissed to make some modification…When will the update be ready?

I can see that actually you made the update in September…I hope you included my wishes and that updating I will not destoy my data on the website the script is on…

I did not add any new features such as the user reviews.

Y not? So what’s in the update? How about adding to favourites (a movie/film makers)? It would be a very desirable feature, I think.

I’m really loving the plugin, but i would like to know if you have plans on making it responsive for mobile devices and also how would i go about customizing the dimensions of the slider so it doesn’t span the whole screen? Purchased

Making the theme responsive should be relatively straight forward but time consuming. What kind of slider do you want instead of the full width?

Understandable, anything with at least an 1200×600 dimensions would work better for me or in that range. Thanks for speedy response by the way.

how much $$ for a responsive version?

Responsive would be for the same. I just need to find the time to do it.

is the TheMovieDB API Integration in built, or need to buy this?

is this integration outside the scope of purchase of your theme or comes with this purchase,

is your demo has this API if not can you share a site, which does use this

The API integration is built-in. However I have not tested to see if the API has updated lately.

great! do lets us know, once you test it,

I can confirm the MovieDB api is still working. I added a test review using the api for the movie and the actor/director details were pulled in successfully.

Can you add the ability for site visitors to submit ratings for posted movies?

If so, the ability to sort by user ratings and display user vs. site scores display side-by-side would be great.


A plugin should be able to add the ability for users to add ratings (Rating-Widget: Star Rating System appears to work). However the ability to sort by rating and compare users would be a little trickier.

Hi, how to test the admin ?

Thanks, regards

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